Lots of Change, Maybe a Glimmer of Hope

After what sometimes seemed like an endless campaign season, the final stretch is in view. The debates, terrorism, Trumpian unpredictability and more Clinton scandals might make these last few weeks even more volatile than usual, but Election Day is approaching. It is time to remember Abraham Lincoln’s words, “With malice toward none.”

I assiduously read comments to my Musings. I regularly read comments to a variety of blogs that I follow. Recently, an article in the Wall Street Journal on the non-controversial topic of postal shipping rates stimulated a slew of comments that were both pertinent and helpful. In contrast, I rarely read comments on sites such as Fox or CNN. Unlike the previous examples, those comments often seem to be dominated by hate-filled, bitter individuals, both on the left and the right. If your window to American culture came through that lens, you would be forgiven for thinking us an unintelligent, vulgar society.

Personally, I am of the opinion that our nation is in serious trouble. I thought that the election of 2012 was a moment of crisis and am not convinced that historians looking back one hundred years from now will not say that the results pushed us off a steep cliff. At the same time, I had little confidence that a Romney victory would be anything more than a brief pause  on a dangerous path. Nevertheless, by getting another four years, Barack Obama, who promised hope and change in 2008, delivered even more change that left many Americans on all sides of the political divide feeling hopeless.

Most of my friends, not surprisingly, affiliate as conservatives. Among those, this year, are some who passionately loathe Trump and even some who are supporting Hillary. Some of these people are public figures and, while I disagree vehemently with their choice this election, I have been severely pained reading the comments on their articles and Facebook pages. While I appreciate the reasonable and cogent words of some who comment, both in support of and opposition to the expressed views,  the vitriol and hatred of others appalls me. I realize that there is no gatekeeper, allowing everyone to have their say, but nonetheless it is disheartening to read. (This is clearly not a conservative issue; similar vulgarity and animus is directed toward any liberal who supports Trump.)

One of the many reasons I am voting for Trump over Clinton, is because she openly states a desire to continue the repression of free speech that has been occurring in this country. Yet, claiming that the only motivation one can have for disagreeing on issues, no matter how important, is because someone is a  turncoat and traitor, makes a mockery of free speech as well. I sometimes wonder where I would have stood at other pivotal points in history. Would I have been a Whig or a Tory in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War? Would I have seen John Brown as hero or rogue in 1859? Would I have supported or opposed FDR’s expansion of government programs? I honestly do not know.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, I fear that those who are either voting for her or not voting against her will have trouble facing themselves in the mirror. If Donald Trump is elected, I fear that those of us voting for him or not voting against him may face the same fate. The choice is horrendous and none of us knows the future. Barring cataclysmic events, I have made my decision based on what I see as certain calamity vs. potential disaster. I even have a ray of hope that, in a way that Romney, Jeb Bush and the like would be  unlikely to deliver hopeful change, the out-of-the box Trump might, by the grace of God, do so.

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21 thoughts on “Lots of Change, Maybe a Glimmer of Hope”

  1. How were the debates I envisioned it being a landslide victory. Too busy reading this neat book “thou shall prosper”
    Since I don’t own a tv books are really nice. Books and Ar-15’s 😉 Its very refreshing not hearing about all the usual nonsence.
    I have been randomly questioning gun shop owners on the current laws around the country and we are in a sad state of afairs to say the least. We should remember wheee we came from 200 some odd years ago. Alot of people spilled a lot of blood 200 years later we have “obama care”. Yay send him packing to Saudi Arabia for a nice one way vacation. He should fit in perfectly there. This is about the nicest thing I can say about that. Anyway its all fun and games until actual election is over and the anti-conservatives start doing thier wierd things. You know what I’m talking about? It seems you do. Im praying for you and your husband since you are in the spotlight this is the best way I can effect change instead of hoping for it. For instance the book “clash of destiny” should have been read by our goverment officials years ago. I gave my copy to my niebor, the not so conservative one’s currently being indoctrinated at this gic school. Anyway when Trump takes the presidency we then somehow have to correct our money issue. Yet we have the solution. What is the one thing on our money that you can’t seem to find on any other money on earth. (Not sure about the shekels yet) that one phrase “In God we Trust” is what actually gives our money value. Just because many behave badly fiscally speaking does not mean he will not save the honest ones. After all we celebrate HIM instead of some false idols or some black mecca box, Have a good day, may the lord keep you and scatter your enemies.

