How Bad are Dr. Fauci’s Actions?

Bad enough that we don’t need to exaggerate

For over four years, I listened as pundits on the left proclaimed that Donald Trump was Hitler. I stayed silent about those foolish and cruel pronouncements because no one who spoke like that would care in the slightest what I thought. However, in the past few months, some on the right have equated Dr. Fauci with Dr. Mengele. They may actually want to hear why I find their statements just as foolish and cruel.

While, shockingly, one can earn an advanced degree in American history today while being abysmally ignorant of major events like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II, most older American adults still are aware that Hitler was a genocidal tyrant. (I am not sure this is true for the younger and woefully uneducated population.) It is possible, however, that the only knowledge of Dr. Mengele some may have is that he conducted medical experiments on concentration camp inmates. True, yes, but compared to what he actually did, that is a sterile and whitewashed version of events.

Dr. Josef Mengele, abundantly earned the title “Angel of Death.” He often presided over choosing which prisoners were sent immediately to be murdered in the gas chambers as transports came to Auschwitz. But he had another interest in meeting the trains, that of choosing victims for his medical experiments. If you have the slightest picture in your mind of someone dispensing placebos vs. actual medications, stop reading now and do some research. I would, however, recommend you do so on an empty stomach. If you are not nauseated by the details, you may want to check your pulse and be sure you are alive. Dr. Mengele, who had a particular fondness for experimenting on twins, used his medical knowledge to perfect torture and barbarity.

I do not admire Dr. Fauci and I think that the power he has been granted has corrupted his judgment. I consider government officials who accept his views as law to be acting destructively. But he is no Mengele. Making that comparison doesn’t harm him; instead it redeems the evil SS officer. If Fauci equals Mengele, then Mengele wasn’t so bad just as if Trump equals Hitler, you have vindicated Hitler rather than condemning Trump.

Bringing Dr. Mengele into a discussion of COVID vaccines is not only mindless and cruel, it is pointless. The only people who will respond to such a claim are ignorant and should be encouraged to get educated, or else they are those promoting mandatory vaccination who are gleefully happy that they can pounce on a thoughtless and offensive statement by their opponents. (The fact that they said equally thoughtless and offensive statements during the Trump administration will neither be noticed or reported on by the mainstream media.)

In the past few weeks, both a congresswoman and a reporter have been among those to make the Fauci/Mengele comparison. I suggest that we make sure to protest mandatory COVID vaccines based on facts, logic, and Constitutional rights rather than on emotional and historically questionable comparisons.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments on this Susan’s Musing article.
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