No One is Reading This, Right?

Let’s be real. It is election night and most of you, at
least my American readers, will be sitting at the edge of your seats or off to
rejoice with or gain solace from friends. Wednesday morning, all you will want
to talk about will be the election. What chance does my Musing have of being
appreciated even if by some slight chance a few people read it? Not much.

Rather than send out electrons to be lost in cyberspace, I
thought that I would share a letter written to my children.  I’m sure they won’t mind it being shared with
those of you diehards who are actually reading this (whose loyalty I truly

Dear children,

As you know, Daddy has been on an exciting but extended
speaking tour of England and Ireland. For a number of reasons, it did not make
sense for me to go along. This has meant that we have been apart for longer
than at any other time since we were married. Along with missing Daddy, this
has made me appreciate our military families even more. They endure much longer
separations accompanied by ever-present worry.

Nevertheless, even with friends visiting, it has been lonely
here. At the same time, because we travel to speaking engagement so frequently,
I admit to relishing time in the house. Over the years, we have accumulated
many items. Perhaps as a homeschooling family, we even have more than average.  This seemed a perfect time to sort through
our belongings.

Judging by the lack of response to my emails in which I
stressed that there is a time limit to our storing your Beanie Baby collections,
your ‘best camper’ certificates and other vital pieces of childhood, I imagine
that all of you have been taking a cyber-break. It does my heart good to think
of you eschewing computers and interacting face-to-face with your loved ones.

Having not heard back from you, I turned my attention to
Daddy’s study. While he is here, I don’t want to disturb him by cleaning, so
this was a rare opportunity to tidy up. I know Daddy likes to kid about how
what looks like chaos is actually a finely orchestrated filing system. From the
time we got married, he has had a running joke where he asks me to not
straighten up piles of paper or throw out clearly outdated and random

In reality, I’m sure he will be delighted with his newly
dusted, vacuumed and organized workspace. As his hectic trip winds down, I am
thinking that perhaps Daddy would enjoy some quiet time in his newly pristine surroundings.
Killing two birds with one stone, I have begun packing up your keepsakes as I head out to seek asylum with bring them to



16 thoughts on “No One is Reading This, Right?”

  1. Dear Susan,
    Here I am on election night reading your musings rather than endure the on-going torture of watching the disappointing results. I appreciate your comments regarding R-74. I never thought I’d live to see such a day when what God calls abomination is celebrated in our land and will be so well-accommodated in our state. My heart is heavy tonight, but I found a measure of comfort by reading your musings. I’m concerned, though, about your dear husband’s reaction to your “tidying up” in his office.
    Marge M.

  2. Dear Susan,
    I sat down to do my devotions this morning and started with the Rabbi’s latest email. I am glad that he is enjoying his time in the UK. I know how you feel about holding down the fort at home and doing a little cleaning. My husband left for a visit to his father one time and I was unable to go. I got the bug to tear up the living room rug and install wood floors having believed a commercial that I could do it in the time I had. Unfortunately, I was overestimated my skills and the commercial overestimated them as well. I got the carpet up, the tack stripes up, secured all of the supplies and tools and then spent all the time in frustration trying to put down the floor. My husband came back and wondered if he had come into the wrong house that weekend. Monday morning, I secured two gentlemen that put down the floor in less than three hours. I realized to do a job right, one must understand one’s gifts and one’s limitations. I was a web developer at the time with considerable talent in that job; however, I had never put down a wood floor. I am happy to say that I have had additional ones installed and I used a professional.
    I hope that this give you a small chuckle; I am one of the disappointed electorate today who needs a little solace today. However, I know where to get it and that God is in complete control and I am wondering and waiting with anticipation and expectation at what he will do next in order to exhibit his glory.
    Thanks for your letter to the kids; it reminded me of when I homeschooled my own. They are 35, 33, and two 32s (stepsisters).

  3. I am a mother of four small children 7years and under. I am in a constant battle with my own pile of the laundry variety.I call it “the mountain”. I was sure there was some ancient jewish wisdom regarding the perils of piles.What a relief the Rabbi’s piles brought to this busy mothers heart! I enjoy your musings especially on election night.Kelly

  4. Mazal tov to you and yours, as well! And you thought nobody was reading! I counted 12 comments! Well, just keep up the good work!

  5. you are a dear Susan.. i always read your blog, and love it..i like the way women think…being much older, i tho’t i would give you a small hint… your children will not want thier ‘trophy’s’ until they are also grand parents…don’t know why..just works that way… Blessings and hugs, vanaly

  6. The Empty Nest Syndrome is a bittersweet phenomenon. Your column, through whatever serendipity or synchronicity, frequently coincides with similar events in my own life in uncanny fashion. Why, just the day before I found myself likewise sifting through the possessions of my youngest daughter, whom we married off (with great joy) just ten days ago. I had boxed them up for transport, and your observations struck an immediate chord!
    So how do you do it? Such synchronicity usually conceals a Divine link, so they say. Your attention to basics is apt, in preparation for a sea-change of ominous import. In particular, coupled with the Rabbi’s remarks on the eve of the election, concerning the ill-fated Titanic: might there be a possible analogy to the Ship of State?
    Thanks for your Thought Tools, Susan’s Musings, and Ancient Jewish Wisdom. May Ha-Shem protect us all!


    As one who reads every column you write, I thank you for sharing your heart with us. We here in Dover, DE are mourning the results of the Presidential election. We would fear the future, except we know that God is there as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. C Sue

  8. hahahahahahaha, I hate having my piles messed with. and my first child recently a,dried and moved out and we are now trying, after four months, to get him to clear out his room.
    I was pretty sure who would win, so why bother…..too bas the electoral college isn’t set up differently.

  9. We put our ballots in the local ballot drop box last night. I am sitting here at my computer, ignoring the TV and praying for the final outcome.
    I did read your cute letter and want to take this opportunity to say thank you. I enjoy both your husband’s and your weekly postings, but I like your better.
    My our God continue to bless you and keep you.

  10. I, too, have read it and thoroughly enjoyed it! (Wanna come to MY house and do some cleaning and organizing?!) LOL
    In between watching Horatio Hornblower (Loyalty) and reading your post, I’ve become less stressed about the outcome of the election. I spent a lot of time today (at various hours) praying to Our Heavenly Father for a new president. The one we currently have is not a Godly man, IMO. However, I feel that if Romney doesn’t win, it’s God’s will. (Thy Kingdom come, THY will be done…) If we end up with Obama again, it’s because we deserve it. Until this country turns back to God, we will have to pay the price. I just pray that my grandchildren can grow up in a better country.
    Anyway – thanks for the chuckles! 🙂

  11. Yes, someone is reading it! Me!
    So guess I’m an oddity American tonight and don’t mind saying so on this USA election evening. Tomorrow morn will be early enough to hear the red & blue results. It’s quiet and peaceful in my home tonight, so reading your article was a joy! Thanks!

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