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There are weeks when an idea catches my attention and my Musing is written on Sunday, then edited and hopefully improved until it is time to publish on Thursday. Many of those Musings tend to write themselves—I’m passionate about something that I want to share with you.

Then there are more stressful weeks when I write and delete my writing, when I try a little of this and a little of that. On Thursday, panic sets in because I don’t like anything I have. Those Thursdays are not very enjoyable. 

So, I was feeling quite relaxed when, last week, a phrase in a book caught my eye and words spilled onto my page, sharing my response to those oft-spoken and oft-written words. Then, Wednesday, January 7, 2021, happened. And while I would still like to share my planned Musing with you, I don’t think that my mind or yours is actually interested in it right now. 

What took place in our nation’s capital yesterday was unprecedented in some ways and a continuation of history in others. I cannot share my thoughts with you because they are in a jumble. I do not know what I think. Not only do I not have clarity, but I don’t know where to turn for basic facts. I can read this new site’s agenda or that newspaper’s slant, this pundit’s ideas and that talking head’s points, but I do not know where the unembellished information is so that I can come to my own conclusions. 

I don’t watch the nightly news and I do not listen to the radio or internet continually through my day. Air time has to be filled and that means that people talk even when they have nothing to say. It doesn’t work for a reporter to suggest that you check back in a few hours when they may have more to report on a situation. Instead, they blather on. 

I don’t want to do the equivalent of that. I know that over breakfast, when I read yet another accolade to Richard Nixon for conceding an election in order not to “trigger a constitutional crisis” I was annoyed. Today that election in 1960 is generally acknowledged as having been fraudulently won by the Kennedy campaign, Had Mr. Nixon pushed back at that point, it is very possible that the country would have been spared both the assassination of President Kennedy as well as Watergate, two events that roiled the nation and set it on a different course. As I see it, whether the future president’s acceptance of the fraud helped or hurt the country is up for debate. 

A few hours after my breakfast, I watched unanticipated events unfold in Washington, DC. Until I know more, I have nothing to say. 

Many events are out of our control.
Let’s take charge of the parts of our life that we can affect.

40 thoughts on “Nothing to Say”

  1. “Today that election in 1960 is generally acknowledged as having been fraudulently won by the Kennedy campaign.” I would very respectfully point out that whether that is true depends on how one defines “generally.”

    It is widely acknowledged that there was voting fraud in Illinois and Texas, and that fraud benefited Kennedy. Whether the number of votes gained by that fraud was enough to swing the election, however, is still debated. Some researchers say yes, some say no, and some say that at this point, it’s not possible to know.

    1. Thanks for the correction, Anne. I think you would agree that ignoring fraud because we aren’t sure if it “is big enough” is poor policy and encourages more fraud. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would feel better if I knew that hundred (thousands, tens of thousands…) were being prosecuted for voting twice or filling in ballots to which they should not have had access or…

  2. Holy Adonai uses even the wicked to bring about HIS plan. We (our country) have left HIS teachings & ways & have not humbled ourselves before HIM. We of faith need to be strong & not be turned aside by the media who were once the eyes & conscience of our country, but now have their own agenda and are trying to be Kingmakers. We need to question, be discerning and look to HIM for truth. Thank-you for your Faithful comments.

  3. Maybe you could try to go to “” and click on America stands.
    This is a platform that is faith-based, where they try to bring the truth concerning everything that is happening, especially the elections and the fraud.

  4. I beg God’s Mercy for this country. I think Trump exposed how corrupt both parties are. Donald Trumps only crimes were wanting to put America First and help it’s people. The Heathens in the capital are raging that an outsider showed them up.

  5. I’ve been praying for two hours every night for the last three weeks that God’s holy, righteousness judgement would reign over this country.

  6. When a godly, Torah-teaching friend shared this insight from the book The Besorah According to Covid-19 by Rabbi Itzhak Shapira — “this is the Footstep of Messiah”, I suddenly felt a sense of peace. Just the term/phraseology that ‘we are in the End Times’ tends to culminate a sense of darkness and fear and dread, this “Footsteps of Messiah” quells just the opposite. Adonai has not abandoned us. He gave us fair warning in His Word. Now I look beyond the world and choose to look toward Him.

  7. When I read your support of Trump I shook my Head. When I read your support of his policies I shook my head. I read about your views on immigration, I shook my head. I am watching his followers and appointees jump ship and I am still shaking my head. We all have opinions, some good, some not so good and I am still shaking my head. I will still remain silent but vigilant. Just one thing – know in your heart your enemies and never, ever forget.

