Fool Us Again – Shame on Us

The phrase ‘immigration reform’ sends pulses racing and
blood pressure skyrocketing of people on all sides of the issue. Like most
Americans who have families and businesses to nurture, I am not able to keep up
with every detail or to give this political matter, along with dozens of other
important ones, the attention it deserves. Very few people can, including
Senators and Congressmen who routinely vote on legislation that they have not
read and don’t understand.  

Here is why my position doesn’t need me to spend hours
analyzing details like border security and benefits. Imagine this scenario:

A husband and wife have been going through a rocky time.
Recently, she has presented him with restaurant receipts, phone bills and other
items that suggest that he is not spending his time in an upright manner. In
addition, his business partners are asking questions that imply that they are
not comfortable with how he has been handling corporate finances. At this point
the husband approaches his wife to get her signature on documents that will
invest a great deal of their savings in an opportunity that he swears he has
vetted and one that will bring them wealth and security.

When the wife brings up the topic of her suspicions about
him as well as the concerns of his partners, his response is, “Of course, we
need to discuss those things. But this opportunity can’t wait. Trust me.” Would
any intelligent human being tell her to sign those documents?

Yet, that is what our legislators and many pundits are
urging us to do. They want us to support a huge change in law based on their
promise that it is a good idea. Here’s the funny thing about trust. You need to
earn it and your track record matters. Quite frankly, I am waiting to receive
many more answers and to see consequences including resignations and jail
sentences for individuals in affairs starting with, but not limited to,
Benghazi and the IRS politicizing its iron fist. I’m waiting to see a diminution
of power for agencies that have proven themselves too large to be appropriately
managed. I’m waiting to see the impact of health legislation that hangs
menacingly above us.  Until then, I would
not trust either the Executive or the Legislative branch of the government with
declaring anything more important than proposing a national baseball day.

11 thoughts on “Fool Us Again – Shame on Us”

  1. This past week I read a humorous article about what truthful business mottos would look like. One of them seemed to fit your description of change in media as it relates to women. That motto was “We’re not happy until you’re not happy.”

  2. Marilyn Peppers

    Well said, Susan. I am waiting with you for those explanations and some “resignations” along with seeing/hearing Paula Deen do the right thing and apologize!

  3. I’m not sure I’d trust them with as much as a National Baseball Day. The way our government is running, they’d probably use it to replace Thanksgiving. Thanks, Susan, for the clarity.


  5. Who is The State? The State is us, of the people, by the people and for the people? No, not exactly. When the sheer dead weight of a bureaucracy reaches critical mass, it takes on a mass, a gravity, a momentum, a life of its own, and you had better get out of the way of this colossal, senseless juggernaut. The Bible speaks of those benighted Dark Principalities that rule this world. Now we see one of them.
    Then let us pass a bill to sign into Law. But let’s make it a thousand pages in length, with chapters and subchapters of crushing legalese, easy to hide unrelated provisions to placate Senators A, B and C. Let us not forget to drop in arcane riders into the pork barrel to soothe lobbyists X, Y and Z. Now let us neglect to read this nightmare monstrosity, longer than War and Peace or Don Quixote, and much more likely to lull its reader to sleep. No worries, for the bureaucracy in place will smooth out every wrinkle and provide for its general draconian enforcement.
    Like you, I believe that the bureaucracy is a Frankenstein’s monster that can now evade control. And it is no longer in place to serve the People, but to serve the politicians that created it for their own benefit. Let the people eat cake! And the judicial branch does less and less interpretation of the law, but more and more legislation from the bench. That is the ‘liberal’ way: under the false cloak of equality, kindness and charity, to maximize government control.

  6. I did think about that. But the only way we influence the Judiciary is by voting for elected representatives. Once they are in office, they don’t ask us for any support.

  7. I like your clear thinking on this. You don’t have to analyze every detail to know when someone is not deserving of our trust. I agree with your comment!

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