Letter from Jerusalem

Dear Friend of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians—

As Susan and I hear the jets roaring over Jerusalem on their way to Gaza, a flaming arrow of incandescent clarity penetrates our souls. It is absolutely clear to us that we are witnessing the latest in a long line of bloody battles in the world, between barbarism and the civilization that is the reflection of the Bible.

Though we could go further back to many similar examples, the 20th century provides us with Hitler and the Nazis who were determined to wipe out all vestiges of the Bible by exterminating those who venerate it. They started with the Jews, but they had no intention of ending with the Jews.

Alan Bullock, one of Hitler’s most authoritative biographers, explains: “In Hitler’s eyes Christianity was a religion fit only for slaves.” He vowed to “root out and destroy the influence of the Christian Churches,” describing them as “the evil that is gnawing our vitals.”

World War 2 was a battle between the hideous bestiality of the barbaric Nazis and the God-centric civilization that was England and America. If someone showed you pictures of soldiers bayonetting babies and asked you whether they were American soldiers or Nazi soldiers, you’d intuitively know the answer.

If someone showed you pictures of the masked men decapitating babies on the afternoon of October 7th, 2023, and asked you whether they were Moslem terrorists or Israeli soldiers, you’d intuitively know the answer.

This is the same titanic struggle between barbarism and Judeo-Christian civilization as was waged in the Battle of LePanto in the waters of the Mediterranean between the Moslem fleet of the Ottoman Empire and the Christian fleet of the Holy League. It was on October 7th, 1571, that the Christian fleet won. This victory was partially due to the 278 Ottoman vessels being powered by thousands of Christian slaves who rebelled during the height of the battle.

Yes, the murderous Hamas attack on Israel was launched on the same date on which Islamic forces were dealt a humiliating naval defeat 452 years earlier. When barbarians cut the throats of airline stewardesses over the skies of New York on September 11th, 2001, they did so remembering the humiliating defeat inflicted upon Moslem troops outside the gates of Vienna on September 11th, 1683.

People who play historic roles in titanic battles have long memories. Only secularism contracts the window of time to only the present. Secularists destroy the monuments of the past and they destroy the fetuses of the future; until only today matters. Moslems have long memories. We Jews and Christians need to feel the past, the revelation at Mt. Sinai with its message of God’s codes of life, just as vividly. Deuteronomy 29:9 must speak to all of us: “You stand this day before God…”

If there was ever a time when Jews and Christians must stand shoulder-to-shoulder to loudly proclaim our commitment to Judeo-Christian values that time is now. It is surely time for us all to stand together for the eternal values enshrined in God’s message to mankind, the Bible. Those values constitute the foundation stones of the civilization that we all cherish. We must recognize just how fragile it really is.

Barbarians desire the good life of western civilization but wish to annihilate the mother that gave it birth. Will the West recover the spiritual fountain of its own original success and successfully spread Biblical faith allowing civilization to flourish again? Or will barbarism triumph? And as civilization dies away, will its ruins be occupied by barbarians enjoying the remaining rubble as still far superior to anything they could have built themselves?

We, friends of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians believe that we can win but we must keep our voices loud and clear. Now, more than ever, we request your help to do just that.

Thank you for all the support you have always provided. We ask you once again to look into your heart and encourage and support our efforts.

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin
AAJC President

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