Governments Can Be As Immoral As Individuals (or even more!)

California is only one of many states that have routinely been neglecting infrastructure maintenance for decades. Why? Surely not for lack of money. After all, California has found money for eye-poppingly expensive boondoggles like the bullet-train to nowhere or economically insane wind farms and solar energy experiments outside of Palm Springs. So why no proper maintenance of gas lines, (see the San Bruno explosion of a few years ago) water lines, and yes, dams. Oroville Dam, in no danger of catastrophic failure, nonetheless has had its twin spillway systems virtually destroyed because needed maintenance over the past two decades has been neglected. Why? For the same reasons that you can drive through certain areas and find neglected and run-down houses being lived in by people who have the money for an expensive car or two sitting in the driveway. It is just more fun buying new stuff than looking after old. For politicians there is far more opportunity for graft and patronage on glitzy new projects than on the decidedly unglamorous work of routine, timely maintenance of older infrastructure and equipment. I discuss this further and show the Biblical morality that is being violated by both government and individuals who neglect the material possessions they have. click here

5 thoughts on “Governments Can Be As Immoral As Individuals (or even more!)”

  1. Thank you Rabbi, as a Southern baptist who has traveled the world I appreciate your wisdom and insights. You should be on the networks at prime time as far as I’m concerned. Continue your work and someday we’ll meet in heaven.

  2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Dear John–
    Thank you for writing. Understanding the spiritual implications of entropy is really enlightening isn’t it?

  3. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Dear Lynn-
    Yes, yes, and yes. But, those of us on the right do not have any ‘community activists’, rioters, or demonstrators. For the most part we are taking care of our families, our businesses, and our faith-families. The Left has huge numbers on welfare who are available to push their agenda. Furthermore, academia and entertainment are almost entirely on the Left so it is not really an equal fight.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly but also feel that “We the People,” need to take some responsibility also. Our job doesn’t stop at the voting booth. We need to be diligent in staying informed on what our elected officials are doing. We can and should hold their feet to the fire! All to often, it is just so much easier, for us to ignore them and hope they do what it is right. We all need to stay engaged.

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