Mr. Trump’s Low Approval Ratings

I’ve often received poor approval ratings. There were the times I insisted that my children write thank you notes before birthday presents were enjoyed. That certainly wasn’t a popular demand. Then there were the times that I joined my husband in his alliances with Christian leaders, years before the Jewish community recognized what an important friendship this was.

Most recently, a woman at my exercise class backed away from me as if I had just told her that I had beri-beri disease when I said that I voted for Donald Trump. In different times and places, being popular is at odds with being principled, correct or even righteous (not that I’m claiming those mantles).

For this reason, I find the constant headline news that Donald Trump is heading into Inauguration Day with low approval ratings (or conversely that Barack Obama has high ratings at the same time) completely irrelevant. Not being omniscient, I have no way of knowing if President Trump will be principled, correct or righteous. However, I do know that aiming for popularity would be disastrous for his presidency.

Certainly, ignoring the public is risky. In 2012, many people felt that Mitt Romney didn’t care about people like them; in 2016 Hillary Clinton had the same problem. Yet, small slices of information can be misleading. President Trump clearly had a better read on Americans than the pollsters who were incessantly gauging public opinion. Maybe all those people who are gleefully touting the new president’s low approval ratings need to be reminded that doing the job well and being unpopular is preferable to doing the job poorly while being personally popular.

If the country does well, economically, globally and socially over the next few years, it matters little if people (like me) have issues with Mr. Trump’s demeanor. It is certainly nice that the Bushes, father and son, as well as Mr. Obama represented respectable family lives. Neither main party candidate gave that option this time around. I will look elsewhere for role models for my grandchildren in all sorts of areas including guarding one’s speech. There are many aspects that I don’t like about Donald Trump, the man. Right now, I’m looking for a strong hand on the tiller steering our country in the best direction, not a best friend.

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  1. I respectfully disagree. I was not a Trump supporter. But let me add neither am I a Trump hater. I voted for Hillary. Not on the basis that she was so morally perfect. I believed she was untruthful in the very least on several issues. She has had more experience governing for one thing. The untruthfullness of her email scam, proves childish when it comes to Trump’s under the dealings with Putin, which seem to come to light every week. Hillary was no angel. Yet Mr. Trump’s pride, and arrogance is the kind of thing that has a great portion of the world hating America. Pride goeth before destruction. I’ve traveled the world and have been often ashamed how American treat others. Lowly, lesser. Mr. Trump’s boastful, banterings, and insultive nature may likely proove disaterous with international relations. He cares nothing for Mexicans and his remarks to them were SO vehement and hateful. How he would build a wall so high you won’t see your mother. Seriously??! His claim to be the best thing for Black? Laughable. Having a strong hand on the Tiller is one thing, but when it is a grossly immoral, hysterically decisive and racially hateful Hand is VERY bad. His choices of main cabinet leaders is at best terrible. Every one of them is ANTI what they have been placed over to lead. I suppose there is more I could say but this is NOT an attack or an out of control rant. You’re a very insightful person Susan, and probably a very nice person to even know. I enjoy reading the many things you share. I just disagree. Yet Mr. Trump is our president now. Let us pray for him. His protection, his health, his family, his decisions, his temperament, and his biggotry. Some of this will be a Miracle. But that’s just what GOD does. -Blessings-

    1. Paul, I’m approving this now but am in middle of working on our new Thought Tools so will have to comment later or tomorrow. Thank you for writing.

    2. I hear your points, Paul. Some I agree with (I cringe at Mr. Trump’s boastfulness), others I disagree with (Secretary and First Lady Clinton’s experience convinced me she was not a good choice). Then there are different interpretations of the same facts and areas where neither of us have all the facts but we each make our own assessments. The bottom line, however, is that I see no reason we can’t talk to each other. It sounds cliche, but some of my best friends feared Trump more than Clinton while I feared Clinton more than Trump. We’re still friends. That is not so for many people around the country. I appreciate your gracious words.

  2. I think President Obama was chosen by the Democratic Party as their candidate, because of who he is (half-Black and half-White: someone that White people, Black people and other people would vote for) and his non-Christian beliefs. They needed someone that was likely to be voted into the White House/the Presidency to achieve more of their agenda. His message of ‘Change’ resonated with people because they (seemingly) thought it meant positive, morally-right changes that would benefit the USA/her people, and particularly those CLASSified as ‘minorities’. After his eight years in office we can see what he and his group/party meant by ‘Change’.

