Is smoking cigarettes a sin?

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Many years ago, you could go to church and might notice the large numbers of cigarette butts in the parking lots. Today, in most Christian circles, smoking and use of tobacco is said to be sin. 

I have searched the Bible for an answer and clarification to the question about tobacco use. Is there anything in the Old Testament to clarify the question, “Is tobacco use sin or is it just an unhealthy habit?”

 Thank you for your ever thoughtful answers and insight you share weekly. And may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you.

∼ Linda O.


Dear Linda,

Your observation about church parking lots is apt and your question is a good one for all Bible-believing religious people to ask; we know it is much discussed in Orthodox Jewish circles.   We’d like to start our answer by asking, “What is a sin?”

Because there are many Hebrew words for the act of disobeying God, there are many instances in the Bible of wrongdoing all using different words.  However, English doesn’t have too many words other than the word sin.  So many so-called ‘sins’ in the Tanach have different Hebrew words signifying different types of wrongdoing.  There are Hebrew words meant to distinguish between sins that are deliberate rebellions against God and sins that are accidental. There are other words for the entire range in between (It was an accident but if I had cared a little more and paid more attention, I wouldn’t have done that…I was upset but I wasn’t conscious of wanting to disobey God…).So we see there are many nuances for God, just as between human parents and children.  Not all bad behaviors are equivalent.

Smoking seems on the lesser end of the spectrum of sin.  After all, there is no Biblical commandment, “Do not smoke”.  It might well be more of a lapse in observing the requirement in Deuteronomy 4:15 to guard our lives. Certainly, we accept the permanent principle that our bodies are on loan from God and we need to take good care of them.

The difficulty is that we can each find areas in which we individually fail such as eating too much sugar, biking without a helmet, not exercising, not sleeping enough, getting upset, etc., etc.

There is even a legitimate concern that if we obsessively worry about our physical health it will come at the price of our spiritual health. The gym rat is not an ideal any more than the couch potato. Incidentally, Nazi Germany had a very vigorous anti-smoking campaign based on the idea that the government owned everyone and had a right to demand that its Aryan bodies stay healthy.

As you see, the issue isn’t black and white. For some people, smoking may even help alleviate other vices such as anger problems or uncontrolled eating.  If smoking was unequivocally condemned by the Bible, there is a good chance that our increasingly secularized society would not oppose it so strongly for fear of appearing pro-Biblical. Smoking is a good target for social virtue, partially because there is no direct religious commandment forbidding it.

Here is a frightening experiment we urge you to perform, Linda.  Ask a wide variety of friends and acquaintances, “If you had a child who was absolutely going to do one of these two things, which would you rather he or she did—smoking a cigarette or cheating on a school exam?”

We think you’ll be as bothered by the results as we were.  A disturbingly high proportion of people are more concerned with their kids’ bodies than they are with their souls.  This distorted sense of priorities has helped the popular culture demonize cigarettes way beyond what their obviously deleterious impact deserves.

So, we do not encourage smoking but neither do we think that it is the greatest evil of our times. Cigarette butts carpeting church parking lots is surely bad but so is arrogant condemnation of those who smoke.

Tending towards the sin of chocolate ourselves (or at least Susan),

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin


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Cole says:

Wow I feel better smoking now but I do it because of my family problems my sister has been arguing with her bf which gets me upset and my parents are splitting up looking for new partners it really gets me upset

Kathi Tyler says:

DON’T SMOke. Even though it feels good for you it is not.

Likhit says:

I was not that religious or even touched the bible. But a year and a half back my life turned out to be so miserable that I saw and went through things I never even imagined. I was all wrapped with Recreational drugs with a glass of liquor and smoke stick or joints. One day a preacher visited our place n could see I was not interested to know what god did. I was forced to read the bible by my mum. But I have no regrets because I’m enlightened. The only thing that still is with me n won’t leave is smoke or and dope. The pastor of my church always tells me your calling is released but smoking is an obstacle. Just like Rabbi and Susan I went through the bible but couldn’t find anything that classified smoking as sin and also as we know lords love is unconditional then why my smoking has stopped my calling. Why is there a condition. God never wanted us to know what is the difference between good and bad and so asked Adam n eve to stay away from the tree. When he never wanted us to discriminate. Who considered smoking as bad???? I don’t question the word of god but this is like blind faith. Just because world thinks it Bad it’s bad.

