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August 1st, 2018 Posted by On Our Mind 2 comments

This morning’s Wall Street Journal (August 1, 2018) includes a letter from Rabbi Daniel Lapin on behalf of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians. His submission was slightly abridged, but you can read the original letter HERE

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Freedomfriend says:

“Three strikes and you’re out” should apply to ADL:

-Gave the 5 kill-all-Jews US imams a pass.

-Gave the May 2018 riots against Jew at UCLA and Irvine a pass (as it has all violent actions against Jews on campus before).

-Is giving the I’ll-assault-Jews Stanford student a pass. (Not demanding expulsion the way ZOA is.)

ADL = OK to Defame and Threaten Jews League

Rabbi Daniel Lapin says:

Sad but true.


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