    Unlike family members, I chose to not vote for Obama (either time) because he was so, ‘I’m not really a Christian; I’m not really FOR Christian principles’, statements and actions. I’m delighted that Americans matured enough to vote FOR a person that’s visibly of some ethnicity other that White/Caucasian only. Also, I’d vote FOR a female President and/or a non-White President that prayer to the Lord GOD reveals to be the best choice, at that time. I’m not to look for human perfection in anyone, ever. No human will ever be perfect due to the Adam, Eve and Satan scenario. Therefore, former-POTUS Obama is not responsible for ALL of the problems of the USA. America’s citizens are responsible for what we have, or have not, done to make America great/all that she can and should be!

    As for the 2016 Presidential election and it’s equally imperfect choices of candidates, I (an imperfect human) chose to vote for the candidate that was pro-America, pro-Israel and pro-Christian, as opposed to the ‘leading’ candidate that has been anti-America, anti-Israel, and anti-Christian throughout their multi-decades-long political career, as evidenced by their political choices and political platform (link removed). I learned what ‘Muruna’ is, and that the Clintons and their like-minded associates, allies and funders were practicing Muruna to get elected. I did not, and do not, want our White House to become a pro-Jihad/anti-America mosque! I too, chose the imperfect human, Donald Trump for several reasons that I think prayer to the Lord GOD revealed. I will continue to pray for Donald Trump, Barack Obama and all leaders worldwide to have wisdom to make the choices that the Lord GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob desires, and that they and their families, friends and influencers experience and enjoy His/GOD’s great and amazing will/heart’s desire of blessings for their lives.

    To each of the ‘Unsubscribers’ I wish you would continue to ‘tune in’ so that we can share and learn from each other, so as to grow better, understand each other better and so on. If you remove your ‘ear to hear’ and your ‘voice to speak’ by unsubsribing, how can we learn from you here at ‘Susan’s Musings’?

    Thank-you, Susan. I’ve enjoyed reading this post/article and the comments. You’ve got many of us ‘talking’ and learning from you and the ‘Susan’s Musings’ commenters.

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment, Michelle. And educational – I had to look up ‘Muruna.’

  3. Susan, I haven’t commented much lately because of life circumstances. But I have to add my support for your work and your posts. The sifting of the wheat from the chaff is becoming more and more apparent. It has caused me pain as I lost connections to people I valued. It has triggered me to feel tempted to jump into arguments as well. I can’t assume I’m some kind of high quality wheat! I have to become what God wants me to be. I feel shaken up as I get tossed on the blanket with all the rest, wondering, which am I, and which will I become? I aim to be the wheat. Thanks for your enlightening help.

    1. I do hope you are feeling God’s hugs in whatever the ‘life circumstances’ are. And thank you for your supportive words. There certainly are amazing things happening.

  4. Susan, totally not about this article. But there is no way to comment on your TCT shows to my knowledge. Just wanted to say that your opinion is valued along with Mr. Lapin. The perspective you had for marriage and how to make it better from the wife’s perspective the last episode- and I think I speak from many men’s perspective here- was a breath of fresh air. We men often feel like we must have to sit down and refrain from any comment to avoid sounding like a villain. I love my wife deeply- but what I most want is her faith in me and that she thinks I am “something”. Please consider writing a book or teaching to woman on being a Godly wife that accomplishes maintaining her worth as an individual but her incredible duty and power to make her man “unstoppable”. Please tell the Rabbi, thanks for helping me not be a “Ninny”.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, George. It makes a world of difference to us when we hear that we aren’t just putting out words in the air, but they are reaching into people’s hearts.

  5. WOW. An apt and eloquent Musing followed by a wave of vehement UNSUBSCRIBERS, some of whom are less than coherent! Allow me to defend your remarks about our departed President. When a black man had a run-in with the law, before knowing the pertinent facts of the case, wasn’t he quick to utter public remarks like ‘The police acted stupidly’ or ‘If I had a son, he’d be just like Trayvon?’ Yet when non-black law enforcement officers were assassinated or executed by black thugs on city streets in cold blood, he remained strangely silent. So weren’t we fools to conclude that he demonstrated infinitely more care for his Tribe than for Justice in America? Add to this the remarks of Brigitte Gabriel (which I endorse), to the effect that he cared more for the global image of Islam than for keeping Americans safe, whether military or civilian. He could have used his power to unite us, but instead he chose to divide and splinter our nation.

