One More Double Standard

Do you remember the very young boy who was sent home from school for biting his toast into the shape of a gun? He might even have —GASP— pointed it at a fellow kindergartener.

Well, have you seen the pictures of kids returning to school where a masked official points a temperature-recording gun-like object at the children’s foreheads before they are allowed in?

To paraphrase the words from the movie Casablanca: I’m shocked,  shocked to find that hypocrisy is going on here.

3 thoughts on “One More Double Standard”

  1. The failings of so many “teachers” in the public school system who are following irrational local government mandates is on display today. Marxism is a terrible ideology. So many at various levels in government disregard freedoms won at so great a cost. We kneel and worship God, NOT government! Many foolish government officials are following the globalism agenda (the NWO) which ultimately seeks one world totalitarian control. Our Blessed Lady warned of the “errors of Russia”…which I feel is the communism and control over the very thoughts of people. Communism murdered approx 100 million people in the 20th century yet so many young adults think socialism is so great…how foolish are we? Canada today under liberals is enduring what the U.S. endured under the last administration. God Bless Pro-Life / Anti-War President Trump who is leading the U.S.A. back to God.

  2. It seems like ages ago, but it must’ve only been a few weeks back, this was an experience I encountered entering one of the first re-openings of a certain public facility. There were masked officials there. I didn’t ask for specifics but it appeared that they were city officials, maybe even state, in full uniform. Anyway, I’m not sure if the officer read my mind or noticed the, was it resignation or indignation, I don’t know, on my face after aiming the gun-like object at my forehead, that might’ve compelled him to apologetically comment, “I hate doing this,” before ‘pulling the trigger.’ Although, I did believed him.

    I guess, if I would been more prepared for it, I could’ve help alleviate that awkwardness, especially considering other surrounding controversy currently prevalent, for both of us and replied, “Couldn’t you rather, just in this case, aim to maim?’

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