Memorial Day

Our daughter shared the following quote from a book she is reading that is written by a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor, who served on the USS Arizona.

“We were ordinary men. What was extraordinary was the country we loved. We loved who she was, what she stood for. We loved her for what she meant to us, even in those meager times. We all did – more than the states we left behind, our homes, the careers we gave up. As too many would prove, we loved her more than our very lives.”

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day”

  1. I loved that you shared this. I have always looked up to our men & woman who have served our great country. It is true it would be much more effective if we would emulate Israel. Everyone serving that can. I lost my husband very early, to a jet he few. He dearly loved the military.

  2. Beautiful quote. How different those young men were compared to the youth of today. How sad that too many young people have no idea that they live in a country like no other. God please bless this country once again.

  3. These men and women had a warrior’s heart and lived by the code of honor. Unfortunately, today there are far fewer who live under this code. Many of today’s population reach for instant gratification with little thought for others. We need to look to God for a love beyond ourselves.

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