    Famous black scientist George Washington Carver is reputed to have said near the end of his life, that he was impressed with the progress being made to benefit the ‘Negro’ in America (ca. 1900), after the Civil War and the demise of slavery. He prophesied that the chief obstacle and peril to this progress would be the professional race-baiters of color who seek political or lucrative gain by keeping the old grievances alive, by stoking the flames, by keeping the old wounds from healing. Yes, Barack was one of these, and he may have sought justice for his tribe, yet I believe he was merely following the divide-and-conquer imperative in the playbook of his Master Saul Alinsky. Ironically, ultimately it is the Black folks who were most hurt by his economic and divisive policies and many have begun to recognize this. He personally has set our race relations back about 50 years. I am reminded of a political cartoon from the 1970’s concerning Rev. Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition. The cartoonist had the good Rev. painting a rainbow, but not from V-I-B-G-Y-O-R: his colors were black, black, black, black, black, black and black.

    1. James, I hesitated before posting your comment, which was actually a comment on comments to my comment on a comment on the Musing (did you follow that?) I was completely taken aback by some responses I received to my disappointment in the Obama presidency, specifically in helping Americans of all races relate to each other. I am in the middle of writing a Musing on exactly that strong reaction of ‘unsubscribe!’ There is no way of knowing how many people a comment represents, but I assume that each person who writes represents many more. This was the reason for my hesitation. I read a great deal of pain in those responses – so much pain that it produces an emotional reaction. This makes having a conversation impossible. The different ways of viewing the Obama presidency and the incoming Trump one, aren’t able to be bridged if we can’t at least recognize each other’s starting points. Why those starting points are where they are is a worthwhile question, but while I understand what you are saying and know it comes from a good place, I have a feeling that it will come across as an attack to some readers. On the other hand, I think President Trump was elected partially because he demanded that we talk about things we had learned to stay silent about to avoid accusations of hatred in whatever guise (racism, anti-Semitism, gay-bashing etc.) So, I don’t want to be the one to silence you. I will say that I didn’t publish every comment I received, especially ones that didn’t make a point but rather threw accusations. I simply am not able to commit to a continuing back and forth like that.

  6. Blessed Assurance

    I was reminded that it’s my responsibility to pray for those who are in authority and though I didn’t vote for him it’s my duty to pray for him we will never be popular with people and I have never been one to go with the populous but I have decided to pray for trump I have started with the daughters of Zion not that you needed to know that anyway have a nice time being you and not conforming.

    1. We don’t necessarily pray that those in authority succeed in what they want to do, but that they receive God’s wisdom. Sometimes that means carrying on with their plans and sometimes that means doing a complete change around.

  7. It’s been a strange election cycle. I run in a circle where third party candidates (Constitution Party) are often voted for by a few yet a minority of friends, but this year I felt I was in the minority of conscientious voters by voting for a major party candidate. Some of my Christian friends who seek my advice on political matters because I try to stay current on the issues (calling congress, etc.) beyond listening to mainstream media and the popular mommy bloggers, were aghast (similar to what you experienced in that exercise class) that I’d even consider voting for Trump. I understood their feelings yet after much prayer felt led to vote as I did. May God help us all.

  8. Today I am sadden to say that I will be unsubscribing from this correspondent. I am an African American and would be considered to be one of the “privileged” amongst my people, but today disappointed doesn’t begin to express how I feel after reading this.

    I voted for Donald Trump, pass my personal feelings about him for clearly the man has issues concerning people of color. It is easy to lightly bush over these concerns and go on to what is “best” for the country and economy if the hatred isn’t directed towards yourself or a group you belong to. Choosing Trump was based on my faith, despite my personal hurt, outrage and shame at how barbaric and uncouth a person I and most people of color find him to be. But to have the “issues” that affect myself and my people briefly mentioned and then lightly casted to the side and considered OK secondary to the economy and “making America great again”, by people of faith is disappointing and disturbing.

