Ancient Jewish Wisdom Television Show: Volume 3


The four shows:

  1. Do You Hear Me? – How can the word ‘obey’ not appear in the Torah?
  2. Up to Israel – Discover the hidden dialogue between Joseph and his brothers.
  3. No, You Can’t Borrow My Tools – Wow! This show brought in more fan mail than any other.
  4. Blessing Basics – Yes, you can super-charge your blessings.
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Much to Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin’s delight, viewer reaction to the Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show keeps pouring in. These four shows on volume 3 generated much excitement.

Each show goes beneath the surface of Scripture, providing insight from God’s Word in an entertaining and inspiring way. Biblical verses come to life as Rabbi Daniel and Susan explore the original Hebrew wording along with 3,000 years of oral transmission. Join the thousands who have benefited by watching these shows and applying the practical, real-life messages to their own lives.

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