Mitt Romney Supremely Unqualified for Public Office

One vital characteristic for leadership is knowing how the world REALLY works. By this sure standard, Mitt Romney is supremely unqualified for public office. He labeled the pastor of First Baptist in Dallas, Robert Jeffress a bigot for professing normative Christian doctrine. How shocking! A Christian leader believes in Christianity. Every morning I awaken grateful to be living among millions of devout Christians, many of whom aren’t sure whether I am destined for heaven or hell but who do absolutely nothing to hasten my arrival at either destination. America has been a place where we have traditionally accorded others the freedom of belief along with the freedom to speak what they believe. Now, Mitt Romney and the New York Times wish to abrogate those freedoms for Christians but grant them only to Moslems and atheists. Every group that stands for anything defines itself exclusively. That is how the world REALLY works.

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Supremely Unqualified for Public Office”

  1. Thank you, so much, for guiding us toward voting wisely! Your spiritual knowledge and insight is such a blessing to our family. My husband and I thank G-d for you and Mrs. Lapin.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you for writing Kaye–
      Romney might be one of the more decent national candidates we’ve seen for a while but in terms of wisdom–sublimely clueless. In my view.
      We appreciate knowing that we are being helpful

  2. Dave Danielson

    Dear Rabbi and friend,

    I could call myself a Jew. Would that make me a Jew?

    Because one calls himself a Christian, does that make him one?

    A Christian, as the name states, is a follower or disciple of Jesus. As a rabbi, you would understand both being a disciple and having disciples.

    If this pastor is following Jesus’ teachings and doings, he is a Christian. If he is obeying and living Jesus’ teachings and doings, he is a Christian. Same for Mitt Romney.

    A lot of heathens, goy (?) in your world (?) or pseudo-Christians (partial (?) or pretend Christians) have their own individual ideas and versions of Christianity. Just as I’m sure there are people with their own ideas of what Judaism is and should be.

    Those misconceptions no more change Judaism than they do Christianity, but the uninformed and ignorant don’t know any different.

    Doesn’t the Torah teach us that we are not to embarrass our brothers? That slander and such is akin to murder?

    I don’t know Mitt Romney. I don’t know the pastor. So I don’t know how either of their lives line up with the Word of God.

    If, as you state, whatever the pastor has said or done lines up with the Word of God, then Mitt Romney is wrong.

    This is where relativism has brought many people, each and every one, Mitt Romney included, think they can interpret God’s Word however they want.

    If I want to identify as a woman, I am (hmmm…….Who is the only true I Am?). If I want to identify as a Christian, I am. And who are you to say differently?

    This is one of the reasons I appreciate Ancient Jewish Wisdom!

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Dave–
      You might have misunderstood me. Specifically, this sentence you wrote: “If, as you state, whatever the pastor has said or done lines up with the Word of God, then Mitt Romney is wrong.”
      I was absolutely not measuring whether Romney or Jeffress line up with God. Romney was just plain wrong, not because hie words do or do not “line up with the Word of God”. Romney is wrong because America allows everyone to have his or her own beliefs. As a society we regulate the actions of our citizens but not their beliefs. Thus regardless of whether Romney is a saint or a sinner, which I would know nothing about, he is a foolish man. Thus, unqualified for the high office he once ran for.

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