    I take great offense to someone who has no clue of what it is to be black making a statement that Mr. Obama missed opportunity to better race relations! Really? As blacks, we already KNOW that talking about and sharing racism from our position will ALWAYS label us in a negative light, but we have a moral obligation to our children and a debt to our Ancestors to speak out when given opportunity to do so, knowing most will alienate us and attach labels to what they can never understand! By your statement you have proven this to be truth yet again.

    The media did their share of casting a horrible light on Mr Trump but what they could not do is put words in his mouth nor control his actions, yet it is bushed off with statements such as “I wish he would learn to censor his mouth”??? As a man thinks, so is he! When we, the people of faith, have no compassion for nor consider the well being of our fellowman FIRST we are doomed to fall into the same traps we accuse those whom we consider worldly, sinners or whatever our particular terminology be for those who do not have the enlightenment of a higher power.

    It is clear that the Writer of this column and most who responded to it are more concerned about their pocketbooks and well being over what is happening behind the scenes in “Real Town” America. Whatever Barak Obama was or wasn’t, and I didn’t vote for him either term, I was never ashamed to call him my President as I travel this nation and other countries in the world. Just in case any would want to think I’m just an “Angry Black Woman”, a label we get often when we address what is offensive to us, know this, on any given day I can, as they say in the South, “Pass for White”, probably more so than a lot of my Jewish brothers and sisters, but it is my choosing to stand up and speak out when clearly the need arises.

    1. I am truly sorry that you are unsubscribing because you are right that I am not understanding where you are coming from as you are not understanding where I am coming from. I think dialogue is the only way to bridge that gap. I see you are making assumptions about me that are incorrect and I gather that you think that I made assumptions about you that are incorrect. I don’t see how not talking to each other helps us draw closer or work together to improve life in this country for all.

  9. I would agree whole heartedly with Susan’s thoughts on seeking public approval or vis a vie doing what is right in spite of popularity. On the other hand I would question the popularity poll results. None of the polls reflected what actually happened during the 2016 Presidential Election. Why should I accept or believe these polls?

  10. I don’t think his approval ratings are what the MSM reported. The sample was only something like 25% Republicans. Anyway, you have a great a message. I love your show on TCT.

    1. We love taping TCT. I have to think the polls are off as well. A lot hinges on your sample and on the questions asked.

  11. Dear Susan
    Mr Trump has to be better than what the alternative would have been, had he lost.
    If he achieves nothing else it is that he is able to’Drain the Swamp’and restore integrity in the nation.I think this problem concerned decent Americans most.

    1. I am praying that there are real changes in Washington, because unfortunately, it is far from being the place of pubic service that was envisioned. That, of course, is not a result of only eight years, but it has progressed rapidly in the last few decades.

  12. Yes just ignore the things that are inconvenient, like the concerns and fears of the majority of people in a democratic society, wrap a “righteous” bow around it and call it a “principal.” Then watch people walk away from religion.
    And now I unsubscribe.

    1. If you have read my Musings throughout this election cycle, I don’t dismiss the fears at all. I agree with some of them but had many more fears about Mrs. Clinton. I must say that I don’t understand the rush to unsubscribe. I make it a point to follow people with whom I disagree on some issues to try to understand their point of view. I hope you don’t limit yourself only to people who think exactly like you do.

  13. The score at the start of each game is zero to zero, it’s the score at the end of the game that matters!

  14. omg/ the ramblings of someone who maybe big into hashem but has no real clue about real life. Mr. Trump is not the man you think. He is right about the main stream media. He has been painted as some kind of grotesque creature who will destroy the nation. I am so nauseated by how the Jews of the US are so stupid they would have voted in someone who was so corrupt that she laughed when she got rapists off and slept through the Bengazi incident among many other things. The last President followed the Sol Olinsky book on destroying the country but he was some gentleman.

    I haven’t followed you and after these comments I will make a point of not following you. I just happened to fall on your website because of an email that was sent to me. I will send it to junk after I send this to you. I believe you and your husband were connected with Glenn Beck whom I once loved but have lost all interest in. Think alot harder with your thoughts on Donald Trump next time. You are way off base.

    1. My mother used to have a note on her refrigerator that read, “I know you think you heard what I said but what you understood isn’t what I meant.”

  15. Well said Susan! Even Canadians are welcoming the ‘changing of the guard’ in the White House. In fact, some of us are envious of a Leader who wants to make your already existing citizens a priority.
    Darrell & Janice in Vancouver.

