Ancient Jewish Wisdom Television Show DVD Set

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For many years, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin  have been on a  mission to make ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to all.  Going beneath  the surface of Scripture, they bring Biblical verses to  life as they  explore the original Hebrew wording and share lessons from  over 3,000  years of oral transmission.

After receiving so many emails and letters  about their TV show on the  TCT television network, Rabbi Daniel and  Susan Lapin are delighted to make twelve of the most commented upon shows available to you on these 3 DVDs. Join the thousands who have benefited by watching these information and laughter filled shows and applying the practical, real-life messages to their own lives.

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The Ancient Jewish Wisdom Set includes:

  1. Lift Up Your Eyes – Biblical language or vital advice?
  2. Physical and Spiritual – What do those words really mean?
  3. The Importance of Numbers – Scripture is full of them. Why?
  4. Don’t Hit the Snooze Bar – The Bible’s anti-procrastination message.
  5. Is Money Moral?– The answer, and its impact, may surprise you.
  6. Are You With Me?– Two Hebrew words for with inspire successful living.
  7. Psalms’ Opening Act– What is King David’s crucial message?
  8. Curse Management– We all face challenges. Let’s not add to them.
  9. Do You Hear Me?- Why does the word ‘obey’ not appear in the Bible?
  10. Up to Israel-Discover the hidden dialogue between Joseph and his brothers.
  11. No, You Can’t Borrow My Tools-This show brought in a larger response than any other.
  12. Blessing Basics- Yes, you can supercharge your blessing.
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3 reviews for Ancient Jewish Wisdom Television Show DVD Set

  1. David M. (verified owner)

  2. V. Fletcher

    My spiritual and material growth has been remarkable with the edification of Rabbi and Susan Lapin. Their perspective and extensive knowledge of God’s language, along with “The way the world REALLY works” has caused me to seek wisdom, which has made my life decisions much clearer;my advice and leadership more sought after. I remain grateful for their loving support!

  3. Tamara

    Dear Rabbi Lapin and Susan Lapin,rnThank you so much for the wonderful podcasts and your television show. It means the world to me and I find myself watching your program not just once but several times. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner. I don’t know if either of you believe that people can perform miracles, but I can honestly say you both have performed one. Your podcasts and especially the TV show have turned this ‘agnostic almost atheist’ into a true believer in God. And I am more than grateful to you both. Words can not express what both of you have done for me.

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