Gratitude and Gorsuch

I must open this Musing with gratitude. Gratitude to those of you who wrote such lovely comments after last week’s Musing and to those of you who thought of writing but never quite did (been there done that). I am truly honored by your friendship. Many of you also sent lovely notes and heartfelt prayers just one year ago when our daughter had emergency surgery and delivered her son prematurely. I’m filled with gratitude to you and overwhelmingly to God for the good health they both now enjoy that can make those scary days seem much longer ago than they actually are.

Like most Americans, I only heard about Judge Neil Gorsuch recently. Not to worry—a quick search brings up any number of articles with titles such as, “Seven Things to Know about Judge Gorsuch,” or “Five Important Facts about the Supreme Court Nominee.” Scanning those articles didn’t answer my main question.

It is easy to discover that he is eminently qualified and by all accounts a worthy successor to Judge Scalia. I quickly found his educational and clerking background and read about opinions he wrote. I even know his wife’s and daughters’ names.

What truly sparks my curiosity? I want to know more about his wife than what’s available on the surface. It’s mildly interesting that she goes by the name Louise rather than her full name, Marie Louise or that she is British. I would like to know what makes her tick.

Why does this matter to me? It is not only because for years my husband and I have taught that every job is actually a two-person job. (This means that a couple where both spouses work actually has four jobs between them. No wonder so many couples are struggling!) Knowing someone’s spouse provides much more than cocktail party chatter. Ancient Jewish wisdom tells us that a righteous wife can sway a less sterling husband while a sinful wife will influence her husband as well.

I don’t suspect Mrs. Gorsuch of being sinful. I do care that she shares her husbands principles and morals. Washington is a dangerous city. Many an upstanding politician or political appointee from flyover country has relocated his family there only to find that as the years go by, his ideas are more influenced by the capital and less by the people he was chosen to represent. Sometimes, women are the ones to open the Pandora’s box. We women are social creatures. Relocating means establishing a new network of friends. If there are children, this new circle often comes about through their school and activities. In Washington, as in most large cities, there are more liberal leaning than conservative leaning women. It isn’t difficult to understand that ever so slowly, one’s ideas begin to be shaped by new friends, even though those same ideas would have been rejected years earlier. The desire to be socially acceptable can be overwhelming.

Judge Gorsuch’s young age is appealing to those of us who would like a staunch Constitutionalist on the bench for many years to come. While there is no guarantee of good health, age is traditionally a predictor for length of service. Yet, we have been stung by the leftward leaning drift of some Justices in the past.

I do believe we are confirming a couple, not just a man. I pray that Mrs. Gorsuch is a strong woman with strong convictions that match her husband’s. I pray that both of them are able to pass their values on to their daughters, so that they too can resist the siren song that plays loudly in our nation’s large cities.

I would be remiss to not come full circle and express gratitude to President Trump for fulfilling his campaign promise as regards the Supreme Court nomination. The Supreme Court was a deciding factor in many voters’ choice of Mr. Trump and I, for one, appreciate his fidelity to his word.

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  1. I saw the nomination announcement for Judge Gorsuch (sic) and I saw how he watched as President Trump walked over to stand next to the judge’s wife, even turning all the way around and not turning back to the podium untill he saw that Trump wasn’t going to touch his wife. That shows the concern he has for Trump’s reputation and his concern for his wife. He is being a supportive husband who looks out for his wife. Good for him.

  2. So many are criticizing President Trump for his questionable faith in God. Have we forgotten the Scriptures? Quite often, God used – and still uses – leaders of little or no faith in Him to carry out His plans for His people. And sometimes – perhaps not quite as often – these leaders turn to Him and become believers. It would be good to be assured of our President’s faith or lack thereof, but at this point such assurance may not be essential to the future of our nation. God knows what He is doing and why. Our job is to pray for President and Mrs. Trump, Vice President and Mrs. Pence, and all others in leadership.

