How did you know the EU wouldn’t last?


How in the world were you able to predict the eventual fall of the European Union?  It has been more than seven years since I purchased your entire library package.  Even today, I can still recall the confidence in your voice when you predicted in the “Tower of Power” audio that the EU would break apart — and you didn’t have access to the 2015 news about Greece when you recorded it years ago.
It seems like Nigel Farage, the leader of the of the UK Independence Party, has purchased your library package as well as he was just quoted as saying, “The European Union is dying before our eyes”.  In 2008, when I listened to your prediction, one US Dollar was worth 63 cents; today one US Dollar is worth 91 cents.  What is your secret?”

∼ Bobby P.


Dear Bobby,

If we thought we had a secret for predicting future events, we would set up a ‘psychic’ booth on the boardwalk. Here’s the drawback: we have no inside scoop;  when we do see the future and hear prophetic footsteps, it is only because of the laser beam of clarity that ancient Jewish wisdom shines onto human events.  What we teach is based on God’s word in the Bible.

Let me give you an example:  When an experienced engineer watches a child building a tower of wooden blocks, he might say, “If you put one more block up there, the tower will tumble down.”  When exactly that transpires, the child might think him prophetic.  When an experienced doctor tells a patient, “By tomorrow afternoon you will start feeling numbness in your legs,” and it happens, the patient might think he was in the presence of a prophet.  However, in both cases, the professional, using his knowledge and experience was able accurately to predict an outcome.

In our case, the Bible is packed with information about human organizations such as families, businesses, nations, and yes, organizations of nations.

For many people, the fact that our knowledge is Bible sourced makes it unacceptable. From day one of humanity’s existence, people have fought to separate themselves from God’s reality. Invariably, the score over the long term is God-1, rebels-0.

There is nothing, ranging from climate change to homosexual marriage to the nuclear deal with Iran to the EU, whose basics cannot be found in ancient Jewish wisdom. That is the basis for what we teach in our books, audio CDs and DVDs.

The Tower of Babel that we discuss in our audio CD, Tower of Power, was a clear precursor to the EU,  and our study guide shows how the supporters of the EU themselves recognized this. However, they thought that they could get a different ending this time. We may not know the time frame of their being proven wrong, but we know it will happen.

It is simply not possible for an organization to outlive the loss of conviction in its mission on the part of its constituents.  That should worry Americans, but for Europeans, there never was a mission in the first place.

Furthermore, the Hebrew Scriptures reveal how central economic reality is to understanding how the world REALLY works.  By the sweat of YOUR brow shall you eat bread.  That equation of almost mathematical simplicity teaches that not for long will the Greeks, Portuguese, Italians, and Spanish enjoy bread by the sweat of hardworking Germans building Mercedes and BMW cars.  It also teaches us that with the growing number of Americans living off the sweat of the brows of other Americans, we too have a program with an early expiration date.

Want to know the future? Read the Bible and the newspapers. We humbly submit that our teachings will help you integrate the two.  Thanks for your question.

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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