One More Opportunity

Four years ago, I wrote Musing after Musing as I thrashed out my views on candidate Donald Trump. I wrote as a means of clarifying my own thoughts and many of you honed my internal conversation by adding your own ideas in the Musings’ comment section.

After the election, I wrote this piece. I think the ideas in it are still relevant and true, though my words, “Can we now [that the election is over] have a respectful conversation?” clearly were naive. If anyone was prescient enough to see how the vitriolic hatred of the Left would magnify over the past four years, it wasn’t me.

Before this pandemic, I would have rated President Trump’s presidency as an A—.  I don’t know if it is possible to have a higher score. I am disappointed in his handling of COVID-19 and I also feel that he squandered a political opportunity to present himself to the whole nation as a statesman.  The truth is, however, that  I do not know that anyone would have handled this unprecedented crisis any better. Certainly, many would have done much worse. Nonetheless, I must now change my rating to B+. That still earns him my enthusiastic support.

I pray that God will give our country another chance, but I do want to repeat my call to us, America’s citizens. Yes, voting in elections matters tremendously, but our daily conduct and willingness to stand up for and convey our principles matters even more.

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42 thoughts on “One More Opportunity”

  1. From -A to B? Wow. I have never disagreed more! Few men could have withstood the storms of this virus as well as this man. Realizing the danger of the virus but also the economic long term repercussions, he couldn’t have handled things better! His commitment to and follow through of getting the embassy in Jerusalem, Fought for a got a bipartisan ruling for second chance for nonviolent prisoners to help the black (mostly) community. He has wisely led according to the Constitution giving rule to the governors for local rule on the China virus. We saw the success of SD. The misery in NY and CA under different leadership.
    You have high standards. Usually I agree with them. But this time I think you are too strict. I believe our President has been honest and done so much more than I have had room to mention. A+ in my mind, Mr President!

    1. Kim, you can ask my husband, but I do have very high standards. I am gladly and gratefully not only voting for the President, but supporting him. There is so much that he has done that I love. Perhaps letter grades were a wrong idea. I just feel that he could have taken the opportunity to talk to American citizens in a scripted and powerful way that would have helped the nation and, incidentally, introduced him to those who usually only hear of him through the media other than SOTU address. I’m glad you are so passionate about this.

  2. The Obama Administration handled the Swine Flu, the Ebola virus, and the Zika virus, but you honestly “do not know that anyone would have handled this unprecedented crisis any better” ? Do you believe Obama would be contradicting his health experts, or telling them “to slow the testing down,” or threatening public schools to reopen in the Fall while his own child’s private school remains closed? Here’s a thought experiment: imagine the Obama Administration doing everything to destroy the post office (including removing mail sorting machines across the country and having mail collection boxes removed from street corners) out of fear that he will lose an election if too many people submit mail-in ballots during a pandemic. How does slowing down the post office make America great again? In our thought experiment, would you excuse Obama’s actions and say “many would have done much worse” ?

    1. It won’t be a surprise that I don’t agree with your conclusions but see what you are asking as a basis for conversation rather than rebuttal. None of which you nor I probably have time for. I see where you are coming from, but one question I’ll throw out for your consideration is whether Zika or Ebola or Swine flu shut down the rest of the globe the way this virus did? Is America the only country that is seeing this one differently?

      1. Zika, Ebola, and Swine flu did not shut down the globe the way this virus did. However, based on how the Obama administration successfully managed those pathogens, I doubt the United States would have the most deaths in the world from Covid-19 right now, and Obama certainly would not be claiming the United States is “doing very well” in managing the outbreak as the numbers currently stand.

        Is America the only country that is seeing this one differently? There is a 7-minute video on YouTube titled “What Does America’s Coronavirus Response Look Like Abroad” that will answer your question.

  3. The Rev. Dr. John Avery Palmer

    G’Day to All you Dear Sisters and Brothers; I thank You-all, and ask/pray that 0ur Glorious and Almighty God will Bless, Inspire and support each of you with His Amazing Grace as we face the days ahead ! I don’t believe I can add anything of real significance to what you all have already collectively contributed; but, please know that as I share these various comments with my family of friends and contacts, they will serve as confirmation that many do share very similar thoughts and opinions ! ! Sincerely, Shalom and Aloha ! ! !

