Full Circle with John Boehner

The first Musing I wrote in 2015 was an open letter to John Boehner. Had he taken it to heart, he might not have needed to resign. If I was the only voice expressing the sentiments I wrote, I could understand his missing the message. However, way more articulate, intelligent and popular voices than mine broadcast similar views. 

While I admit to a whoop of delight when news of the impending resignation scrolled across my computer screen, I am not breaking out the champagne. The speaker’s own comments on Sunday talk shows as well as opinion pieces by other Republican stalwarts suggest a fear and loathing of the party’s conservative base, amid confusion that they (we) actually are having an influence. 

One thing that Speaker Boehner never seemed to understand—and Mitch McConnell doesn’t either—is the importance of taking control of the message. Liberals understand this only too well. Consider how poorly gun control has fared for them. Many people feel that this was the issue that handed the Presidency to George W. Bush. Yet they don’t say, “We can’t win this one.” They simply press the message harder, work on permeating the culture and wait for the day when enough people of voting age will have been influenced by them. They did this with homosexual marriage for years, sometimes soft-pedaling the marriage aspect, but constantly pressing the false civil rights message. 

If public opinion polls decided policy, the United States would still be a British colony. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense among other writings and statements changed sentiment. “There’s no way we can win this,” the mantra of the Boehner/McConnell contingent, is not a rallying cry. 

The men who “pledged their sacred honor,” did not suggest waiting until their odds looked good. They did speak of the principles in which they believed with inspiring, ennobling and electrifying words.

This election season, I have heard such words from various candidates, including Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee among others. Whether or not I think they are the best choices for President, anyone who cannot rouse others in defense of this country, her founding values and Constitution, should take a cue from John Boehner and step aside.  

P.S. Not ten minutes after writing this Musing, a new article by Thomas Sowell appeared in my inbox. As usual, he articulated my thoughts better than I did, so I am delighted to share his piece

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9 thoughts on “Full Circle with John Boehner”

  1. I share your cynicism and fatigue. Meeting like-minded people is essential for staying optimistic. The world seems to be marching itself back into the Dark Ages in the name of progressivism. The need for a religious revival (internal and external in the Jewish and Christian communities) is vital.

  2. Excellent writing, again. My initial reaction upon hearing about Boehner was a little negative, as in: “Oh, no, who cut what awful deal now?” I haven’t heard of anything, but to be honest, I’m a little more concerned by my initial reaction and its latent fatigue. The last thing I want to be is cynical. Your posts help me fight that off.

  3. With respect to your closing sentence, I recall my comment on your Musing a couple of weeks ago about robust young Arabs (sans women or children) storming Europe’s borders with force. Two nights ago from a highly-placed source we heard projections that Germany would open its borders to up to 8 MILLION ‘refugees’ from the Middle East. This red-carpet welcome was ostensibly to support the declining revenue from a dwindling German population. HEL-LOOOO? Maggie Thatcher said: “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Maggie would say here: “Fine! Let’s scale back the socialism.”
    But a German Anti-Maggie seems to be saying: “Hey! Let’s welcome new warm bodies as sources of revenue to support our expanding glut of socialism!” It doesn’t take a prophet to fear the birth of a new Islamic Republic of Almaniyya.

  4. Thank you for expressing my feelings as well and for sharing the article. I would have missed it otherwise. The plaque idea needs to be tattooed on their hands so they see it every time they look down.

  5. Thanks for your words, James. Israel is a land of great contradictions. It’s people regularly rank as among the happiest in the world. At the same time, an Israeli couple was killed yesterday as they drove past an Arab village. Then, the paper had a lovely article of a Moslem family who donated their daughter’s heart to a Jewish Israeli woman. America and Europe, the U.N. and the press support the haters rather than those who want to live in peace. And they are inviting them in to destroy America and Europe.

  6. Although unable to comment in timely fashion, still I greatly appreciated your Musing of last week from Israel. Thanks to the sensationalist slant of our media, so many Americans conceive of Israel as a minefield of random violence. But you have made us visualize Israel also as a spiritual place of vision and peace.
    As for tonight, your comparison of those Founding Fathers who pledged their lives and sacred honor with the troop of gravy-train cronies in today’s Washington, is an apt one. My humblest apologies to those (perhaps) 25% who are honest men and women suffering in the Legislative branch, but the majority I fear are (a) feathering their personal nests, (b) going along with the Party crowd through fear, or (c) hypnotized, lulled or coddled into unreasoned submission. Some of the people are beginning to awaken and to realize that the Great Divide is not between Republican and Democrat, but between the People (as in OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People) and the career political elite Upper Crust currying favor and riding the gravy train, while the train itself is headed straight over a cliff. I wish my sainted Mother could read your Musings. She would love them.

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