  8. Jan 6th will indeed be a sad day in history. A wise resolution to say nothing when the facts are not fully known.

  9. I believe God raised up Donald Trump (even the meaning of his name – Donald- means leader, faithful, Trump means – to get the better of, outrank, defeat someone in a highly public way) for such a time as this and he is far from done. I think their crime needed to be “completed” by accepting those votes and this process has exposed , and still is exposing, which side people are on. Trump hasn’t given up but is just beginning a new phase of the fight. “Never give up – never surrender!” I think of it as having the swamp all swept into a neat pile and they’re about to be swept into the dustpan! Thank you Rabbi and Susan Lapin for all your teachings. I haven’t caught them all but have been listening for years and I have learned so much.

  10. I feel for you in the USA, we have been watching and praying for Trump too, and also feel shell shocked at what has just happened. In New Zealand our govt (our PM is a socialist is warning us about an impending lockdown, more pain. So much proof that Covid is not much different to a flue. Numbers inflated. Charts showing US death rate total in 2020 slightly less than 2019. We are fighting for our freedoms here. Most people are blind to the Great Reset. We need prayers.

  11. The lack of concise evidence makes need of caution, and those gassing the flames torch beyond the barbecue. So Mrs.Lapin, your carefulness is not in error, and remember the consistency of the programs and such with speeches of encouragement by leaders and presidents to boost the people in tough times. Maybe too, where moms make simple food and the care is in the dish, not in the fancy recipe.

  12. Thank you for this column Susan. The remarks of the other commenters mirror my thoughts as well. You are a sane voice in a world of chaos.

  13. I have started listening to the Christian News Networks…..more eye opening ….I think in the near future we will see that the people breaking into the Capital were paid to do it….some other interesting footage is also be shown…..I would add the news channel but dont know if that is allowed…..keep the faith and keep your eyes open.

  14. Dear Rabbi Daniel and Miss Susan, thank you for your transparency that allows us all to open up and share one another’s pain.

    I think everyone who loves this nation, that was founded on Judeo-Christian values, is in mourning for what we lost. To me, the storming of the Capitol is the outward evidence of the spiritual disease in our nation that has progressed from a tickle in the throat to full-blown tuberculosis. But I still have hope!

    The Holy One is on the throne. Scripture tells us that judgment begins with the House of God. As we repent and turn back to Him, he will prune, purge, fertilize, and clean up the branches that we might bear more fruit for His Kingdom.

    Judgment also begins with us so that the wicked will know, when their time comes, that the Holy One’s judgment is just. The Holy One is not done yet. Buckle up for a bumpy ride. There may be more shaking and pruning, purging, and fertilizing before He is ready to sort out wheat from tares. Hold on to the Holy One. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, but He loves us and desires to deepen and strengthen His relationship with us. He also wants us to grow and mature. He wants us to dig into His love letter to us, the Scriptures. For this season, might I suggest what strikes me as a psalm of a warrior – Psalm 109.

    The Holy One has a plan and a purpose for this nation even now. Be blessed and may the Holy One’s shalom and chesed be with you all.

  15. Years ago I emailed you husband when he was broadcasting from a SF radio station years ago. I emailed him the the republican party was the party of Able and and the democrat party was the party of Cain and so the republican party will be destroyed. Your husbands response as I recall was, “I hope not”. I believe the theft of this particular election was so blatant and outrageous that there will be no more conservatives ever elected. Not a single republican (let alone a conservative) holds a major California state office and perhaps you’ve heard the quip “As (corrupt) California goes, so goes the nation”. I’m amazed how people think we will resume normal elections or don’t grasp that this is truly a tipping point and the end of us as a free nation and as David Horowitz has often pointed out, “Inside every Leftist is a totalitarian screeming to get out”. Lastly, I once heard the Jews who were pessimists move to Santa Monica and the Jews who were optimists stayed in Europe. What is going on now is just a shadow of the evil coming our way, we ain’t seen nothing yet. . .

    1. Hi Ty,

      Thank you for reminding us of David Horowitz and his insightful axiom. In fact, the masthead of his Frontpage magazine currently includes just these very words:

      “Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out”

  16. I am thankful that you, and so many of the readers, are a student of history. More importantly, that you remember history! Wisdom flows from this. Unfortunately, it also means there are so many people who cannot even comprehend the events around them.