  4. Prescient as usual and I, like you, got drug kicking and screaming to vote for President Trump knowing the baggage he’d bring along. But! Notwithstanding his rough edges it’s been especially heartening to watch him grow into faith. I knew well what I’d get with his opponent but not what he might bring to the table and I thank God every day for the long days of hard work he gives without pay to the American people and am in awe of how much he loves American despite being embattled constantly by some of her citizens. God speed!

  5. Thank you, Miss Susan, for this wonderful post. It and all the comments cheered me greatly. I was also an ‘anyone but HRC’ voter the first time around. I am a full-on supporter now. President Trump, though unquestionably a diamond in the rough, is something much more important. He is a promise keeper.

    I pray daily for the Holy One’s will to be done again, but that requires people to actually get out and vote. I fear that many have been beaten down by the press, the effects of COVID 19 on their economic and emotional situation. All of us need to encourage one another to continue fighting for our Judea-Christian values and to judge rightly which party’s candidates will most closely uphold them. To me, that is undoubtedly President Trump and Vice-President.

    Thank you all, again, for encouraging my own trust that President Trump will be re-elected.

    1. Joyce, I think we all have to vote as if our vote might be the deciding factor but I also think that the media has a strong desire to discourage us by printing one-sided, biased and false reports.

  6. Carl August Schleg

    Howdy Happy Warriors-In my humble opinion, Mr. Trump got an A+ at the start, and gets an A++ NOW.1. Concerning Coved-Recall the cowards were attacking his flanks with impeachment at the beginning of Coved. Recall the insanity against him…..and much fraud done by several within his administration as well as WHO.
    I personally am on the ‘Front Line'(RN floor Nurse). All the ‘Arm Chair Quarterbacks’ need to do some homework or join me in the ‘Front’.
    2. When he defended
    Eddie Gallagher (Navy SEAL)
    Mr. Trump SKYROCKETED in my humble opinion. Having served during Viet Nam and trained as an 8404 Corpsman saw MANY highly decorated(EARNED) men railroaded out with less than Honorable Discharges due to political insanity(look up Dennis Prager’s talk on why we lost in Viet Nam and thank CONGRESS of that time period).
    Enough for now….Tell my Rabbi and you ROCK with your posts…..

  7. Eileen, thank you for your comment, as well as the others. TRUMP 2020 for sure. God has it all under control ! God bless

  8. God is in control and that’s a relief. We need to fast and pray fervently when possible about the upcoming election.

  9. I love your articles.
    I stand with President Trump.
    He reminds me of Cyrus.
    He is fighting a real down and dirty, never polite battle: good against evil…an unlikely plain spoken Warrior we never saw coming, because we rarely do. This battle cannot be fought by armchair generals , the media, and politicians , discussing what’s in it for them, over lunch.
    We see the consequences: people perfectly willing to burn down our cities and use violence, slogans,and even Covid, if they can rule the ashes.
    Imagine finding out , after all is said and done, that he “colluded” with God.
    Although I won’t be able to attend, I will be there in spirit with the people on Sept. 26, during
    The Returning gathering to be held in Washington.

    Another Happy Warrior,

    1. Diane, I admit to finding it truly difficult to make sense of people I know who are blind to what is happening right in front of them and are thinking of voting for the Democrat Party.

  10. I love your post here. It is so refreshing and soothing. And I am delighted with the comments. You obviously have some amazing followers, and I hope I am one of them. I also would like Trump to be more presidential, but I think that this is the point in time where we need a slugger. A big brute to get out in front of our country and say “you are not going to destroy this nation.” I’m not sure that most republicans could stand up to the constant barrage that has hit Donald Trump. I’m glad I’m finally living in a place where I do not have to worry about somebody destroying my house or my car if I put up a bumper sticker or sign.

    1. Cheri, I voted for him four years ago because I knew we needed a slugger. Anyone else would have wilted. I just saw an opportunity missed in this pandemic.

