How the world REALLY works: What is money?

Money is our oldest medium of systematic communication allowing stable communities of productive people to exchange information about trustworthiness, value, productivity, and even need. Money represents the promise of one party to deliver goods or services to another on demand. It is ultimately not a material but a spiritual matter. When trust collapses, so does money. –Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of Thou Shall Prosper: The Ten Commandments for Making Money

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  1. Nma Onuma Chukwu

    Dear Rabbi
    I have just started reading your book “business secrets from the bible”this book has opened to Me great knowledge concerning someone biblical Truths.
    How can get other titles.

  2. Avril Amanda McFarlane

    I came to realise that there are so many evidences of poor financial decisions. What are we doing to safeguard and ensure that we are indeed making sound financial decisions? How did you learn to make right financial decisions? Is there a curriculum that any human being may start right now today to set proper financial landmarks in place? Is wise financial decisions about just the handling of money? What role the value of non-money landmarks?

    How do we just get started on the right road today then keep going well from here on out? God can keep people regardless of unsound decisions made in the past. God is on time all of the time. It is OK to start right now today.

    Please advise us on basic ways to start. What if God told that your legacy is to give individuals a fresh clean financial start. How would you go about living this legacy right now today? Teach people how to fish. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and Spiritual Worldview.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Avril Amanda
      I think what I would do is immediately arrange to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course. That would be an excellent start onto the right road. When I am in charge, that course will be mandatory before anyone is allowed to graduate high school. Today, financial illiteracy is partially responsible for Americans’ growing dependence upon government. Obviously, self-discipline is equally important. Basic ways to start, you ask? Sure. Here are the main 5: (i)Live within your means; (ii) Take on absolutely no more debt of any kind; (iii) Quit watching television or YouTube; (iv) Start reading self-improving books; (v) Find ways to augment your income. I wish you success

  3. Shalom.
    I have never had enough money all my life, always behind in my bills. In addition to being seriously injured in a car wreck (other guy’s fault) in my early 20s (I am now 52) that has kept me from being able to work any kind of traditional job, I have been ripped off and cheated more times than I can count. Being desperate for cash flow, which would be the first of your resources that you would recommend I order? Then, once I have some cash flow, your second and third recommended resources?

    1. (My apologies for the double entry of this question. I thought I was posting this under “Ask the Rabbi”. I have posted it there as well. I eagerly look forward to your response.)

    2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear James–
      It is close to impossible to render useful advice in this venue when I know so little about you and your life to date. This is my tweet for today (@DanielLapin)

      The Mysteries of Money #7: If you’re now short on hair, health, or height, you probably did nothing wrong in the past. It’s just genetics! But if you’re short on money today, you probably did make really bad decisions yesterday….(But cheer up; it’s not too late to wise up)

      My guess is that it is premature to invest in Thou Shall Prosper, Business Secrets from the Bible, Prosperity Power, or any of our other resources, James. Sit down with a friend who is willing to be searingly honest with you and explore with him why you get ripped off and cheated so regularly. Explore missed opportunities or negative thinking. Get to know yourself–really! And take stock of yourself. Only then should you start designing your life going forward.

      That will help.

  4. In Genesis (2:12), God says, “The gold of the land is good.” … Gold is a metaphor for all money in scripture, … — Business Secrets from the Bible, pg. 213, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
    God is telling us that money is good.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Peter–
      I like that book very much. I had Divine assistance writing it.

  5. Where’s the trust with crypto currency?

    Also, Forbes magazine recently released a list callled the “Just 100”. Doesn’t this imply that business is bad?

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Jesse–
      Yes, I was extremely dismayed by Forbes magazine claiming to list 100 “just” companies. And the rest? This is a bit like how I’d feel with a magazine publishing a list of “Fifty Honest Jews”. We know what you’re really trying to say. The folks at Forbes are good and basically get business so I am sure they’d be horrified at the way you and I react to their “just 100” list. It is a bad idea and certainly feeds into the malign slur that business is intrinsically bad and needs government regulation to keep it honest.
      Regarding crypto-currency, the trust in entirely in the ‘block chain’, the supposedly impregnable ledger system and the algorithms that restrict the total number of bitcoins available at any particular time. The jury is still out on this but remember that there were Supreme Court cases in the 19th century about whether paper money, dollar bills, were legal tender. Up to then, the value of coins was the metal of which they were minted. So, again, as I always stress, money is spiritual not material. It is based only upon how much human beings trust it. Hope that helps.

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