Ancient Jewish Wisdom Television Show: Volume 1


  1. Lift Up Your Eyes – Biblical language or vital advice?
  2. Physical and Spiritual – What do those words really mean?
  3. The Importance of Numbers – Scripture is full of them. Why?
  4. Don’t Hit the Snooze Bar – The Bible’s anti-procrastination message.
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For many years, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin have been on a mission to make ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to all. Going beneath the surface of Scripture, they bring Biblical verses to life as they explore the original Hebrew wording and share lessons from over 3,000 years of oral transmission.

After receiving so many emails and letters about their TV show on the TCT television network, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin are delighted to make four of their favorite shows available to you on this DVD.  Join the thousands who have benefited by watching these shows and applying the practical, real-life messages to their own lives.

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  1. Steven

    Hi Guys,

    I am so very gald you can provide this type of material,

    \”as seen on TCT\”.

    I just wondeing when this would happen, because I am not into listening to my radio (CD) but I love all your topics. You always have a special insight in the word, and I learn something new everytime. Your message is like food to my heart. I thank God for both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I can enjoy your message on TV with my popcorn. haha

  2. Anonymous

    I enjoy watching your programs and reading the emails. y’all have truly been a blessing to me. may God continue to richly bless y’all

  3. Sharon

    I absolutely LOVE anything and everything that I can learn from you regarding ancient Jewish wisdom. Thank you for helping us to have a deeper understanding of God’s Word. It is priceless!

  4. Elaine Chivers

    Thank you so much for being faithful to the call GOD has placed on your life. I was meant to connect with your ministry. I have been to Israel & had a love for her & her people for many years. I have such a hunger for the truth of Scripture through Hebrew..

  5. BB Taylor, Williamston, Michigan

    I give thanks to God for you and your teaching on ANCIENT JEWISH WISDOM. What a blessing. Never a program passes that I have not been enriched with learning and insight into the scriptures and have gained greater understanding. I thoroughly enjoy your team teaching and I thank TCT for bringing to us this wonderful opportunity of to learn. THANK YOU.

  6. Rebecca and Thomas Renfro

    My husband and I LOVE your show on TCT. We learn so much everytime from you and your lovely wife. We are so BLESSED for you to come into our home by TV per TCT.!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chip Rupp

    Excellent TV program, viewed on TCT. You and Susan provide a good balance on topics, with me being blessed by each show as a result. I never knew how “detailed & beautiful” the Hebrew language is. If I had to take a class at college, I think it would be to learn that language! You have also shown me there is MUCH I can still learn from The Bible. Thanks for “serving us”! Your CDs are even better!

  8. Jake Oppon Acquah

    your grace and the style to bring out revelation from the word of God especially that of the Old Testament is really uncommon and heart warming for years this has been the preserve of the Jews but thank God for His wonderful mercies opening another door for us gental Christians who has such hunger for the word of God. Thanks for obedience to such a great call, God bless you and your sweet heart

  9. Billie

    We recently changed our television provider to Dish Co. and found to our disbelief that TCT is not included in their lineup. Are we wrong about this? My husband and I are both in our upper years and sometimes (pretty much always) have a difficult time adjusting to new technical situations. We are hoping to be able to find your show soon. Is the show online? P.S. My personal favorite program was about keeping the sabbath day holy.

  10. Carol Belle

    I tape all of your programs on TCT. It could be called ancient wisdom. I am 76 years old. I really wish I would have known about your religion when I was younger. I would love to learn Hebrew and more about the bible. I would love to read a beginners book. What would you suggest?. I love your program and Susan. She doesn’t cut you off. She adds her view which is fabulous. I always get something to think about. Sending you love, good health,wealth and happiness .

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