No Memory; No Future

Not even 20 years have passed since our country was viciously attacked on September 11.  I think it safe to say that 18 years after Pearl Harbor, the date of December 7 meant something on college campuses, in Hollywood and in all corners of the United States.  Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that September 11th evokes unanimous sentiments of patriotism, support for our troops and feelings of gratitude for being an American throughout this great land?

Follow up: Someone shared the following NY Times tweet: “18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2,000 people died.”

Disgusting. Who is the bad guy? Airplanes. People died, they weren’t murdered. Families will grieve, so the rest of America should tune out.

3 thoughts on “No Memory; No Future”

  1. I remember exactly where I was when I first saw the Breaking News report of the bombing of the World Trade Center. I saw later on the first time President George Bush shed tears as he addressed the Nation of America. I was in Harare, Zimbabwe in Southern Africa on 11 September 2001.

  2. Like Rabbi has said in the most recent podcast. It’s all in a bid to do something that is impossible – Omit Religion and God.

    The only way the religion of the left can do this is to constantly defy all sense of reason and continue on their journey towards delusion and ultimate destruction. May God save America.

    I believe in America, and I believe President Trump is God’s strategy to save the great nation from impending doom. May he win again.

  3. I will borrow a Jewish thought. It was something so terrible that you should do your best to forget it, but it was so terrible that you should never forget.
    Someone near and dear to me is on their 2nd deployment and is frequently in harm’s way. I lost a good buddy 10 years ago to the cowardly taliban. He left behind a beautiful wife and 4 children. He was on his 6th and final deployment only two weeks away from an assignment at West Point Training cadets. He was shot in the back on his way back from the showers.
    Too much of America has forgot to love their neighbor. They have forgotten what love is, compassion at the very least. If it affects them directly all the world should stop to help, if it does not affect their sphere… So what.
    My family won’t forget.

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