NY Bombings

If one powerful  political party and most mainstream journalists are highly invested in the NYC bombings NOT being connected to Islamic terrorism or any leftist group, do we really think that information will be shared quickly and honestly?

They are all ready to jump to conclusions when they think a perpetrator is a white supremacist, but bend over backwards to ‘wait for the facts’ when one of their preferred groups might be involved.

1 thought on “NY Bombings”

  1. Such is life when lived by the precepts of a human narrative. Apparently people who try and live and/or reason by human ideology commit suicide by delusion. The only ‘fixed dogma’ worth knowing is that we are created by and should live for God Almighty. These people have slipped the noose of ‘peaceful Islam’ around their necks and refuse to admit they are balancing on a trap door. Need I mention what will happen when the trap swings open? God created Heaven and earth, man and woman, fish, beast and fowl. There is not now, nor was there ever, evolution. There is but one God. His name AIN’T ALLAH. Man received the 10 Commandments through Moshe on Sinai. Moshe passed them on to God’s chosen people (Israel) and from Israel to the rest of humanity. We have the Law and the Prophets. What else do we need? These are THE FACTS. Get over it, Ms. Maddow.

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