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Most of the time in formal Jewish life, men and women are referred to as, “So and so, the son/daughter of (insert father’s first name). So, on a marriage contract or when a man is called up to the Torah that is the nomenclature that is used. The exception is when we are beseeching God to restore good health to someone who is ill. Then we say “So and so, the son/daughter of (insert mother’s first name). 

In Hebrew, the word for mercy shares a root with the word for womb. When we want to invoke the deepest mercy, we make a connection to a person’s mother, “reminding” God of the love that allowed a mother to share her very body with her child. 

Our very dear friend, Pastor Tiz Huch of New Beginnings Church in Dallas is undergoing serious surgery this coming Wednesday. We ask you to join us in praying to God to provide a complete healing for Tiz, daughter of Gwendolyn.


6 thoughts on “Join Us in Prayer”

  1. Pastor Tiz, you are so loved, and we are all praying for complete healing just as Pastor Larry asked us to. I pray for EVERY person at the hospital, from the top rung down, and the bottom rung up. I proclaim that when surgeons are reviewing this miraculous surgery as a case study, they will use it to show how everything went perfectly, and yet be stunned by God’s amazing work.

  2. In the merit of all their tzedakah, good works, compassion, and love for others, we stand in agreement that Tiz Huch, daughter of Gwendolyn, will have complete healing and restoration!

  3. Praying today and everyday for complete healing we love you Pastor Tiz ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Pastor Ed Rebman

    Pastor Tiz is a CHAMPION OF FAITH…we stand with her in prayer believing for her complete restoration. A long and full life!! Pastors Ed and Cheryl

  5. Debbie Rasmussen

    Thank you Rabbi Lapin, we stand with our Pastor Tiz daughter of Gwendolyn knowing that Hashem is in control and has got this. He will bless her with a quick recovery and an excellent report.

  6. Pastor Tiz is my Spiritual Mother…so very thankful for her and all our friends coming to her aid in prayers, thanksgiving and giving to help others. Shalom

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