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There may be exciting/depressing/timely things happening in the world this week. I am not going to be writing about them. This week, I am focusing on the future, in the form of five little girls between the ages of four-and-a-half and seven.  (This Musing is actually being written and scheduled in advance.)

If I was marketing my Grandma Camp, I would label it as retro. I am not teaching computer skills, we aren’t playing electronic versions of games, and the books I will be reading aloud are wholesome, beloved classics, many over a hundred years old. I’ve taken CD’s from the library with songs from my children’s childhood like Hap Palmer’s, “This Is the Story about Sammy,” and Raffi’s “Baby Beluga.” I may even throw in some ditties from my childhood like “The Hokey Pokey.” None of the songs call for hip-thrusting, pelvic gyrations.  


There are some differences between activities I did with my own children and those I have planned. Instead of remaining focused on my budget, I have been spending rather recklessly. I’m not talking Tiffany bracelets, but I did buy some art supplies at Michael’s that were neither on sale nor eligible for my 40% off coupon. Should we be beset by a week of rain, I might splurge $2.99 to rent Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang since it isn’t in my library’s system. After all, since my husband and I are not responsible for the girls’ clothing or educational needs, or for future orthodonture, we have a little more wiggle room. 


FullSizeRenderSimilarly, while we will snack on peppers and carrots, we won’t be doing so exclusively. Their mothers can counter-balance any nutritional faux-pas I make. I have even acquired some messy art materials that I would have been reluctant to allow into my own children’s hands and hope that the weather will allow us to make and throw exploding paint balloons. 

 For one week, I hope to put my concerns about the fate of this nation and the world aside. Business matters will need to wait. Even my husband is willingly moving into second place, not necessarily enjoying, but at least tolerating a return to macaroni and cheese for dinner. (I am positive that his own work week will be interrupted as I can’t imagine him resisting frequently joining in our activities.) My voice may be a small one when it comes to grand affairs, but it is an oversized one where these girls are concerned. As I know from my own experience, grandparents have a crucial role to play, unique to them.  I may or may not be able to influence ‘the course of human events,’ but I will do my best to love my granddaughters and grandsons, at the same time hopefully building their inner compasses and moral lodestones so that they will make the right choices no matter what false values the world preaches to them.  







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  1. Thanks to all of you who chimed in on Grandma Camp – and a mazal tov to Lynn on your grandchild. Also, I heard the chat room last night on my husband’s radio show discussed camp – fun. Camp is officially over and was a big success. I am tired and left with a very messy house (I would have made my own children clean up more.) It was a wonderful four days. Have a patriotic Fourth of July , with a resurgence of prayer and optimism for this amazing country. Our children and grandchildren need us to work harder to give them the blessings we had.

  2. Some things are truly universal! We have our own Grandma Camp. And like you, we divert away from Elvis-the-Pelvis gyrations. And macaroni and cheese would rule the day, if not for the eldest granddaughter, who loudly professes ‘I don’t like vegetables!’ She is definitely a ravenous carnivore, but you know what? Sneak a carton of hummus out onto the table and those sticks of pepper, carrot and cucumber just evaporate into thin air!
    No longer so burdened with the Great Rat Race, we now have the wherewithal to enjoy our ‘children.’ No matter if they are our children’s children, no matter if we are poor. The greatest gift we can give to them is our time. You guys have a blessed Fourth!

  3. Oh Susan! What a wonderful idea! Grandma Camp! I am with my daughter now, helping her after the birth of her first child. She had been told for many years she would never be able to get pregnant so this little girl is such a blessing. I have a three year old granddaughter also and her mommy and daddy are expecting another in November. So, I’m feeling so blessed. A picture popped in my head the other day of me with three little ones in my garden and my oldest granddaughter telling the younger ones how to plant carrots, just as I’ve taught her! I’m going to start planning my Nana Camp now! You, Susan, are also a blessing to me. I so love your wisdom and insight. Have fun and I hope you’ve taken lots of pictures and also made tons of memories!

  4. Children save us, don’t they? They save us from those world worries, they save us from ourselves. Have a good time.

  5. When I wrote this, I had no idea the Supreme Court would revamp America influencing the next generations may absolutely be the most important thing we can do.

  6. Oh, but you do “influence ‘the course of human events'” on five little girls. Don’t underestimate your impact. God delights in working through such things!

  7. Tamara- daughter #6

    I wish I could have attended your grandma camp. Luckily I was raised by you so received many of the activities mentioned, but paint balloon fights were definitely not allowed in my childhood memories.
    Love you mommy!

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