  2. Thinking of the scene from ‘Young Frankenstein’ where Gene Wilder says to Marty Feldman, “Damn your eyes!” and also of what the significance might be in that the ‘miraculous’ cure for the historical plague in London happened to be fire consuming the entire city, a Holy Fire would be a fit remedy that would keep foundations intact.

  3. You are right on target about our imperiled free speech. As I said once before in response to the Musings, at the tender age of eleven my sainted mother, once a secretary to a US Congressman, had me read and digest J. Edgar Hoover’s Masters of Deceit, wherein he describes the Communist Faithful as capable of such fanatical devotion to their ‘religion’ that they will tell any lie, perpetrate any falsehood, destroy any opponent or commit any outrage to further their Sacred Cause. Funny, this description sounds exactly like what the New American Left, including the Democratic Progressive Socialist Party, has become. And the propagandist mainstream media slavishly serve their goals like Soviet Pravda, it would seem. There are abundant signs that the New American Left would instigate Progressive Thought Control: re-educate, brainwash or prosecute opponents: doubters of global warming, a.k.a. ‘climate change,’ scoffers of gay marriage, or any other adherents to traditional American values. Free-thinking deviants must be retrained in the Party Line, marginalized, neutralized or eliminated.

    As for the 2016 election, I am sorely tempted to purloin The Bard: “A plague on both your political Parties!” (And now, as regards my Gedankenexperiment of last week, I am suddenly seeing shadowy intimation in the ‘underground’ political press that the real McCoy Hillary never emerged from Chelsea’s apartment, is indeed dead and replaced by up to two body doubles and CGI…tee hee hee!)

    1. The temptation to say “A plague on both your houses” falls apart when we realize that it is our house at stake.

  4. It’s a sad day when a Godzilla movie reminds me of our current electoral situation, but there was a line from the original movie that I believe is on point. The hero of the movie is a scientist who has invented a device that removes oxygen from the environment. His fear is that some rogue nation will steal the technology and create a weapon of mass destruction. However, he has been tapped to use this device to defeat Godzilla, who is currently destroying the entire nation of Japan. The movie’s protagonist states, “You have to make a choice between what MIGHT happen and what IS happening. Your fears MAY come about, but Godzilla is real.” All of the evils attributed to a Trump presidency MIGHT also materialize, but Hillary’s continuation of our current course of self-immolation is a reality.

  5. I have heard this comment before about G_d being involved so we don’t really have to worry. He is so passionate about working with us and allowing free will that He allowed a human king to replace Him knowing human nature better than all the …ists combined. We must choose and we have but 2 choices. I agree Susan He will allow us to live with our choices.

    1. He promises us that we have free will. We must believe Him. History certainly shows (and current events worldwide are no exception) that He lets us go through pretty miserable times when we opt for the wrong path.

  6. The battle is for the souls of wo/men. The book of Daniel the prophet shows the type of things that go on in the invisible realm until they manifest themselves in the physical/political arena. Demonic principalities and powers warring against each other for the control of nations. Only Daniel’s prayers changed the course of events. We need that type of intercession now. However, somehow I have great peace and am not anxious because I know Heaven rules (per Daniel) and the Lord is sovereign. As far as Intercession goes, I read a book once by first hand account that the tide in WWII was turned around because of a group of people interceded in a Daniel like manner and had the Lord’s release that their prayers were heard and answered. May the Lord have mercy on us. God bless you so much for such wonderful service you and your husband provide to the world. I always say Rabbi Lapin should be appointed The Secretary of Education of United States of America.

  7. Though dismayed by the choice, I agree with you and appreciate how you clarify that one is certain disaster and the other potentially so. It is difficult because my husband of 49 years feels similarly about both candidates, only reversed. He sees so many similarities between Trump and Hitler and thus goes with a third party, which in my view is a vote for Mrs. Clinton. We are studying the book of Esther, which shows G_d hidden but active behind the scenes affecting the outcome for a people and nation. That gives hope as He is no less active today.

    1. God is certainly active. I’m afraid He often lets us live with our mistakes. These go back way before this election cycle.

  8. Your thoughtful column was very helpful, Diane. Thanks for coalescing my thoughts and those of many I’m certain…so well! I’m praying for Mr. Trump Monday night to think on his feet and use his ability to connect as only he can with America. I pray that he will objectively compare and contrast his administration with that of Mrs. Clinton’s and that there are enough discerning undecided voters to move his needle into positive territory. God bless.

  9. Does not the book of Daniel assert that God is Sovereign over the nations & that he sets over them ” the lowliest of men”? To which many , even unbelievers would exame current office-holders( i did NOT say ” Leaders”) and would emit a hearty ” Amen”!

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