Crystal bloom says:

So my mother in law died of lung cancer caused by smoking and my grandfather had a traquiotomy do to smoking. It was a very ugly death and sad to see my grandfather go from out going and from being the entertainer to isolated and depressed because he couldn’t speak anymore. It was sad to never hear my grandfather’s voice for the rest of the time we had with him. It’s hard for me to hear that smoking is not bad or a sin when it is something that is a tool of the enemy to rob, kill, and destroy our lives. The bible says we have freedom in Christ but that not all things are good for us. It also teaches us to be other center like Christ, smoking is harmful to others breathing in second hand smoke around you and is bad for the earth that God created. We are called to not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We are to be salt in the world. Different from everyone else. Set apart! I am a former smoker and God is able to help us conquer and live in victory. We can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Still working on food and exercise but will not just be ok with sinning against my savior. Am fighting the good fight to take care of the body God gave me

Susan Lapin says:

Crystal, I’m sorry you had to watch your grandfather suffer. In general, there is a commandment to guard our health. However, there is no commandment to single out smoking more than other activities that aren’t good for us. We certainly aren’t encouraging smoking. Not everything that isn’t a sin is commendable. May you prevail in your fight for your health.

Barbara says:

I am 83 and I have smoked since I was very young. When I started smoking, it was considered very acceptable we smoked everywhere, on planes, trains in lobbies, etc., then the world decided it was a health hazard and outlawed it everywhere in public. That just made it more inconvenient but didn’t cause me to want to stop.
Then when I decided to get more serious about my walk with God, I stopped a lot of things that I knew were sins because the Bible says so, but I didn’t stop smoking because the Bible doesn’t address that and it is such a crutch for me that I feel I really need it.
I have heard a lot of preachers on TV say how we need to be free of any bad habits we have, etc. and some have even mentioned smoking. They don’t say anything about over eating or other bad habits. And there are many bad habits we all have in different areas. Mine is smoking, I am not an over eater.

I do wish I weren’t a smoker and didn’t feel the need for it, but I do. I pray about it and ask God to take my desire away if he doesn’t want me to smoke but so far nothing has happened.

Shamika garnes says:

Thank you I smoke sometimes I am homeless and sometimes I smoke a cigarette to ease my anxiety

kaylee desiree griffin says:

I am praying for you right now

Brother Mikr says:

I am American but attend s Nepali Baptist church. I smoke but don’t want to. I’ve stopped for up to 3 years but went back following bad personal problems. To them smoking is enough to get you thrown out of church. I don’t agree so I conceal it. It’s a bad habit but not to love me because I smoke is to me true sin. I love these believers and do not see ethnicity or race. I am black. One Nepali girl hates me for some unknown reason. In the presence of our pastor she called me a nigger 5 tmes. He did nothing to stop her nor did he reprimand her. To me this too is a greater “sin”. It is hypocrisy. God is not a respector of persons. Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone. Our job is to love one another even in view of our imperfections. Incidently this girl (iI am 66 years old) is allowed to run the youth ministry in spite of her hatred of me her btother. This church has it all wrong which is the fruit of our unBiblical condemnation of one anothers faults.

Dustin W Gray says:

I must say that girl is sinning and she had no right to treat you that way i pray that she has the holy spirit speak to her heart and help her see her sin. I am sorry that so many have this in there hearts.

Chris says:

I am white and am so sorry that that girl said that to you. I love you my brother the color of our skin means nothing. I pray for us all.

Misty says:

True brothers and sisters in the Lord do not see skin color. I was born into a physical body that happens to be white but that is not something we choose nor does it matter. Jesus came to save humanity. Red, brown, yellow, black and white…we are all God’s children and made in His image. I’m sorry you had to deal with this ignorance. The Bible tells us that we know we have passed from death unto life because we love others. Love is what true Christianity is all about. It’s the worlds most beautiful love story!

Barbara says:

You should leave that church. That is so wrong and the preacher should have said so.

Monalisa says:

I AM a smoker also. It helps my nerves. I also consider myself to be saved. I been praying and asking God to help me with this addiction. I feel convicted everyone I smoke a cigarette. I want to quit. I have only been able to go 3 days without. Too much going on in my life and can’t seem to catch a break.

Sue says:

I am or was a born again Christian when I was 18. Baptized too. Went against my family to be baptized at that point in time; my family were non believers.
Strong was the zest and fire for the Lord then.

Alas, I backslided 5 years later.

Next, I ended up Married a non believer (remember the verse in bible that says one should not), had a lovely daughter (prayed for her throughout pregnancy).
But still didn’t go back to church.

Today, 19 years after I first accepted God, I am divorced, single mother to my daughter, and with a 13 year old smoking habit.
I try to attend church on sundays because I want my daughter to go to Sunday school. On ocassional days when I pray, I pray for my daughter to be everything that I wasn’t able to be or become; woman of God,pure heart so she can see God, heart filled with love joy peace, to be used by God in His kingdom, to be bestowed with wisdom from God and discernment etc

Heavy is the sense of condemnation.
I hide behind pillars in basement carparks, in some secluded corner, hiding and hiding and hiding from the views of other christians, when I have to smoke before service. I try not to. And ended up puffing away after service ends and I depart from church.