    1. I am all for praying for those in leadership, something I’ve done for administrations of all stripes.

  3. Susan
    I have already commented but l am hoping you won’t mind a second one.
    I saw some photos of the Trumps and the Pences from the weekend news feed and they reminded me of this “Musing.”
    Queen Esther was a woman who knew how to get her husband’s attention and her influence changed history for her people.
    You noted how the Trumps are meeting people of faith that they might not necessarily have met otherwise.
    Maybe Mrs Trumps heart will become tender towards the people of God that they are meeting and their family will be transformed.
    This gave me an insight into how to pray.
    I am excited about this!
    Thank you!

    1. Not only don’t I mind, Marilyn, but I welcome second (and third) thoughts. I do think that praying for the wives of the administration is a wonderful idea and I’d love to explore why I think that they have more potential to influence their husbands than the husbands have to influence wives when the wife is the one in power (like Sandra Day O’Conner, for example).

  4. Susan
    What interesting observations you make in your Musings concerning Mr and Mrs Gorsuch.
    The very first thing l thought when l saw him was that he is only a year older than my son! I can’t imagine a “kid” as a SCOTUS judge. (This is meant to be humorous)
    I am curious about Mrs Gorsuch, too. Another person who replied commended her choice of clothing. Mrs Gorsuch did look nice, but, in my opinion, a bit too underdressed for a woman whose husband had just been offered such a position. If she had received people into her home dressed as she was, it would have been great. (This trivial opinion comes from a woman who dresses mostly in jeans!)
    Do we know much about any of the Justices spouses?
    I have noticed times when something my husband and l have talked about in private has come to bear on a decision he makes. When l realize the weight my words carry, it makes me try to speak wisely.

    Best regards

    1. Ah – if we only knew the power we have, we’d all speak more wisely. We learned a bit about Mrs. Thomas when the Judge was put through the wringer because he had the gall to be both Black and conservative. I became aware of the potential problems with political wives (though SCOTUS isn’t supposed to be political) when a congressman of ours voted out of character on a certain spending bill. We discovered that the organization getting money was a pet cause of his wife’s.

  5. Yes indeed! Behind every decent and successful man lurks a woman like YOU, Ms. Susan. We all appreciate your weekly Musings (and also the impassioned teachings of The Rabbi to strengthen the bonds between Hebrews and Christians with precious weekly infusions of Ancient Jewish Wisdom). If you will pardon me, I wish to revisit the theme of last week’s Musing with the following:

    Each sanctuary of the ancient Church of Byzantium, to the best of my knowledge, contains a chair whose back features the two-headed eagle of Byzantium. The two eagle heads gaze in opposite directions. The message is: spiritual matters are one thing, political affairs are quite another. This doctrine is wonderful in contrast to the Church of the Bishop of Rome, which for centuries has overstepped its bounds, dominated and usurped the secular kingdoms of this world to gain enormous temporal power and capital. However it does seem that in certain lands of Byzantine heritage (Greece, Russia, etc.) the secular authorities historically have indeed looked one way while the Church looks the other way, even at times turning a blind eye to monstrous misdeeds of the State. What a delicate balance for flawed humans to maintain!

    We were discussing the imperative of believers, to involve themselves in decisions of the government. Mr. Trump has done admirably, fulfilling many of his sacred promises during the first two weeks of his presidency. The proof and solemn verification of his effectiveness is the knee-jerk hysteria of the Left., to impugn and attack every fiber of his presidency and to destroy private property in pre-adolescent tantrums of ‘protest.’ Mr. Trump is reported to favor repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which bars organizations of faith from political endorsement. The Johnson Amendment is cock-a-mamie horsefeathers, for it is seldom enforced against the Democratic toadies who promote their own progressive agenda and legislation from the judicial bench. It is enforced only against the Conservative defenders of the Republic, who wish to preserve freedom for ALL. The repeal of the Johnson Amendment is to the advantage of all, and people of faith, Judaic or Christian should applaud Mr. Trump’s repeal. Shalom Shabbat!

