Gillette’s Male-bashing Commercial and Donald Trump

Here is a quick thought on the new male-bashing, virtue-signalling Gillette ad.  I think it is wrong to ask whether this is a good business move for them or not. I think it is a good move. Their company name has been in the news non-stop for the past few days.

What would make it a bad move for them? If conservatives didn’t individually decide to boycott  their products, as I’m sure many will, but if a number of conservative organizations and all conservative media voices picked one member of Gillette’s Board of Directors, or one person high-up in the company and dug up dirt on him or her. Perhaps exaggeration and lies might even be involved. (Needless to say, I’m not recommending this, but I think it is a worthwhile train of thought to follow.) The message that, “If you start up with us or don’t agree with our thinking, you will be punished,” would come across loud and clear and make other companies hesitate before jumping on the politically correct bandwagon. This is pretty much what happens when companies offend liberals.

I don’t expect that to happen and I admit to being happy that it won’t. I’m not into mud-wrestling. But for anyone still wondering why so many of us greeted Donald Trump’s election with glee, this should help you understand. I am delighted that after Nancy Pelosi tried to bully him the president with warnings about delaying the State of the Union address because of the government shutdown, President Trump didn’t grovel and he didn’t insist on taking the high road. Instead he explained that her desired trip abroad would, unfortunately, have to be canceled because of the shutdown. YES!!!

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  1. A person I know is furloughed at this time. We, too, would like for President Trump to put a stop to the Democrats’ games. They have no interest in serving the people. They would like to secure more money and power for themselves, and that is it! I admit to the smiles and laughter my family had when learning of the hault that our president made to Congressional leader Pelosi’s excursion.

    As for the Gilette ad, it’s stupid! I hold out hope that many people will stop buying the products produced by Proctor and Gamble. Our family attempts to engage in what we describe as moral purchasing. It’s diffuclt to do it, but we look companies up when we shop.

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