Is John Boehner on Ted Cruz’ Payroll?

I believe in debate. Not ad hominem attacks, not outbursts of profanity, but an exchange of ideas, facts and beliefs. This column started as a form of expressing myself. Sometimes it is family oriented, often it swerves to the political. I am passionately upset at what I see happening in my country. I write about it. Many people who agree with me read my words and I’m quite sure many who don’t are among the readers as well. I encourage all of you to post comments. 

Although truth is often stranger than fiction, I’m pretty sure that Speaker Boehner is neither volunteering for nor working for Ted Cruz. He should be. Few people over the past few years have done more than the Speaker has to increase Senator Cruz’ popularity. Now, the spectacle continues. 

Speaking to a Colorado crowd and referring to Cruz, Boehner joked that a benefit of the presidential race was that it was keeping the Texas Senator away from Washington. I won’t tell you the exact words because I don’t use that type of language. In our house, should words like the Speaker used come from someone’s mouth, everyone else shouts “Eskimo” (we picked this idea up from the book Cheaper by the Dozen). If the culprit is within reach of my elbow they receive a sharp jab. If they aren’t, they get a withering look—trust me, you don’t want to get one of those. 

Mr. Boehner isn’t the first “establishment Republican” figure to revert to toddlerhood when talking about Senator Cruz. John McCain has suffered from the same malady. In each case, the senior politician became less popular while cementing conservative loyalty to Senator Cruz.  

When Barack Obama first ran for president, he was an almost unbeatable contender. In a ‘perfect storm’ of timing, little about him mattered other than that he was young, black and had a fawning press eager not to look deeply at his life or beliefs. 

I think those of us who seriously believe in conservative principles (the ones that the Republican Party used to uphold) made a mistake back then.  It would have been a perfect year for a serious third party challenge. Barack Obama still would have won, but the Republican Party would have been forced to recognize that it needed to change or die. By 2012, they would have been warned that they needed a candidate about whom the base could be enthusiastic. Had they still nominated Mitt Romney, he would have received a much smaller share of the vote against a now more experienced and organized third party. In 2016, Republicans would not once again risk running a similar type of candidate, or they would have already morphed into the third party. 

Speaker Boehner’s comment reveals that he, and probably many others in leadership positions, don’t get it. They don’t understand that they are the reason that Donald Trump is front and center in the race. They don’t understand how deep the antipathy to Jeb Bush’s candidacy runs. If they don’t actually feel disdain for millions of their voters, you wouldn’t know it from their words and actions. They don’t understand how they have destroyed the Republican Party’s chances for success barring a cataclysmic and successful grassroots upheaval. 

In the first debate, these Republican figureheads thought that Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to supporting whoever the Republican candidate would be, would turn off voters. It didn’t. His hesitancy to do so actually expressed the feelings of many of us. Some of us have skipped voting in the past, an overwhelming number of us reject the Republican Party even as we register with it. Trump, Cruz and Carson, whether or not we want them to be president, don’t disturb us a tenth as much as Boehner, McDonnell and McCain do.


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16 thoughts on “Is John Boehner on Ted Cruz’ Payroll?”

  1. Thanks for the reminder about “Song of Years”. I had written it down at your suggestion, but haven’t gotten it yet. I agree with everything you wrote. I am actually feeling optimistic that enough of us are getting fed up enough that if we can stay strong, we have a chance of truly changing things.

  2. How did I miss your post until today? I’ve been organizing my sewing room so I guess I’ve been to pre-occupied! Went through everything and sorted and got rid of many things. Which is exactly what conservative people need to do with politicians. I tossed lots of stuff that I had hanging around for years but they had become less and less useful as time went on. Same goes with politicians. Bottom line for me is where do they stand on The Constitution. Obama was a constitutional scholar but he didn’t support it as it was written. Our nation has become so dumbed down that people don’t even know how to evaluate a subject. In ’08 I was screaming, “read his book!” to no avail. Everyone thought it wonderful that we would elect a black man to the presidency. No one cared about what he meant by “fundamentally changing” our country. So I, like you, am a bit leery of Mr. Trump. People consider him a schrewd business man. I would rather an honest business man. Politically he has played on both sides. Supposedly for business reasons. Something doesn’t sit well with me about that. I don’t want another candidate who excites people into a frenzy. I want solid, rational thought to go into who is elected as our next President. That being said, I am glad Mr Trump is in the race as his candidacy has exposed the GOP. They don’t seem to have figured out yet that their shenanigans have been exposed. Mr Cruz and Dr. Carson are my top choices at this time. I liked Carly Fiorina and I believe she has a lot going for her but I was unhappy this past week with her seemly quick judgement of the KY clerk who was jailed. Religious freedom has been thrown out the window. We shouldn’t just take that lying down. I need to do a lot more studying before I come to a conclusion but like my sewing room, the GOP needs a good housecleaning. Getting rid of old and worthless pocessions or politicians is good for the soul! Mr Boehner defiantly falls into that category.
    Off the subject…did you ever find the book by Bess Streeter Aldrich, “Song of Years”? I never had my own copy but recently found it on Amazon for $1.50! It is now part of my library!

  3. See … on messages to stockholders. I also hope it was exaggerated. But he clearly does not want the business of Conservatives.