  6. Thank you Susan for your musing.I love reading them and your husband I got to know through Glenn Beck and so inspiried by him.I do study scripture chapter and verse with the Shepherds Chapel have since 1999 and learned so much truth and know how so important Israel is to YHVH and pray for the people and their military and PM always.I love learning through my Pastor how certain things in G-Ds word is locked in the manuscipts and I pray many would really get back in touch with HIM it has changed my life I’m so blessed to have HIS WISDOM through HIS word and know we are witnessing prophesy and it is amazing not fearful because we only fear what we don’t know but when we read and believe it is a joyful time to be living in we all have a purpose to serve HIM and stand firm against wrong and do our best to do what is right and pleasing in G-Ds eyes. G-D bless you and Rabbi Lapin and your family.

  7. As usual, Susan, your perspective on the topic of the Judge and his wife is very valuable. I love that you give people the benefit of the doubt during the period when we can’t know with any surety what the true picture is. Galloping through the responses, the word translated “meek” comes from a Greek word meaning “disciplined” and was used to describe chariot horses. “Meek and mild” would seem to carry that off course a lot. A quick glance at Strong’s concordance with that in mind gives a much more powerful image to such phrases as “meek as Moses”, and we can see why “the meek shall inherit the earth”. You and/or the Rabbi may have other insights on this.

    1. The evolution of words is fascinating, Deb. Thanks for that info. The verse about Moses which is usually translated as his being humble or meek doesn’t convey the Hebrew meaning of the verse, of course.

  8. Ms. Susan,
    When it comes to the president and his choices to “keep campaign promises”. Be sure to not overlook that he talks a lot but implementation is severely lacking. Yes he choose a conservative justice just to keep that one SIMPLE PROMISE. He talks of repealing the ACA (Which is OBAMACARE)but has NO PlAn to replace it. He talks of keeping jobs in America but his Own daughter, Ivanka, has a clothing and shoe line Manufactured in China and Mexico and imported to the US and is sold here in the US at retailers. He tweets like a teenager then bans any federal employees from tweeting. His exchanges with allies are much less than diplomatic. He has never been forthright about his personal foreign investments and income taxes so conflict of interest issues continue to shroud him. He shows little ability to communicate national issues to the American public with veracity.
    This justice choice may appeal to some. That is fine. But in totality the anointing starts at the HEAD and runs down.

    1. Lynne, I appreciate your passion. My Musing was about Judge and Mrs.Gorsuch and the importance of recognizing the role a wife plays in her husband’s ideas. Because I frequently expressed my angst at whether or not to support candidate Trump, I felt that I owed recognition that this was a choice that any of the traditional candidates who were running in the GOP primaries would have been lauded for presenting. We cannot do a balance sheet on a human being. Acknowledging a good action doesn’t demand that we never criticize and criticizing doesn’t demand that we completely reject everything about someone. I personally don’t want to fall into the litmus test culture of the Left where you are either evil or saintly with no options in between.

        1. I too can get so passionate about something that I can’t hear what anyone else is saying. Somehow, the name Trump is causing thousands of Americans to stop being able to listen, analyze and process.

      1. Very good article Mrs. Lapin. I read “my Rabbis” though tools every week and it looks like I will start reading “Susan’s Musings”also. Very good article and much food dor thought.

    2. I keep hearing that Trump has NO PLAN to replace Obamacare. Well, we had no plan before Obamacare, and more than half of the voters did not want Obamacare. The problem with social programs are (1) the incredible and unpayable expense, and (2) once a program is instituted that provides services for free, it is thereafter politically impossible to get rid of it. We are now over 20 trillion dollars in debt – the debt doubled during Obama’s term – and that debt is crushing our economy. Moreover, without reducing social program spending, there is no way to reduce the debt. A huge portion of our national income goes to paying nothing but interest!

      I have no problem with helping the less fortunate in society. But we can’t bankrupt ourselves in doing so or none of us will have anything and neither will we have anything to give.

