On California’s Radical Policies

We loved this line from Professor Charles R. Kesler in the Wall Street Journal and thought you would enjoy it too:

“Karl Marx called his kind of socialism “scientific,” as opposed to his predecessors’ “utopian” fantasies. California appears to be pioneering a third kind, which might be called “infantile.”  Our Democrats strongly suspect their programs won’t work and know they can’t be paid for—but want them anyway.”

3 thoughts on “On California’s Radical Policies”

  1. Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing this professor’s quote. I’d like to have things that I can’t pay to get right now, but I won’t ask others to fund them for me with money that they would have to borrow!

  2. I’m glad to see that you are exposing the words “Karl Marx” and “socialism”. Much of the church does not want to talk about history or socialims and keep the church within the four walls of the church. In my opinion, the Red Dragon of Revelation 12 is Communism, and socialism is a precursor to Communism, so if we don’t expose and resist bad political ideas, we are going along with an atheistic, satanic philosophy that will destroy this nation as it has destroyed others in history, and murdered many people in the process.

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