Potatoes and Healthcare

Imagine if a world body declared that every country must consume the same quantity of potatoes and rice per capita as every other. No more regional preferences. Whatever is eaten in one region must be embraced everywhere. It would be ridiculous. On the other hand, if a small town made that declaration regarding the families that resided in that town, it would be dictatorial but not as disruptive. The more homogeneous the people and culture of a country, the more socialized its medicine can be. The more varied  the populace, the more of a failure socialized medicine will be. If immigrants through the centuries are a symbol of America’s greatness, they are also one reason that socialism and America are incompatible.

2 thoughts on “Potatoes and Healthcare”

  1. Liberty and equality are mutually exclusive, even hostile concepts. Liberty, by its very nature undermines social equality, and equality suppresses liberty – for how else could it be attained?

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