  9. What an interesting topic for your Musing! But so spot on. When I watch you and Rabbi on TCT, I love the banter between the two of you. It is a joy to see how you have molded each other. I’m always curious about “the other half” of a marital equation.
    I was surprised to see a picture of President Trump, the Pence’s, the Gorsuch’s and the Scalia’s praying after the announcement. That was an encouragement to me.
    I’m getting a little frustrated with people who won’t even give this president a chance. I wasn’t for him at all but will give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Would you mind sharing the title of the book about Mrs. Grant? I have been a huge fan of the Thoene’s for many, many years. Their writing fanned the flame of love for Israel that my grandmother started in me in 1967!

    1. Lynn, the book I read was by Jennifer Chiaverini, called Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule. She has a series of fiction books about a quilting group and has also written a few historical fiction books. Another one is about Mrs. Lincoln. I always have mixed feelings about historical fiction – maybe a topic for another Musing?

      1. Susan,
        I have also been pleased to note that President Trump is appearing to keep his promises to the American people. I have the feeling that it is not coincidental that he was elected President in spite of overwhelming odds against it. Many people had been earnestly praying for relief from the disappointment and oppression of these last eight years. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Mr. Trump, with all his warts and blemishes, has a heart for this nation and for Israel, and in response the the prayers of the righteous God bestowed the mantle of this nation’s leadership on him during his speech at AIPAC when he vowed his support to Israel the apple of God’s eye.

      2. I’ve read Jennifer’s quilting books. I’ll check it out. My feelings about historical fiction is they should motivate one to look into the event further. That is what I’ve done anyway. When I first started reading the Thoene books I did a lot of research to learn more about what they were writing. Homeschool field trips to Denver Public Library to find material that couldn’t be sent to my local library. Those were fun trips. Much easier now with the internet!

  10. Why no response to Jerusha Gaither’s comments with which I totally agree. I am praying for our new “president” as the Word tells me to do and I focus on the fact that the government is upon the shoulders of my Lord & Savior and for that I am so thankful!

    1. Because I didn’t quite know how to reply. I thanked President Trump for keeping a promise he made. I – and no human being – can know what is his relationship with God. We can only judge his actions. The action he took in nominating Judge Gorsuch was carrying out a pledge he made to an electorate that had reason to lack confidence in his word. I expressed gratitude that he lived up to that trust. I see no conflict between that and believing that ultimately God is in control.

  11. Regarding Ancient Jewish Wisdom — I do not have access to TV only Internet — can I watch via Internet? Enjoy being with both of you and have learned much. Do you read after Brock and Bodie Thoene? Thank you for what you do. So admire the Jewish family life and ancient walk with Adoni.

    1. We don’t have TV either, Ann. You can watch online at On the right side of the page is a drop-down menu and click on Ancient Jewish Wisdom. (Also – our 3 DVD set of 12 shows is on sale right now so you can watch those over and over). I read many of Brock and Bodie Thoene’s books. We have a soft spot for marital writing teams.

  12. Thank you for your insights. As I was reading I realized that I have found myself paying closer attention to the wives and adult children of this new administration and forming opinions from what I am able to observe. Your explanation of the social circle leading the family makes much sense. I also find it encouraging since Mrs Pence and Mrs Trump have already had years of ‘big city society’ to contend with and do not seem to have been led astray of home and family. Many thanks to you and your husband.

    1. I don’t know much about Mrs. Pence, but she looks very ‘grounded.’ President and Mrs. Trump are both an enigma to me – I think they are meeting people they never came across in NYC and having the opposite experience of what I described.

  13. Thank you for being so insightful and transparent in your musings. I agree wholeheartedly and appreciate your honesty.

  14. A fella I follow , Dave Ramsey would most likely agree. When you hire A person you also hire the spouse. Be sure to interview both the spouse and the person you wish to hire.

    1. He’s a fella we follow too, Sharon. That is a point that Dave makes very strongly about hiring.

  15. Susan I love the article. Louise caught me eye for her meek and supportive attitude. Also, my middle name was s Louise ? I too sometimes go by Louise. She might think it helps her stay off the radar.

