My Personal Rebellion

I have a somewhat competitive nature. At those words, I hear my children guffawing and saying, “somewhat!!!.” Despite their convictions, I sometimes did manipulate the cards  to let them win Candyland. However, I do prefer winning to losing even when I’m only competing against myself.

Most mornings, during breakfast, I do the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle. I derive satisfaction from seeing all the boxes filled in. This morning, I left the spaces for the first clue down blank. 

The clue reads “human’s cousin” – three letters. I know they want me to write a-p-e, and that would complete three other clues in the across section. I won’t do it. It may not be the equivalent of storming the Bastille or standing against the tanks in Tiananmen Square, and it may even be silly, but it is a fist in the air to myself.


5 thoughts on “My Personal Rebellion”

  1. Good for you, Susan, to fight the urge to compete with stupidity! The scientific method shows no proof of the prompter’s idea for an ape being a “human’s cousin,” that is unless we used a slur to describe Uncles Ben or Jerry. Just kidding, though they might think of humankind this way, I certainly do not.

    PS I don’t know why but I’m reminded here of RDL’s old story about an elder daugter of yours, maybe the firstborn (?), getting married and an ape costume somehow involved!

    1. Oh, dear, LJ. We were hoping that story was moving into the forgotten bins of ancient history! (But it was a good one 🙂 )

      1. I was discussing the old piece of writing that I’d referenced with my husband and he recalled a gorilla suit! Then, I too, remembered that he was correct, it was a gorilla suit! 🙂 Apes and gorillas must monkey around a lot. 😉

  2. In the last days we will have false phrophets. No one can prove Apes are other than neighbors who care for their children better than some humans. And they can not tell a lie.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Leon–
      Apes taking care of their children? You have no idea. Silverback gorillas have been observed deliberately killing their babies. Other types of apes are not much less inclined towards infanticide. As far as monkeys not being able to tell a lie, there you are correct. They can’t. Neither can my ashtray.

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