How can I support Israel?

Hi Rabbi! I have been listening to your teachings for about 5 years and they are incredibly valuable! Thank you for your willingness to state the truth, even though it can be difficult for people to hear and is counter-culture. I have two questions totally unrelated to one another but both important:

1) Do you have an opinion on (name of ministry)?

2) Is there a recommended method for an individual to support Israel from US soil?

Thank you so much!

Carissa G.

Thanks for being a long-time listener, Carissa. We are very blessed with a wonderful large audience who is eager for the truth of how the world REALLY works even when the information causes cognitive dissonance.

You asked our opinion of a ministry. We aren’t comfortable answering that because it isn’t someone we know personally and, as such, we probably have less knowledge of the pastor than you do. The world is a very large place.

As for supporting Israel, at this time in history, supporting Israel has a lot in common with supporting America. Both countries are under assault and we all must refuse to be cowed and silenced by bullies. We need to speak up because what people around the world say about both Israel and America tells us more about them then it does about either Israel or America. That means that is is well worth making the effort to becoming educated and articulate on the topics. Make sure that the information you get is honest and fair.

We also need to make sure that young people are inoculated against vicious disinformation before stepping foot on college campuses and, indeed, to keep track of what they are hearing in high schools and at even younger ages. Here is one organization that works on college campuses and provides information as to what is happening there:

One Israeli charity that our family personally supports provides services for victims of terror and their families.

One Family: Overcoming Terror Together


Of course, visiting Israel is a wonderful way to show support and give yourself a real treat at the same time.

We are sure that prayer is already in your arsenal,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

3 thoughts on “How can I support Israel?”

  1. Love all your insights and musings! Going to Israel in a few weeks with the UofMichigan Alumni group,
    12 days, all the highlights. I wonder if you could share a personal favorite (or two) excursion/experience
    in Israel?
    Thank you, God Bless you, I tell everyone I have a rabbi!

    1. Hi Joy – How exciting! There are so many places to see and things to do. We would recommend making sure that Shiloh is on the list with a tour guide who knows the area. That is where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years and there is a palpable feel of holiness. It is where Hannah prays for a son. Another wonderful thing your group can do is to participate in “Shabbat for a Lifetime,” ( if you will be in Jerusalem on a Friday. They set you up for a Friday night meal at a private home so you can get to know a family and get a feel for what living in Israel is like. (Disclaimer: our children are one of the host couples) Hope you have a wonderful trip.

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