Let’s Hate Everyone

One of the basic tenets of raising children (or dealing with adults) is to notice and reward good behavior more than catching and punishing bad behavior. Smiles and frowns are both contagious, but spreading one leads to a happier world while the other makes everything seem worse.

We seem to have a frenzied flap over something or other on a regular basis now – even leaving aside politics. The latest one I caught was over United Airlines enforcing the dress rules that they have for “pass travelers,” who are flying for free as relatives of United employees.

Twitter, the blogosphere, Facebook, Snapchat all reward busybodies and hotheads. These forums can obviously be used for good purposes and have been, but they encourage us to think that we have to step in and add our voice to everything we see or hear about. Inevitably, jumping to conclusions and lack of judgment become the order of the day. As well, those whose lives are emptier have more time (and need?) to be heard, often in strident and vulgar tones.

I recognize the irony that by posting here I am sharing my views on this on the blogosphere, Twitter and Facebook. I hope that doesn’t make me a busybody and hothead – does it?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Hate Everyone”

  1. We’re no longer a melting pot, we’re all defined by political ideologies. In an instant, our families and neighbors are brothers or enemies based on the R or the D. United we stand, divided we fall. We’ve fallen into a vicious cycle where we attack instead of try to understand. We let our differences divide us.

    1. I agree, Brian and I think instant and universal communication is making things worse. Is there a way out of this mess?

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