  11. Thank you Susan for your post.
    I have been a supporter of President Trump since he won the primary in 2016. Granted he can be a bully. I had hoped that V.P. Pence would temper him a bit, but as we can see, that never happened and likely will never happen. I do believe his crude style of reacting to the “swamp-creatures” has hindered him. Despite all that, I have always felt in my heart that he genuinely loves this country and wants the best for it’s citizens.
    The hardest thing for most of us is discerning the lies from the truth. The Left has fought tooth and nail to discredit President Trump at every turn.
    The rest of the world I’m sure must sit back and watch the greatest country ever tear itself apart in disbelief and foolishness.
    These are trying times for all of us and I must lean heavily on “The Boss” or I fear I may go crazy.
    Terry Sterling

  12. Susan, like so many of us out here are able to see the good and not just the bad in a person. (Trump)
    Trump is his own worse enemy. He gives fuel to fire most every time he talks or tweets. No one is going to change that, that’s Trump.
    I truly believe that we need to stop worrying about Trump and the Left. God put him in that position to do His work for the coming time frame God has set. Only Trump can full fill that act he is their to do.
    God has given us several warrying about the resurrection, we need to be prepared and ready.
    One will go and one will stay. This verse is not talking about unbelievers but people who believe and are saved but have not prepared for the coming. One parable that the Bible talks about is the Groom coming for the brides maid. Ten went out but only five had enough oil in there lamps and the other five missed their grooms coming because they had to go back to get more oil. Be prepared. The coming is near.
    Pease and Blessing be with you all

    1. Thank you Gus for your comment! I agree totally! It is about God working through whoever ends up in leadership. I know we will have to vote but I am looking higher than these parties for the solution to what plagues America in this season! I’m am so tired of all the divisiveness and mud slinging going on by both the major parties. My part is what it says in 2 Chron 7:14. That is what is needed!

  13. Ex-WA Conservative

    I agree that it would be more satisfying to see President Trump being more statesmanlike, but it occurs to me that his political enemies would still vilify him.
    I recall that every Republican president was attacked whether they deserved it or not. Presidents Reagan, HW Bush, GW Bush and their vice-presidents were all attacked and the public was told they were stupid and inarticulate. Their actual performance did not matter to the people who crafted an anti-Republican narrative.
    So, I accept President Trump as he is, a man for his time, willing to fight back and protect our constitutional rights. It is especially disconcerting to see accusations of authoritarianism when he clearly is behaving the opposite of that, avoiding power grabs and emphasizing personal liberty.
    I also agree that regarding COVID, things could have been done better, but his response was correct at each stage based on what was known at the time. The armchair quarterbacks and their post-hoc criticisms are intellectually dishonest. No one knew if this would spread rapidly and kill millions and no one knew how oddly it would affect different age groups.

    1. I have no question that there is nothing the president can do that will end the vilification. My very gingerly offered critique was that each time he speaks presidentially, like at the State of the Union, a few more people listen and realize that the media is lying to them when they act as if he is a malevolent buffoon. I wish he would do that more.

    2. Excellent comment. I honestly think he handled the COVID as best as he could. China and the WHO lied to people and how could he have know what. Also he got out every day in front of the camera till the medial quit showing his press conferences. He put his trust in the so called experts who have lost alot of credibility. I also at first was turned off by his tweets etc but now I am glad he is willing to fight unlike past presidents. Also I remember clearly how Reagan, Bush, Quayle, Bush are attacked. The media is the arm of the Democrat party so no Republican will ever get a fair shake and the difference is most Americans have woken up to this. Hollywood, Academia and the media are never going to support a R president no matter how brilliant or effective in governing he is.

  14. We must be always very aware of the left’s (which includes most media) many avenues of attack. The most effective I believe is the constant disparaging of anyone they see as a threat to their goal of permanent dominance esp. Trump. When there are so many repeatedly espousing a lie it takes vigilance to not let part of the narative erode our common sense reasoning. With their goal reached our Judeo/Christian existence will be lost and along with it all morality.

    I thank you Susan and Rabi Lappin for the many many things you do for all of us and our country.

    Both of you are in my famly’s prayers,

  15. In 2016, I voted against Hillary Clinton. I was shocked that Trump won the nomination. I expected it to go to Cruz, though I voted for Carson in the primary. (Now I am glad I didn’t get what I wanted; after seeing how the Trumps have been treated by the media it would have grieved me deeply to see gentle Dr. and Mrs. Carson raked over the coals in such a fashion.) So I voted for Trump in 2016, but it was with many reservations and only motivated by an “anyone but HRC” mentality.
    This time around, Trump has my wholehearted support. I could repeat what you and Eric T. have said because I agree. But I will add this: Trump’s enemies (the media, the far Left, and “swamp” crony Republicans) are all people who want our nation’s foundations dug up, discarded, and “reimagined.” Trump’s enemies are the enemies of America and Americana. I am well aware of the president’s flaws, just as I know our country is not perfect. But I will support the candidate who wants the good our nation has to offer realized for every single citizen, even the ones who malign him. That’s what I think sets Trump apart.

