May Seem Simple But Riding An Elevator Up a Skyscraper Is No Circus

Well, Barnum and Bailey Circus is shutting down. Everything has its day. Opera and theater used to be for everyone. Now they are kept alive by elite life support. But the end of the circus is a little sad for anyone who remembers the sheer magic of being taken to the big top as a child. But even though his circus is sliding into history, Phineas Taylor Barnum will never be forgotten because about 20 years before founding his eponymous circus he promoted Elisha Otis’ elevator at the 1853 New York World’s Fair. Up till then nobody was interested in the frightening contraption. P T Barnum helped prove it safe and within only a few years buildings were being built four times higher than the 3 or 4 stories considered practicable up till then. It may be Otis’ name on the elevator you rode in yesterday but it was P T Barnum that made it possible for you to ride in it. Aren’t humans great? And isn’t He who created us, great?

4 thoughts on “May Seem Simple But Riding An Elevator Up a Skyscraper Is No Circus”

  1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Dear George–
    Brilliant! Nobody else has ever made your point about my book Thou Shall Prosper-The Ten Commandments of Making Money needing to be called The Two Tablets of Making Money! You’re so right.
    Your question on pre-flood civilization is interesting. I’ll try look into it.
    Thanks for your loyal listenership to the podcast and I hope you occasionally also catch Ancient Jewish Wisdom here:
    your friend,

  2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Hello George
    I know there is a popular trend promoting the idea that calculus came from Africa, advanced computers came from the Aztecs, and perhaps sophisticated engineering from the Egyptians. None of this is true. Africa never came up with the wheel let alone calculus; The Aztecs were cannibalistic savages incapable of coming up with even rudimentary hygiene and the Egyptians built pyramids by working tens of thousands of slaves to death. I am sorry because in this multicultural age I would be more popular advocating these comfortable myths rather than telling the truth. But even though the secular liberal western civilization hating elite idea generators of a decadent culture, believe nothing good came from the West, they are just plain wrong. No, Egyptians did not invent elevators first. That happened in the good ole’ US of A. Sorry.
    Thanks for reading it and for writing George. Do you ever get to hear the podcast, George?
    I hope so.

    1. Fascinating response! Never heard it put that way regarding Egypt- especially since I was told and honestly thought they had mechanical feats such as hydraulics. Aztecs…of course not. No, I support that western culture is exceptional- especially with the harnessing of power to drive ingenuity. Still curious about how advanced pre-flood civilization was however. No comment on that?
      As a matter of fact, I listen to your podcast all of the time. Look forward to it on Mondays at work. And I am glad you have new material on your TCT show. I am getting a mindset change from your material especially regarding money and making it. Although not sure why your book “Thou shalt prosper” does not have as the subheading, “the two tablets” instead of 10 commandments.. 🙂
      Take care my friend.

  3. Makes me think as civilization cycles, if the Egyptians had them first (elevators) and the know how was buried? Possibly the pre-flood civilizations. Makes you dizzy thinking about the possibilities. Thanks for your interesting and valuable commentary.

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