I feel condemned and judged by others. i feel like the huge placard stating SINNER is hung on me when christians or anyone else who disapproves of smoking, looks at me and sees me light up.

My former church in the east of Singapore, cornerstone community church condemns smoking and divorce and Harry Potter books so strongly , I have been stuck with the mindset since then that I am going against His words if I am doing the above and many other things that they preach about , and so that sense of condemnation and shame has never left me despite reattending church somewhere else where no one knows me so I can hide behind anonymity. It feels like I am constantly sinning.

I need help and prayers.

Please understand that we are saved by Grace through faith [Eph 2:5 2:8] and if you ever attend a condemning church they are operating under the law [Romans 3:19 says that what ever things the law says it’s says to those who are under it ” every mouth must be stoped and find the world guilty before god” and as long as we live under the law we are under a curse to do the whole law [Galatians 3:10] Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law and that being justified by faith not the law we have peace with God through Jesus christ.. You are saved remember those who wish to be first will be last and the last first..his grace is sufficient, his strength perfect in weakness 2Cor 12:9

Barbara says:

I will add you to my prayers when I pray about my smoking, if I am ever able to quit it will be because of God and he will get the glory, I will shout it to everyone, praise God.
In the meantime, read your Bible every day or evening and talk to God. God loves us and hears us even though we smoke. Don’t let the Devil convince you otherwise.

Crystal says:

I’m going to add a very different perspective on Tobacco that I have not seen or heard one Christian point out. I just finished reading an excellent article titled “The Long Forgotten Healing Properties Of Tobacco”. Only in the last decades has Tobacco been aggressively proclaimed harmful, but up until the 50’s doctors were even promoting them for certain health benefits. In the past, various tribes used tobacco for various ailments such as earaches, snake bites, cuts and burns, respiratory diseases, fever, convulsions, nervous ailments, urinary ailments, and skin diseases. The confusion about nicotine comes from anti-smoking activists who equate nicotine and smoking. Nicotine is an anti-inflammatory agent and has been shown, among other things to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s, as well as delay the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Tobacco use is also shown to boost concentration, alertness, and memory of the brain. I think the above statement that the Nazi’s anti-smoking purge was due to Arian health concerns is incorrect. If tobacco use encourages free thinking and boost’s brain power, than that person is not as easily controlled are they? Remember, that the Nazi’s also were the first ones to use harmful fluoride in drinking water which lowers the IQ of individuals, and makes them more “docile” thus easier to control.
So lets talk about the REAL SIN of this issue. I think it is horrible for man to demonise a plant with proven healing properties that GOD almighty created. What a way to insult God’s creation with lies and propaganda by people who use junk science, and lying government officials who have an agenda. The other SIN issue here is man taking God’s Tobacco plant and adding 600 intentional chemical additives to blended cigarettes that make it harmful and addictive for the user. Most people will be SHOCKED to discover that Tobacco in its pure God made organic form is NOT addictive at all. It is all the chemical ADDITIVES that make it harmful and addictive. You can even google and read a long list of famous pastors that smoked, because they were from a old generation that did not condemn smoking, and it was also not considered a cultural sin like it is now. If Tobacco use truly was a “SIN” like it is being called today by Christians, than it would not have taken this long to figure that out now would it. Christians decades ago smoked, and didn’t have a problem with tobacco use. Christians today are just following the cultural shift in opinion without using common sense, or doing proper research on the subject. I am not promoting cigarette smoking, especially the mainstream cigarettes made today, as I do NOT think all the chemical additives in them are healthy. But, I think the use of certified organic tobacco in its God made base form, without all the nasty man made chemicals and additives is perfectly FINE, and may even provide the individual with healing health benefits. This is my opinion based on personal research and facts. I wish more Christians would take the time to actually do proper research, and use common sense.

Barbara says:

Amen, great answer.
Thank you Crystal for your very informative quote.

Ken Jones says:

I suppose it’s possible to build a case against Christians smoking, based on it being a form of substance abuse, which arguably is a form of idol worship.

Begs the question – if taking soft or hard drugs is an addiction, isn’t smoking an addiction and therefore a sinful abuse of God’s temple (the human body)?

I think prominent Christian leaders must set the right example by not smoking or drinking.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Dear Ken-
I think sins are explicitly those things prohibited in the Torah. That’s my view. I don’t believe smoking is good for your lungs (though it might be good for your blood pressure–I don’t know. I am not a doctor and I think everyone should make their own decision not having government making it for them) but neither do I think smoking is a sin.
To me, it is a huge push to go from substance abuse (Which means what, exactly?) to idol worship.
I also do not follow your use of the word addiction. Smoking in itself isn’t an addiction. One can become addicted to smoking, alcohol, gambling, pornography and other things. Funnily enough, we don’t find addictions for kindness, charity and other good things. Makes one wonder eh?

E says:


Nice reply 🙂

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