  16. Well said – I especially appreciate the perspective that “doing the job well and being unpopular is preferable to doing the job poorly while being personally popular.” That is something we should each aspire to as we set priorities in our realm of responsibility.

    It’s also interesting that if we consider the “role models” that we are introduced to in the Scriptures, we often see specific areas that they excel and other areas where they are woefully deficient. Perhaps we should be looking for “mini role models” that exemplify for us specific smaller pieces of our complex lives. For instance, you and your husband are modern day “role models” to me in your ability and determination to communicate across religious, economic, political and cultural lines. I aspire to communicate forthrightly yet graciously as you demonstrate in your writing and speaking.

    1. We are very clearly shown the flaws of great people in Scripture – they, like us, are human and we learn from flaws as we do from virtues. I appreciate your kind words – there are areas in which we hope to be role models and areas where we look to others, knowing that we are weak in those aspects.

  17. Please, with all due respect…I am really trying to figure out how Noah would be compared to Donald Trump? If being unpopular is the point then, all Presidents should be viewed the same way. Yes, unpopular as well. Noah was righteous in the site of God and cared about all people and wanted to save all people. Why are people willing to accept the sins or unrighteousness of Trump and not Obama? Did the country’s status just didn’t happen the last 8 years? or does it go way back to the foundation of how this country was built. Do people only see what they want to see and accept what they want to accept as true? Both parties believed that Trump and Obama was God sent. How is that explained? Is the country’s debt the only thing people are concerned about? Regardless of who has been placed in office are we praying for our leaders? Why pray for your own party and not the other? Is that what God wants? Is God bias? Will it take all of us to reach a common goal for our country? Should we ignore the good things that “each” President has done?..And some choose not to acknowledge because them because it didn’t come from their party. I agree that loooking for role models in people is risky, we should nurture our children by supplying and providing them with every spiritual, emotional, as well as natural need to bring them to maturity of God. That is all.

    1. The comparison to Noah was a light-hearted one. I do believe that God’s hand was on both the elections of Presidents Obama and Trump. I think President Obama had an opportunity to do great good for this country; I don’t believe that he carried out that promise. We do not yet know what will be with this next presidency. In synagogues, there is a prayer for the leaders of the country and that prayer is said, everywhere I have been, regardless of the administration. It asks for wisdom and goodness for the country’s rulers.

      1. The question is why didn’t Obama carry out that promise? Was it intentional or was it because the legislature or party made sure that he didn’t succeed? Has anyone asked Obama why or do we judge because of who he is and party he represents? Are we assuming the country is in the state that it is in.. is caused by Obama? Will we ever know the real reason? Should we understand that it is not just “one person” that carries out promises for the entire country? Is this country divided by a person or but by all of us and a number of things. George Washington predicted the outcome a long time ago on political parties..” In his farewell address, George Washington warned of the “continual mischiefs of the spirit of party” making it the “interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.” In other words, he cautioned against the dangers of political parties.” Can two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? Why the urge for the country to come together now since another party is in charge? I have seen the hearts of people in both elections. What hurts most is both groups think that they are right and continue to use God as a source to back them up. God allows things to happen because of the choices we make. My position is neither “for or against” either party. Our world is changing and I pray that we don’t miss what God “Reallly” wants from us.

        1. I am racing to finish cooking for Shabbat, so I read your response very quickly, but I don’t think I disagree with what you are saying. I think President Obama had a vision for this country – much of which I disagreed with, so he did carry out some of those promises, but I don’t think it was for the betterment of the country. The failure that hurts me the most is that I believe that he had a unique opportunity to better racial relationships in America and, from what I see, read and hear, people are seeing each other’s color or race more, not less, than when he took office. Amen to your last sentence.

          1. “He had a unique opportunity to better racial relationships in America and, from what I see, read and hear, people are seeing each other’s color or race more, not less, than when he took office”. I disagree Susan. People are not seeing color and race more since Obama became President. “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination is in almost every institution of our lives…that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that is passed on” (President Barack Obama, Frontpage Mag, 07/22/15). Separation according to ethnicity has biblical origin–and is categorized by many commonalities –except melanin content. ‘Not seeing color’ is a statement often used by non-minority groups to diffuse racial differences. I see grass as green and the sky as blue but I don’t see my neighbor as a man with brown skin? It would better said “I see my neighbor as human, as I see myself”. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Its primary purpose was to abolish Jim Crow practices. As far as expecting Obama to assume an active role in healing racial relationships — why? Because He is an African-American President? What about past and current Presidents and government officials in office? Jim Crow practices still exist. Are we to “cede all possible power to Obama to transform the nation in the hopes that he can rid us of an original sin” (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag, 07/22/15). The government can enact and enforce laws, however, racism is sin. Only God can abolish that –in the hearts of the people and in the heart of a nation. “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8.