  17. SPEECHLESS! REMEMBER: WHO CARES ABOUT MORALITY! Many have participated in a spirit of delusion. The things that president Trump spoke were some of the same UGLY words that those who storm the Capital Bldg. spoke. If you speak a thing long enough you give life to that thing. President Trump has done some good things; however, the bad has been devastating. If you are the president of the USA many people believe the things you say. People have lost their lives and do you really think president Trump cares. My hearth aches when people are beguile, but more so when they are
    the people of God!

  18. It just so happens that this weeks Torah portion states” A new king arose over Egypt, who did not know Joseph”. I don’t understand how a Pastor can agree with abortion, same sex marriage etc. Run for the senate and win. Who is voting for him, it can’t be G-ds people. They wouldn’t do that or would they. Every level of government is led by a party that does not know Joseph. Only G-d can get us through the next 4 years.

  19. I am in tears. Fearful. Looking for spiritual guidance. Moments of peace. Than outrage and disgust land upon me again.
    The outright lies told about President Trump.
    The fraud, and the politicians going along with it.
    Treasonous actions skipped over, yet President Trump having his life threatened is ok?
    The unarmed woman, who had the police behind her. Shot cold blooded. She was peaceful. No threat.
    People losing their jobs for even being at the March.
    The Globalist Reset looks like Hitler on steroids.
    G-D help.
    I’m at a loss
    G-D Bless President Trump and his family.

    1. Wow, you put my thoughts in words.
      I’m angry, scared, and lost.
      But, we are Americans and with G-D’s guidance we will get through this!

  20. Now is the time to stay calm and trust God, to read His Word not the news!
    “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” Isaiah 57:15 KJV

  21. For the very first time in my life I am finding myself doubting the existence of God and having a great deal of difficulty being able to pray. I’m disheartened, feel defeated and abandoned, am angry and find myself combating the urge to hate the dems/progressives/and commies. I am NOT in a good place and worse, neither is my beloved country or, for that matter, neither is the world. I guess this is what is called a “crisis of faith”? Am in a very dark place, how to find the light again?

    1. Mindy, I totally relate! I’m coming out of a similar place by the Grace of God. The key is to not be so plugged in to politics and news cycle; and to reconnect, intimately, with your Heavenly Father. Slow down and just start spending more time reading and reflecting on God’s Word. Make that space for your God, let Him be your center. Praying for you.

  22. The founders fought under the banner “An Appeal to Heaven.” I have little hope in politics or what has become of our government institutions, but I have great hope in God. God bless you and the Rabbi. I wish I could give you a hug.

  23. I am stunned, and continually repeat to myself that the Lord God is sovereign – over rulers, countries, everything.

  24. I think you are right about the Nixon/Kennedy election consequences. As a resident of Washington State, I knew when it was ordained that we have mail-in ballots, my belief in a government for our constitutional republic being elected fairly could no longer be supported. Now, that’s true for the whole country. The fact that we have access to the playbooks, from various sources (e.g.: Alinsky, Soviet KGB, etc.), which describe in detail how this republic will end, yet choose to ignore them and smugly declare that it can’t happen here or foolishly believe we are somehow immune to reality is frustrating and disheartening.

    1. Yes, agreed . Rabbi’s podcasts on nations lasting 250 years is a very timely message. My husband says “The American experiment ended yesterday in a pall of darkness”

    2. I agree. I don’t understand how our fellow Americans don’t see how our country is turning. Russia and China, I am sure is totally enjoying this. I know that God is always in control, and my prayer is that He will reveal the truth. I have never seen such disrespect for our president and our country that has occurred in the last 4 years. My dad fought in WWII under General Patton. What would our veterans of that war say to this dishonoring of our country. What is our Lord seeing. I don’t read the newspapers or listen to news. I am putting more time in Scripture and prayer. Maybe, we should all do this.

  25. It is bigger than Trump,election, people’s passion. It is a spiritual battle against darkness not the flesh. Today is the first day in 4 years I am putting a moratorium on news.

  26. Thank you Susan. Your words are perfect. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I cannot listen, I cannot hear, I cannot think, I cannot believe, I cannot respond. My heart is broken by the hatred and lack of unity.
    Thankfully, we know that God knows and for now that has to be enough for me.

    1. I’m thankful for the thoughtful humble people that are commenting here. That in itself is a little bit of solace. I go from crisp faith in the morning to waning faith each day And in the midst of evil words being flung around as intentional arrows, I have to recalibrate every few minutes to keep my faith in God and not in the turmoil at hand. Let’s keep praying people.

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