Please pray, email and phone

Now is the time to step up to the plate. Please call and email as many Senators as you can. Thank Sen. Manchin for standing against bullying and for civility. Plead with Sen. Collins, Flake and Murkowski to reject the politics of personal destruction and the assumption of guilt until proven innocent. Of course, pray, pray and pray that our country has a future.

4 thoughts on “Please pray, email and phone”

  1. Thank you for your talks, opening our eyes to the real things. It prepares us very well for this world but I haven’t heard anything preparing us for eternal life.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thanks for writing, Owen,
      For the most part the very best preparation for eternal life in the world-to-come, is living God’s will in this world.

  2. I have to believe that the Lord is receiving so many prayers for Judge Kavanaugh that good will triumph over evil

    1. God expects us to do our part, Tom. I know He is listening and that He wants us to choose good, but He expects us to act.

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