          2. Robin, I appreciate your cogent comments. I agree that each of us needs to work on ourselves to see other human beings as God’s children. No argument there. As to your statement, “As far as expecting Obama to assume an active role in healing racial relationships — why? Because He is an African-American President?” my answer is ‘Yes.’ Just as President Arthur was able to push against the patronage system because he was a product of that system and President Nixon was able to open up relationships with China because he was known to be anti-Communist and just as President Clinton was able to enact welfare reform because he was a Democrat, President Obama had a unique opportunity. He could have broken the yoke of the teacher’s union on the Democrat Party and enabled poor students to get a better and safer elementary and high school education. He could have chosen to not jump to conclusions before all or even many facts were known instead of pouring gasoline on flames by responding immediately and with bias when black teenagers were shot. The result was rioting that destroyed areas and businesses where minorities live. How did that help? His reactions were not based on the reality, that does exist, of law-abiding Black citizens being unfairly treated, but on the assumption that bias is always present. President Trump has a unique opportunity to talk to big business because that’s where he is from to ask them to reform themselves and become a greater force for good. Each President can talk to his own base in a way that moves the country forward or he can pander to them.

    2. Well said, most people have no idea when God is involved; they live in their towers and huddle with like mind people in their preconceived ideas and many have never attended a briefing on the country’s security; they listen and receive only what they want to believe and train themselves to believe their preconceived ideas. God is the only person who can save us “You can’t always get what you want; you get what you need”.

  18. “Maybe all those people who are gleefully touting the new president’s low approval ratings need to be reminded that doing the job well and being unpopular is preferable to doing the job poorly while being personally popular.”

    So well said.

    President Obama has had consistently high approval ratings — his ratings were high through the 2010 midterm election (where he lost the House of Representatives to the Republicans) as well as through the 2014 midterm election election (where he lost the Senate to the Republicans). His ratings even remain high as he prepares to witness the completion of the trifecta with the Rebublicans on the eve of assuming control of two (and soon to be three) entire branches of power in the U.S.

    True leadership does not seek the approval of the electorate. As a voice of the opposition, Winston Churchill excoriated his Prime Minister (Neville Chamberlain) for appeasing the tyrant on the continent. Soon the people’s eye’s were opened and they called for Churchill’s leadership. He with the help of God above saved Western civilization. Then, within a few months of Germany’s unconditional surrender in May 1945, the British people tossed him out on his ear in favor of another Labor Prime Minister. Like you said, doing the job well and being unpopular is preferable to doing the job poorly while being personally popular.

  19. The reason why people do not like Mr Trump, it because Like Noah, it’s darkness against the light. I like the fact Mr Trump is unaffected by who likes him or not, he has a job to do and he is laser focus with what he will do. People did not like Noah because he spoke the truth, and truth offends.
    Jesus spoke the truth and he offended a lot of people. Some left him too, so Mr Trump is in good company. When God calls he equips, he got the House, The Senate and on his way for the Supreme Court Justice. But we must continue to pray for God’s wisdom. Most of all for him to be Born Again. Then we will see pandemonium. Thank you

    1. Well, we have God’s word that Noah was righteous. We will have to pray that Mr. Trump behaves in a righteous way in the White House.

  20. Dear Susan, These polling agencies were the ones that made a poll last elections and were proven biased and unfounded. Plus their lies and deceits are being exposed regularly nowadays. Like they did a “poll” in Michigan where I live last election. They claimed that Trump was “zero” approval rating here. At the end Trump even won the election where multitude of democrats live. I was so enraged about their lies. I wonder who are these people they’re questioning.
    The Heavenly Father heard the repentance and plea for forgiveness of Christians all across our country in front of our Capitols in every State. The Heavenly Father has shown us His grace and mercy. My gratitude for you and Rabbi Daniel for your wisdom and guidance during our perilous times in our country. I believe He has a raised number of our Jewish Brethren at this point in time for His divine purpose just like he promised through the prophets. Let us continue and pray for our Nation and our New President Trump (and off course our beloved Israel) for His protection and guidance. We need to be gate keepers to fight against the tide of evil in our times. A lot of people are anxious about our economy as if we are at the edge of the cliff, I believe in the Heavenly Father’s promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that says:
    2 Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)
    14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
    The G_d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob does not talk about the evil people but His people to repent.

