I’m confused. What’s the added value proposition?

I signed up for the We Happy Warriors, but do not understand how it fits in with the website. Yesterday, I received a pitch for “Special Access”, but again, I do not understand how this fits in with the communications I have been receiving, Thought Tools, Susan’s Musings, etc. Are they going away? Or is The Happy Warriors something much greater? Can you give me a little more information that will inform me of the value of this new feature?

Thank you.

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Dear T.C.,

As teachers know, whenever one student asks a question it means that many more students would also like to know the answer to that question. Thank you for giving us a chance to better explain our new website.

Our own background is rooted in the synagogue we planted in Southern California and in the vibrant congregation that grew around it. We felt privileged to have grown that community and to have nurtured and guided it for fifteen years according to the principles of ancient Jewish wisdom as they applied to the practical and pressing questions of modern life.

For a couple of years now we have been yearning to be able to recreate a new version of that community. Geographical realities and an expanding international audience, not to mention government restrictions, mean that, at least for now, this new community will exist chiefly ‘on-line’. (Though we are hoping to facilitate future real-life gatherings for Happy Warriors in various locations when circumstances allow.)

Bringing individuals, couples, and families the information and mentoring they require in order to develop their lives happily, productively, positively, and profitably, sometimes means saying things that are, shall we say, politically incorrect.  We knew that we’d need to convey to those of you who committed to the renewal of the 5Fs of their lives, at the very least, information that is culturally unpopular.

Like everyone, we were aware that the conventional tools of community-building are social media platforms that have increasingly been in the business of censoring views they consider undesirable. We realized that we need a platform of community in which we could be honest, direct, and genuinely helpful.  That is the genesis of WeHappyWarriors.com

We are continuing to write and publish Thought Tools, Ask the Rabbi, Susan’s Musings, and Podcast announcements on the RabbiDanielLapin.com website.  (We should note that we switched to a new email server, so if you have not heard from us lately, please make sure to add wehappywarriors@d.kajabimail.net to your safe sender list.)

We built the WeHappyWarriors.com website to better form a community with our like-minded friends. We want you, the We Happy Warriors community, to find connection and friendship with one another. In addition to providing a site where we can stay in touch without being dependent on large social media conglomerates, this new platform provides us with tools that we did not previously have.   

One such tool is the ability to stream courses and share video content. Our Scrolling through Scripture video course is about to debut and we hope that will be one of many offerings.

Membership in We Happy Warriors is available at two levels, free and Special Access. Free members can see some of our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV show episodes and also receive a monthly Deep Dive into one of our teachings. They can also download our ebook, The Holistic You.

We look forward to connecting with Special Access members on monthly ZOOM meetings and in our private discussion community. That membership level also provides access to our complete digital library and hundreds of Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV shows, discounts on courses and products, and exclusive bonus materials including weekly Deep Dives.

We are delighted to hear that you enjoy our weekly teachings, T.C.  We hope you will also benefit from the extra material available on our new and expanded platform and that you enjoy the added value of community connection we are building there.

We hope this answers your questions.  Please let us know if we can provide further information.

Onwards and upwards,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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4 thoughts on “I’m confused. What’s the added value proposition?”

  1. Rabbi and Mrs. Lapin,
    I’m Curious about your choice of the word “Warriors”. I began reading your Thought Tools as a way to get education and more insight into my own limited knowledge of my Jewish religion. I found your advice to readers questions, based on biblical passages and Rabbinic knowledge to be well-thought and easily understood -even when you threw in some Hebrew! Over the past 2years I have found your messages/emails straying from the path for which I was following your teachings; they seemed to have become more and more frequently related to politics. Is this why you have changed your name and website ? Have you become fully engaged in a political war?
    Thoughtfully and Respectfully Submitted,
    A.R. M.

    1. Dear A.R.M., you are asking a very valid and interesting question. The answer is too long for just a comment. If we may, we’d like to reserve it for an Ask the Rabbi question in the next few weeks.

  2. Looking forward to see these new posts. Love your programs so much and help me grow in knowledge of Judaism!

    1. Thank you, Sandra. We’re excited about the new video possibilities among other opportunities.

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