Please Tell Me It’s Satire

A few times this past week while reading my daily paper I found myself checking whether I was actually following the Onion, a news satire organization. Each page had one or more articles that made me think, “This can’t be real.” Listening to the radio compounded the problem.

There was the opinion piece explaining to men that they should double down on mentoring women despite the fact that they might be falsely accused of sexual harassment. After all, mentoring women is such an important ideal that they should willingly risk their reputation, family and livelihood to do so.

To my astonishment, another article spoke of cities considering instituting rent-control policies. In the two cities in which I have lived that had strong rent-control policies in place, wealthy people paid ludicrously small sums to stay put while less wealthy areas turned into boarded up slums since landlords couldn’t survive on the low rents they were forced to charge. Rent control was far from a rousing success.

Then there was the newspaper piece lauding couples who were refraining from having children in order to lessen their environmental impact on the world. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this show before, where young people piously explain how childlessness is a virtuous act.  I think there is an All in the Family episode from the 1970s where Mike and Gloria make the same proclamation.

In the constant background chatter I constantly hear ‘experts’ extolling the virtues of marijuana. Didn’t we just spend decades decrying the ill effects of smoking? Aren’t we in the midst of an opioid crisis? Is all this irrelevant because somehow we can’t figure out how to give a cancer patient palliative care without celebrating weed for all?

Every one of these paragraphs might have turned into a Musing. Alas, my computer needed repair and I have just gotten it back. There is only time to jot down these thoughts and wish you a blessed weekend.

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  1. Dear Susan,
    Rest assured, The Onion is a satirical site. It goes back some twenty years (more or less) and is intended as satire only. However, it makes me wonder where the fun begins and the reality ends (or vice versa). Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

    Have a terrific week.


  2. Dear Susan,
    I applaud both you and Joyce R. for so clearly stating the facts. Especially Joyce’s comments concerning people of faith. However as I’ve noted before it is going to be difficult for us Christians to bring a unified message to others when we have so many denominations and those within those denomination preaching different messages.for instance. In Deuteronomy God says that when a man goeth another man as into a woman. It is an abomination. I have heard preachers of my own accquaitence say he didn’t really mean that. In these circumstances how in the world are going to present a united front to the evil and ignorance that is confronting us?

    Respectfully, Brian


    Women have more rights than men in this country. Women are allowed to murder innocent babies. If a man murders an innocent baby, he goes to prison, often death row.

  4. Thank you, Susan!
    Like it or not, ANY man who does ANYTHING with a woman in the modern hysteria is putting themselves in the crosshairs for total destruction. You can not at ANY point be alone with a woman, even if consensual apparently. This has been coming, but just like most other things in society, people have ignored what is right in front of their face. At what point do people realize that the left is serious??? When? What’s it gonna take?
    This whole hysteria is 90% ACCUSATION with NO proof. And I’m amazed at the amount of these accusors who admit that the act(s) were consensual!!! But it doesn’t matter. but NOW, it’s “harassment”, “Abuse”, “rape”, Whatever they WANT it to be, some 20-30-40 years later.
    QUICK, What’re the names of the Roy Moore accusors? Huh???? Whats their names?
    See, Therein lies my point. It was wall to wall coverage for HOW MANY months and we publically ruined a man and his life, for what??? Oh, that’s right, to give the left what they wanted! Nothing more. Were any charges filed? Anyone go to court? Anyone do the “perp walk”? Was any actual PROOF submitted? But we RUINED a person for what??? No other reason than to give the left what they wanted.
    I AM NOT defending Roy Moore. But there IS a tactic. And the left uses it beautifully!
    You have NO IDEA how dangerous this mindset is. Because, as usual, too many are completely oblivious to the fact that our youth are watching this. They are WATCHING blatant lies become truth and the adults (?) in the room are doing nothing to stop it.
    And remember boys and girls, the youth you so love to denigrate and make fun of, are going to be in charge someday! Let THAT sink in for a minute!

    And Ladies, all of this hysteria, makes ACTUAL rape, ACTUAL harassment, ACTUAL abuse completely irrelevant, because, who knows anymore??? How do I KNOW you’re telling the truth when EVERYTHING is rape, abuse, harassment??? And for the actresses who now so “bravely” (GAG) come out after they made millions of $$$$ The message is, it’s ok to be raped, harassed, abused AND LET OTHERS BE DONE THE SAME WAY, as long as “I get what I want”. NICE!!!
    I don’t know what to say anymore! When people refuse to see what is right in front of their faces, What do you do? But, EVERYONE had better realize that the NEW way to destroy anyone I don’t like is to just make accusations! I don’t need anything more. And this WON’T stop at ‘Men” they don’t like. What do you think the “wedding” lawsuits are all about?
    Does anyone remember the “pre-school” hysteria back in the 80s? this is a tactic.