    1. Kristyn, so many people voted “against Hillary.” I think that is why the Democrats hope that keeping Joe Biden out of sight will have people vote for the Biden of their imagination.

  16. I was not a “Trumpatista” at first either, but his actions have been impressive. I’m a state’s rights kind of guy and was not upset about the handling of Covid19… I’m also a retired scientist and Trump is not… I’ve dealt with the USDA, FDA, CDC and European Union for over 30 years… Trump had not… so for all these reasons, I thought his stepping back, listening to experts, making them sign agreements and turning the plan of action over to the governors was the best way to handle. I’m Libertarian, but I’ll be voting Trump / Pence in November!

    1. Art, my upset was at his not talking to the nation in a “fireside chat” type of way. I didn’t expect him to have answers, but I would have loved a message that combined, “This is a tough fight, we’ll make mistakes but we will overcome.” Twitter isn’t the place for that and neither are press conferences surrounded by those who hate you. He has the bully pulpit and I wished that he had used it in this case. Having said that, I cannot begin to imagine the stress of facing a national crisis and knowing that half the nation would rather horrific disaster on the nation if that meant you weren’t re-elected.

  17. I was not a Trump supporter in 2016. I had serious concerns about his temperament and his values, though obviously much less than my concerns about his opponent’s.

    However, I have been quite pleased with many of the actions the Trump Administration has taken over the last few years. He is not always an eloquent or precise speaker, particularly in impromptu conversation like interviews, but he has clearly shown his love for the United States and his appreciation for the US taking a strong leadership role in the world.

    When I look at Joe Biden and his newly-picked running mate, Kamala Harris, I do not believe they respect or cherish the foundational principles that resulted in the formation of the United States. I believe they prefer a warped philosophy that places a single all-powerful government at the center of every citizen’s life. The election this year looks very clearly to me to be a choice between authoritarianism and liberty, or as Ben Shapiro argues in his latest book, between ‘disintegrationists’ and ‘unionists’.

    I will be voting for Trump/Pence this year. Can they do better? Of course. But there’s a shortage of perfect humans in the world, and none in the world of politics.

      1. I love this. Thank you. Your sane musings, along with other like-minded individuals I seek to listen to or read, keep me sane and help me keep an even temper in this politics climate.

      2. Susan, I echo all you said and especially Eric! I fear for our nation and know that only doing the IF of 2 Chron 7:14. Love you❤️

        1. Martha, coming to know you from your comments and support of us over the years, I know that you are one person who gives your all to share your views in a strong and loving way.

    1. Absolutely, I agree with you Rabbi there is no perfect person in the world and none in the world of politics. I wish Trump/Pence the very best in the coming election with love from Nigeria🇳🇬

    2. I completely agree with your comments. Trump is not a perfect person, but no one is. I agree that he loves this country. When I look at what he has accomplished since he was elected in in 2016, he has delivered in some way on most of his promises. In my lifetime, I cannot recall any other presidents who have delivered on their campaign promises as he has. When I consider the low unemployment America experienced before the pandemic, his policies were working for America. I pray that our citizens will wake up and recognize that although he is not a perfect person, President Trump is trying to do his best for America. We will be voting in this election for freedom or socialism (which ultimately leads to communism). I pray that our citizens will wake up for there is much at stake in this election.

    3. Although I’d rate him higher than a B+, as I feel he did a much better job than the democrats in our country would have you believe (repeating “he failed” etc., over and over does not make it the truth). I agree with your statements here, wholeheartedly.

      1. I would have liked something between an A- and a B+ and, Eileen. I think he is an amazing president and I think people are naive who think that a different Republican president would be treated with respect. Remember Bush derangement syndrome? How Brett Kavanaugh – or Clarence Thomas – were treated. The hatred is not about the man but about the ideas.

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