    Numbers 23:19King James Version (KJV)
    19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?
    Philippians 1:6
    Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:
    I pray that the Heavenly father will open our spiritual eyes, ears and understanding to His Truth and will.
    G_d bless and empower you and your ministry.

    1. I do believe that our country has been given an opportunity for repentance. It’s up to each and every one of us to take that opportunity. President Trump is a piece of the puzzle but not a replacement our work.

  21. God uses imperfect – BUT – willing persons.

    Acknowledging that Jehovah is God – is a step in the right direction

    1. History does reveal presidents from whom much was expected and little was delivered and those from whom little was expected and much was delivered.

  22. I agree wholeheartedly with you. However, when I voted; I voted, the Bible and Israel. (Who supported Israel is who I was supporting). Trust me, I already knew who didn’t support Israel or the people. There is no way you can claim the Bible an call yourself a christian; and know and believe whose land that belongs to. It’s God’s land and His footstool, God’s chosen people (and Lord knows; I am glad I am grafted in). And as far as the approval ratings go. Many of the polls had, now, President elect Trump, losing in the double digits. In the end, those polls were proven wrong. I didn’t believe those polls and do not believe the most recent ones. God is in charge; and I claim that. I thank Him for giving this country another chance to be one nation under the true God; and to be a true friend to Israel and the Jewish people. I look forward to Him scattering our enemies seven different ways. I look up because, our Redemption draweth nigh; and many of the Jewish people have begun to say: Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord. Who is on the Lord’s side? Many and I am proud to be one of them. Thank you for the opportunity to present my feelings; and thank you for your musings, Susan. May God continue to bless us all.

    1. Jo Ann, I think many people here will disagree with me, but I don’t vote based primarily on the State of Israel’s interests. I think that when both America and Israel are doing the right thing, their interests align. Only if at least one of them is going down the wrong path, do they diverge. In this election, it seemed to me that what was good for America was good for Israel.

        1. If that happened, one of the countries would be behaving in a completely un-Godly way. I have a huge allegiance to the land of Israel. That doesn’t mean allegiance to a government gone wrong. (Read the books of Kings to see examples of such). I love the United States of America. If it became a country with an entirely different allegiance, it wouldn’t be the country I love. I pray that neither country goes so off the rails, but I certainly can’t predict if, when or how that could happen. It would be such a major betrayal of core principles that I think the decision would be clear at that point.

  23. When they looked at the true numbers in those polls it showed that there were approximately 23% or 24% republicans polled. Again, the media is lying.

    1. I haven’t checked into the polls, but it’s always worth doing. What questions were asked? Who was asked?

  24. Very well said (as usual).

    Also: Be sure to tell the woman in exercise class that beri-beri (thiamin deficiency) is not a contagious disease!

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Hello Adam–
      I’m sure that once Susan has finished Shabbat prep for a load of visitors, she’ll want to say ‘hi’ also but meanwhile, great to hear from you. Talk soon, I hope,

  25. Praying for our nation and its leaders. Being a “leader” doesn’t necessarily mean you have that position because you were voted into it. A real leader will do what is right, even if it is unpopular. I’m hoping that President Trump will look at our national debt and realize that operating day to day with deficits, is not using wisdom. Until that is addressed, I don’t believe our country will set the ship right.
    So much to overcome and so few willing to do the hard and unpopular work. I do believe our God is bigger than them all. Thanks Susan. You are appreciated for your thoughtful writings and simple wisdom. I value what you do.

    1. Lynn, I was just listening to a podcast about Gerald Ford and Bob Woodward spoke about how he completely disagreed with President Ford’s pardon of Nixon at the time, but he now sees it as a courageous and correct thing that was necessary for our country’s health. That pardon probably cost Mr. Ford the next election, but it might establish him as a great president.

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