  4. James, I heard about a quote from the CEO of Starbucks a few months back that infuriated me but then when I looked it up myself, it was different than what I had been told. Not good, but not as offensive. Do you have the exact quote or are you basing yourself off of reports of what he said?

  5. You are right in that the Republican Party just doesn’t get it. I have swung Republican since the late 1960’s, but today’s Republican Party evokes to me a powerful image. Have you ever seen that renowned painting Ship of Fools? The ship is filled with passengers pursuing every frivolous pastime: games of chance, pursuit and tag, serenading, or whatever. But curiously, nobody on board seems remotely concerned where the ship is going. Like Boehner, McConnell or McCain, passengers on a ship of fools, feathering their own nests on the American gravy train, while bending over backward to accommodate the crew of fools who would let her drift onto the rocks.
    By the way, I wonder whether you noticed that a certain Grand Poo-Bah of Starbucks publicly excoriated Conservatives, those gun-toting crazies who hold to traditional marriage and deny gay marriage. He seems to have stated publicly that he does not want the business of Conservatives. My entire family would be simply overjoyed to comply. Who wants over-marketed, over-priced, over-roasted, caffeinated swill? I fear that this man may find he loses a bit more business than he fancied. Psssst: he might inspire a new Boston Coffee Party!

  6. Hello, I’ve been a fan of The Donald for as far back as I can remember…What I love about him is that he is a straight shooter and he doesn’t mince words…These politicians are such liars I truly detest them…I would have voted for Donald Trump in 2012 when he threatened to run then…I was highly upset when it didn’t happen…I believe that Donald Trump is honorable an awesome manager and a lover of the USA…Not to mention he loves Israel too….My money is on Donald Trump!!

  7. It’s sometimes a matter of finding balance between these: building a place of like-minded people you can move freely with and among, and building the spiritual stamina for those times when one must interact with other kinds of people. I feel like we need to both build safe houses, culturally speaking, but also be out trying to turn the tide of filth away from humanity in general. I know I won’t sacrifice my safe house (at least, I hope God gives me strength). I know I won’t give up on general society unless absolutely forced to.

  8. I lie awake at night thinking of ways to galvanize the grassroots. So far I have tried two of my ideas. The first one bombed. The second one keeps getting stalled. Since I live in Texas I am proud to say that I have voted for Ted every chance I could which is 3 to date. He is definitely in the top tier with me. I am always surprised at what moves a candidate up or down my list. Carly Fiorino was in last place until the mini-debate she participated in. She said 2 things that moved her straight into the top 3. First she knows more heads of state than anyone running except Hillary. I never thought about it, but I can see that she would have experience as she went around the world for HP. Then she said that she would support “her good friend Bibi”. I take with a grain of salt the good friend part, but I definitely want someone in the White House that will be a friend to Israel. Ted is also in the top 3. I also like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson so maybe I have a top 4.

  9. Oh, Lora. You’re story isn’t surprising but it still is depressing. I hope your daughter finds a strong group of like-minded friends. I have a feeling the swearing will be one of the least offensive things – which is saying a great deal. I love your phrase of peeking through your political fingers.

  10. Bit of a tangent: we took our daughter to orientation at her college. While listening to the president of the college welcome the students, this woman dropped quite a bomb in the form of a swear word. There seemed to be a smattering of applause at what I guess they considered her bravery? Ferocity? Daring? It dismayed us. My daughter was stunned. She said: “Well, this isn’t high school anymore.” She sounded like Dorothy in Oz.
    We’re experiencing more of those ‘not high school’ moments. After the present plans of finishing with community college, we have decided that definitely we will be looking into Christian colleges and any others with high standards of moral behavior.
    As for the presidential candidates, I have been following a couple more closely. I really, really hope the republicans wake up. I am both intensely curious who they will pitch against the democrats, and at the same time I can barely stand to look. I will be peeking through my political fingers for some time to come, I suppose!

  11. Karen, I am also enjoying the befuddlement of the political class over Trump. If this was a play, it would be fun. The problem is that our country has been so damaged over the past seven years that we are dealing with super serious times.

  12. I am STILL enjoying watching the left and the right flipping out over Trump…! Now if the candidates would get down to business and STOP commenting on what THEY think of Trump….I like Ben Carson so far , but I have not done anything other than watch him make a speech , probably what I like best is he is not a politician. A lot can happen in a year.

  13. I will tell my husband you enjoy seeing him. One of the issues where I respect other people’s opinions although I don’t agree with them is on Trump for president. I am glad he is in in race, but I would be sorry to see him be the nominee or our president. However, so many people I respect feel differently that I really appreciate hearing their point of view. This is different from any race I remember.

  14. Norma Jean Onyschuk

    You are so correct. I’ve been a Republican since I voted for Goldwater and yet at times I’ve had to vote for people I did not particularly want but I did not want a Democrat. Now I see that the Republican establishment like Boehner are no better than a Democrat. I despise Jeb Bush. I don’t want any of the establishment class to be our president. Ted Cruz is my 2nd choice – Donald Trump is my first (at this time)
    I always enjoy seeing you on Glenn Beck’s show.
    God Bless

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