    Anyhow, Susan Thank You!

  5. Team Viewer may be of some help, when your computer next goes down and you don’t want to send it away.

  6. David Horowitz describes Leftism as a “crypto-religion” (as in secret, hidden, concealed). Our culture and society is being constantly damaged by the anti-Christian bigots and followers and promulgaters of this false religion.

  7. Dear Susan
    I’m with you. Frankly, I’m having to watch less and read less news just to protect myself. We can thank The Almighty for His wondrous grace in time of need!

  8. Thanks Susan. Your writings let me know I’m not the only one who thinks this world is going nuts.

    Best Wishes

  9. Oh, boy, can I go to town here. I came to the conclusion some time ago that human society these days has become more like a theatre of the absurd.

    And it isn’t just the US. Western Europe seems about to sink under the onslaught of Islamic immigrants who refuse to be assimilated to Western values.

    Then, my friends in Canada are experiencing much of the same weird pressure to kowtow to multiculturalism and political correctness as we are in the US. Their lot may even be a tad worse under the liberal philosophy of their current prime minister and his government. Unfortunately, Canada does not have anything like our Constitution’s First Amendment to protect them from some of the most outrageous abuses.

    While our protections seem sometimes to be paper tigers at least we have them and can still assert them.

    Bottom line, Western society is under assault both from without by radical Islam and from within by our own self-centeredness. The only thing that I can see that will make a real difference is for people of faith to start living their faith and standing up for their faith even if that runs contrary to the current politically correct message from the mavens of political correctness. That means a spiritual awakening and a spiritual commitment to live according to God’s standards. We can’t expect that to come from the secular world. It must come from Jews and Christians who love God and take His Word, all of it, to heart. You and Rabbi Daniel do much to help Christians and Jews see the joy and fulfillment in doing that. Especially when the theatre of the absurd starts closing in. Thank you so much.

  10. This is why I read your musings since you are your own person and I appreciate your reasonable views. I may not always fully agree with you, but I know I am not reading The Onion. The voice of reason is lacking in today’s world. I was recently at a neighborhood party and was chatting with a high school student. She told me she didn’t want any children because the world is overpopulated. She learned that from one of her teachers. I told her to be her own person. Ask people to back their opinion, also research what people tell you and then decide for yourself. Next be ready to support your opinion with facts when you disagree. I also told her I don’t agree with her teacher and why. I hope I made a difference. She did give me a hug and told me she enjoyed chatting with me.

    1. Cindy, people were declining to conceive and raise children back in the 1970’s for the very same reason of overpopulation and catastrophic climate change and impending global famine and perhaps other reasons. We did not listen and bore two fine daughters to replace us. As someone commented on the Rabbi’s chat room (per Chesterton): ‘Those who don’t believe in God will believe ANYTHING.’ I have lost the friendship of some who declined to believe in God and instead embraced ‘whatever.’

  11. I rebuke any allegations that common sense is passe, Susan! Congratulations for some exceptional observations!

  12. Funny, isn’t it, how during the 1970’s, about the same time when early social justice warrior Meathead was riling up Archie Bunker, the Prophets of Doom were railing the hue and cry against conceiving and raising offspring, because we were on the verge of another catastrophic ice age and the Bitter End of the planet! The grand ice age failed to materialize, so now it’s ectoplasmic global warming. Woo woo hullabaloo! And somehow we are still here…well, those of us who were conceived.

    And now the sexual harassment babes are out in goose-stepping legions wearing pink hats. One day down the road wimmen are going to figure out how much they have damaged their own cause and stabbed themselves in the back, don’t you think? What will happen when it comes around full circle? Or will their brains be too stupefied on marijuana to recognize the consequences, or even to care? Blessed Shabbat and weekend to you, too!

    1. “…well, those of us who were conceived. “

      I think you meant to say: those of us who weren’t killed in the womb by our mothers. 😉

  13. Liberals for years have promoted Zero population

    Now that Whites USA and EU not having children not enuf population for workers soooo Leave Illegal Immagrants ALONE!!!! Say the Open Borders Promoters—-ONE WORLD GOV’T !!!

  14. Reminds me of a line from an old Oingo Boingo song: “I wish that I could tell you, it’ll only be a dream.”

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Please do NOT encourage this direction, Pastor Dave–
      Susan is busy enough as it is and if she did run for office (and it wouldn’t take much to push her off the edge) I’d never see her. Between you and me, though, while congressman or senator would be fine, where my wife really shines would be as dictator. Things would be fixed quicker than you can imagine. Just sayin’

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