Pre-election Roundup

By the time I post my next Musing, Election Day will be behind us. Whether or not the results are conclusive is another question. Whatever the tally shows, about half the country will believe that this was not a fair and just election. That is a serious problem.

But the election and the anti-Trump bias of the media has obscured or downplayed some great news. Even before dealing with her first Supreme Court case, Amy Coney Barrett is a gift to the nation. Her steadfastness in her religious beliefs, her example as a gracious, brilliant woman who values family and has enough love to bring more children into her home, and the contrast of her professionalism with the petty, mud-wrestling of Democrat Senators are true bright spots in this difficult time.

Undoubtedly, the unprecedented relationships that the president’s pragmatic approach has brought about in the Middle East would be hailed as miraculous had anyone other than President Trump been leading this country. The same would have been true for the surge in economic hope for Americans before COVID hit. To quote an old adage, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

I’d like to add a more personal positive note. Over the past few months, using an app, I have met a large group of women facing a specific challenge. The practical advice is helpful but even more so is the mutual support, friendship and warmth. Not one whiff of politics has marred this group. In today’s age, that is truly a blessing.

If I may add one plea:  Our friend, the great American historian David Barton, once shared with us the shocking statistics of how many people do not exercise the privilege of voting. He was speaking of those with strong enough views that they donate to or are members of organizations that promote values in which we believe. Yet, they don’t vote! Some are cynical about politics, many live in states where they feel their vote doesn’t matter, others are trying to stay off jury rolls. Whatever the reason, if you know such a person, please pick him or her up and take them with you to the polling place. As a saying in ancient Jewish wisdom states: Silence is acquiescence.

Stay strong and of good cheer!

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10 thoughts on “Pre-election Roundup”

  1. Dear Susan Lapin, you and your husband, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, have been a blessing to me, in that I have and am learning so much about Jewish customs and values.
    Your message today expresses hope and is encouraging. I agree with your assessment! I always look forward to your musings; they are enlightening and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. BB Taylor

    1. BB, it means more than you can understand when we hear from readers/listeners, so thank you for taking the time and effort to write.

  2. Again, another spot-on column, Susan. It’s comforting to discover there are more like-minded fellow travelers than I suspected. Mazel tov! We’re flushing out all those heretofore nonactive voters and now lean into prayer to bring faith, family and freedom over the finish line again. God bless.

  3. Dear Susan.
    How perfectly you captured it all! Thank you for the uplifting message.
    I am fortunate enough to have a copy of America’s Real War, written in 1999 and as I am reading it I cannot believe how incredible, prophetic, informative, disturbing that we allowed it to happen. A MUST Read for sure.
    May God bless and heal our America!
    Kathy G.

    1. Kathleen, I’ve recently re-read it myself. If only more people had paid attention then! It is both uplifting and scary to see how much it predicted and then there are things that were nowhere on the horizon, but once you get the principles you can evaluate them through a Biblical lens.

  4. Thank you for this hopeful message, Mrs. Lapin. When I was in college in the south a professor commented on then-president Clinton, “Sometimes we elect a blessin’. And sometimes we elect a lesson.” I think President Trump has been both. I pray (and pray) and trust the good Lord that all will be well in the end, even if I don’t understand the messy middle.

    1. Nelson, considering that the words in Aramaic were written over 1,500 years ago, I think it is a lesson we keep on needing to re-learn.

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