Extreme views beget extreme views – and they also catch media attention. But some people are actually able to think for themselves and express themselves rationally. Kudos to Steven Van Zandt (I admit to not being familiar with his name but he’s a well-known guitarist) for calling out the cast of Hamilton for dressing down Vice-president elect Pence at the conclusion of a performance that Mr. Pence attended. Mr. Van Zandt was clear as to his opposition to the Trump-Pence team, but eloquent and above all, fair and thoughtful in his words. Unfortunately, the actor who read the rebuke to Mr. Pence, missed the point. Still, it is nice to see an attempt to pierce through the holier-than-thou attitude that assumes that rude, inappropriate behavior is o.k. as long as it is liberal.

2 thoughts on “Hope!”

  1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    What??!!! You don’t know who Steven Van Zandt is? It’s not enough that he is a supremely talented guitarist on Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen’s E Street Band but far more importantly he co-produced and starred in one of the best shows Netflix has ever done—Lilyhammer. He plays Frank Tagliano a New York mobster who is relocated to Norway by a witness protection program. Remember me entranced by my iPad while on the Stairmaster? It was Lilyhammer and Van Zandt makes the show. Really talented guy and now we see, neither a fool nor a coward either. Well, my dear, now you know.
    Your DH

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