Justice Kavanaugh

I will extol thee, O Lord for You have raised me up and have not suffered my enemies to rejoice over me.  Psalms: 30.

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  1. God-forsaken country – free abortion (free after all. why not) and marriage is nothing more than preferred sex-style cohabitation.

    1. I prefer to believe that God lovingly waits for us to repent and change rather than immediately forsake us, Ounbbi.

  2. I’ve prayed God will raise up leaders to abolish abortion and deliver this country out of debt. My hope is that our new Supreme Court Justice will accomplish the first.

  3. 1 Samuel 24:12
    12 May the Lord judge between me and you; and may the Lord avenge me on you; but my hand shall not be against you.

    I’ve come to believe that when one cries out for justice, the Lord will say, “Fine. Let’s start with cleaning out your house first.” I’ve come to believe that God is seriously cleaning out America, exposing America’s dirt to no end whether it be through the media or the government.

  4. I love Psalms. This one, if I understand it, is for us to understand others. When things go our way and others feel a sense of defeat we don’t gloat or hold anything over them. Kindness, caring and concern is what we show every one, regardless of the situation.
    Now, I didn’t read this in context, just as you have written it. Your thoughts on my post? Thank you!

  5. The Kavanaugh Kangaroo Court comes off as a media distraction where both parties Democrats and Republicans are masquerading from their true identities as Champagne Socialist. There was no public discussion of the facts that Kavanaugh was the man behind the Patriot Act under Bush and does not support the 3rd and 4th Constitutional amendments. That would be sufficient I think to exclude him from consideration for the US Supreme Court. And Feinstein is married to Blum who has made a deal with the USPS and CBRE to sell off post offices Funded by Taxpayers across the country in a deal that will make the couple billions. Neither of these very important points were highlighted only Beer is what the media and these agents of the Swamp are put forth and with more so much more drama than should be called for, unless it’s all just mind control psyop propaganda which it is after all.

  6. I, too, rejoice for Justice Kavanaugh! Though, I do fear that his fight has just begun. I pray I am wrong!

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