Modern Games

When you were younger, did you ever do those pages in Highlights magazine that featured “Spot the difference”? You were presented with two strikingly similar drawings and had to look for subtle changes between the two. Perhaps the flower in one drawing had four petals while the one in the other drawing had five.

Every once in a while I play a variation on that game. I pull up both CNN and Fox news on my computer and try to, “Spot the similarities.” It is striking how frequently I need to search before finding any story that both outlets are covering, let alone reporting the same facts.

Maybe it’s time to drop both CNN and FOX and go back to Highlights. It certainly would be more uplifting.

3 thoughts on “Modern Games”

  1. That’s an excellent idea. We got rid of cable TV entirely, but when I go to my mother’s house we have been watching One America News (OAN). I does seem like we have to “search” for the truth.

    1. Sometimes, just comparing headlines about the same news item shows you how instead of reporting news the outlets are aiming to tell readers what they should think about the news.

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