    1. It’s funny how ‘meek’ is one of those words whose association has changed over time. I know you mean it positively, Paula Louise, but I think in general culture it has a negative sound today. I’m sure she is a lovely woman.

  16. I’m relatively new to your writing but I find it thoughtful, refreshing even. Thank you for taking the time to do it so well.

  17. It never occurred to me that other women are as interested in “his wife” as I have been. Knowing a spouse often gives one invaluable insight into the subject individual. Let’s pray that the confirmation hearings are not another circus and that Justice-Elect Gorsuch is swiftly appointed. God bless.

    1. While she always seemed a gracious person, I did find it problematic that on issues like abortion, Laura Bush had different views than her husband professed. Amen to your wishes for a swift and respectful confirmation hearing.

  18. Thank you for sharing your very wise insight. All the more reason to pray for the wives and children of our leaders. I always enjoy your musing. God bless you, Bonnie.

    1. Your comment is presumptuous but what is interesting is that he has chosen to be surrounded by people who do.

  19. Bernadette Clark

    I too appreciate the words and the Rabbi share with us. My life is better because of your show. My husband and I always watch it together…

  20. I liked your article because, like you, I always want to know the” rest of the story “…just like Paul Harvey did. People and events are like quilts…many pieces.
    Thank you

  21. Love the gratitude expressed at the beginning!

    I like the prayer and suggestion to consider the power of his wife… never crossed my mind before now. Thanks for broadening my perspective!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that one of the things the left found scary about Judge Bork was his wonderful wife. She’s an amazing woman.

  22. The Washington DC elites’ seductive powers are not new. General Sherman advised his friend General Grant to avoid Washington as much as he could after President Lincoln appointed him to the top Army command position. The Grants are also a good example of a wife, Julia, having a very constructive part in her husband’s life; as long as she was with Ulysses he did not drink, nor did he drink when the Army was actively campaigning, even though she could not then be with him.
    Keep on musing; your thoughts are valuable.
    Thank you

    1. I recently read a historical fiction novel about Julia Grant and it spurred me to read more about General Grant as well. It’s so important to remember that these historical figures were real people navigating many of the same problems that we face today.

  23. Sadly the “two become one” has been lost….

    And (forgive me for remembering poorly” Rabbi has a teaching about Eve, the first sin and the upheaval of God’s plan..has something to do with Adam not asserting his place as the Spiritual head)

    Anyway, as I read this musing, I am reminded of that

    AND – Susan – so enjoy your musings – unless the Lord convinces your otherwise, please don’t stop!!

    1. I think you are remembering something from Madam, I’m Adam: Decoding the Marriage Secrets of Eden. I’m due for a re-listening of that as well! Thanks for your kind words.

    1. Thank you, Angela. Readers should know that you are one of the individuals who keeps our ministry running smoothly and a valued member of our team.

    2. I don’t understand why you think Yahweh is pleased with what president Trump is doing. Joshua told his congregation to choose this day whom they would serve. The law does not make peole do right.

      1. Carl from South Carolina

        To Jerusha Gaither-
        Many years ago while working in the SF bay area, a neighbor was a Law prof. at UC Berkley, I make the statement looking for validity ‘ALL laws are only written for two reasons: EITHER to PROTECT SOCIETY or STEAL MY MONEY. He and many others in law have said ” YOU have boiled down what 3 years of law schools teach.

        In my humble opinion, too much stealing and not enough healing.

        To my RABBI’s wife Susan-YOU have no Idea how accurate about wives in my personal life…..MY WIFEY transforms me from that diamond in the rough to more sterling DAILY. She NEVER would let me bring the Motorcycle in the living room many years ago, and still won’t.

    3. When I saw both of them being introduced, I was very impressed at what she chose to wear. The dress and blouse were simple and showed modesty and good taste. Judge Gorsuch gave his wife a nice hug and they seemed very comfortable with each other. What a contrast with many other political couples.

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