More Police Officers Killed

Two more police officers were targeted and killed on Saturday in California. Meanwhile, for taking on the job of protecting the public you get reviled by President Obama and the media who assume you are guilty even after being proven innocent. If the bad apples in politics were removed, we’d have an almost empty Senate. If the bad apples in the police force were removed, we’d still have a robust force.

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  1. Ok agreed. This is a position I have taken on the issue as well in the past it seems legitamate. The leaders, if they do not lead they are not leaders. In English we say, “Your fired” if the so-called common law claims they do not have an obligation to protect and serve we must “FIRE” the “Commoners” the Lord God is Uncommon these commoners shall be removed from our government swiftly and they will see how the “Natural Law” works. If they have a problem with it they should take the matter to the maker of the Universe and take it up with him. Protection works as an invisable force you cannot fight a moving force that you cannot even see. Thats why I ask Hashem to cut the fat directly out of our government. We can fill jail cells with real criminals this way, and we can all make our quotas and “live in peace”. This will help our officers the most…Baruch Hashem. Our officers need real guidence not some circus-clowns. God forbid that HRC doesnt get her well deserved vacation with Mr. Bill golfing in Florida. Then the clean up task would be 10 times harder. The time is now we cannot risk our freedom our liberty. Thanks Mrs. Lapin we have to bring the fire down to them ma’am. God Bless you!

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