Funny if it wasn’t so tragic

One picture is worth a thousand words. My husband was invited to give an economic speech at a northern California college. Naturally, in an educational environment, students must be shielded from hearing opinions that aren’t part of liberal orthodoxy. And people wonder why we don’t support making college more available and affordable. It seems to us that fewer people going to college today would be an excellent idea. 

Look at what’s circulating on campus:

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  1. “and a dozen students (I assume they were students) who scream-chanted nonstop so that nobody could hear him….
    …Campus police were on hand, and, following orders from the college administration, passively watched the debacle….

    Here is a few minutes of video of these idiots:

    1. This clip is probably 20 minutes into the protest. You can see that people cleared out of the seats near them. I don’t think there were even a dozen students. Fewer than that ruined it for everyone.

  2. JT – that’s an interesting piece of information about the high school students. I guess they are getting early training – can you imagine them when they are actually college students?
    Nonetheless, I would assume that they are bound by the same code of conduct as regular students – and hence they should lose their Middle college privilege and go back to their high schools. The students, like Rabecca Chow, should be at least suspended for the rest of the semester.

  3. I attended, and was outraged at how Rabbi Lapin and his audience were treated. I wrote the following letter to the editor of our local newspaper. We’ll see if it gets published.

    Fascists at Cañada College in Redwood City violated my constitutional right to free speech Tuesday evening, and the college administration disgracefully allowed it to happen.

    Young Americas Foundation (YAF) invited Rabbi Daniel Lapin to speak at the college. His audience consisted of roughly 200 people interested in his message and a dozen students (I assume they were students) who scream-chanted nonstop so that nobody could hear him.

    Not that it’s relevant, but apparently Rabbi Lapin’s sin is advocating for free markets and free trade – anathema to modern campus fascists.

    Campus police were on hand, and, following orders from the college administration, passively watched the debacle.

    Cañada College is a taxpayer-funded institution. Why are my tax dollars going to an institution that so manifestly refuses to uphold the constitutional rights of its community, much less minimal standards of civilized behavior?

    To Cañada College President Jennifer Hughes: expel these miscreants, post-haste.

  4. I am a member of the club that hosted the event at the College. An interesting development we learned about the disruption put on by the “protesters” is that they are high school students that are involved in an alternative schooling program hosted by the college, very similar to concurrent enrollment or an independent study program. Many of the students that attended are business and economics students that attended out of personal interest and for extra credit sponsored by the professors, only to have it ruined by literal children. Calling their behavior childish and juvenile is accurate, these disrupters aren’t even old enough to be politically involved. This reflects poorly on the school, and this high school alternative program, Middle College. I attended Middle College myself 4 years ago, and it saddens me how the quality of the program slipped this much within 4 years. When I attended this program we were too focused on school to cause rabble rousing such like this. I will personally let my old administrators with the program know how disappointed and angry I am over this. Susan and Daniel you were excellent last night and I want to extend one more personal thank you for your resilience and grace in handling that debacle.
    JT O’Hara;
    YAF Member, Canada College.

  5. Do you and Rabbi have a prayer team that prayers for your protection and mission when you go to places like that? Those of us who care about you need to keep you wrapped in prayer. Let us know if you need us to be alert to those times!

  6. There is an event featuring Rabbi Lapin, who shamelessly loves to his God, unabashedly loves his wife, and relentlessly loves his children…. and there are people that think he is what’s wrong with society now days…wait, what…??? Tell me, where am I, again? And how might I get back to how the world reaalllly works?

  7. I’m reaching the point where, when I hear somebody accused of those buzzwords, I immediately assume I need to check them out because they might be a voice I need to hear.

    Although I’m starting to wonder why conservative speakers want to risk their safety by going to these colleges, which are incredibly hostile to them. Often, extra violent “protestors” are bussed in to increase the danger. Better to do some kind of town hall on Google Hangouts or Periscope, with a moderator to boot out hostile voices.

    1. Eric, if conservatives don’t go to the campuses then we are abandoning those brave students who buck the trend and live under antagonism day in and day out. They deserve support. Also – revealing the hypocrisy and making people aware of the socialist regimes on campus is essential to making parents aware of the dangers of sending their children to many colleges and making all Americans aware of the emptiness and evil of the Left.

      1. Susan, that generic “liberals are evil” comment makes you look as messed up as the idiots who wrote that stupid protest leaflet. Just sayin.

        1. Point taken though I just looked at the post and can’t find those words. I do think today’s liberalism is evil but you are right that that is very different than saying ‘liberals.’ Please help me find those words and I’ll edit.

  8. Embarrassingly childish. At one point, this would have been called the ‘heckler’s veto’. Now, it’s just ‘safe spaces’. The self-righteous, self-appointed arbiter(s) of allowable speech are growing in boldness because there are precisely zero consequences from the leadership of the university itself. Or, even worse, collusion with a certain breed of professor means the coward gets rewarded and praised for ‘boldness’, rather than rebuked for grade-school levels of taunting and namecalling.

    The one small blessing, perhaps, is the lack of anti-Semitic slurs in the list of laughably unsubstantiated accusations. (Well, except for ‘capitalist’. I’m certain the good Rabbi happily and proudly accepts /that/ particular label.)

    1. He was rather disappointed not to be called an anti-Semite. In its latest iteration, they now have added on white supremacist.

      1. Stephanie Stockbridge

        Dear Susan, I would like to apologize on behalf of the idiots who protested at the lecture last night. My daughter was there and she found Rabbi Lapin to be enlightened and enlightening. She really enjoyed what he had to say. Thank you for coming to her college. I hope the trend of protesting at speaking venues will not deter you from continuing your work. Blessed be.

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