Ever Wonder About the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

The synagogue I was privileged to plant and serve in California had a ball team that played in a local league. We called our synagogue ball team, “The Elders of Zion”. Since this is the name of one of history’s most notorious anti-Semitic forgeries, not everyone was amused but the team thrived and gradually people loosened up and chilled out. Meanwhile, I thought it was time to tear the covers off those “Elders” which I do in this podcast episode. Don’t miss it as I don’t think I want to leave it up on the Internet indefinitely. The episode is entitled Who’s Running Things: The Bilderbergers? The United Nations? Jews? Secret Socialists? Well, I explain the true answer here: https://soundcloud.com/rabbi-daniel-lapin-show

5 thoughts on “Ever Wonder About the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?”

  1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Shalom Channah–
    Of course I remember you and mazal tov on your anniversary–is it really already 32 years since you went to Israel?
    We hope to visit Israel again for chodesh Tishrei as we usually do. We visit with our daughter and her family living in Jerusalem and I work on a new book.
    Warmest wishes

  2. channah rachel herrmann

    shalom from Israel. this is Channah Rachel Herrmann nee Lerner. i was in the Venice community before going to Israel 32 years ago. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary B”H. when i right the word “rabbi” on google your name appears so i decided to see why. i am very happy to see that you are so famous. after all you were my rabbi for about 8 months when i was a member of the PJC. If you ever come to Israel we would be happy to have you are our guests. chodesh tov and thank you for everything you taught me. my family knows your name and they are familiar with some dvar Torahs which i heard from you which i say over year after year

  3. Rabbi, I try to get to my podcasts in order, and I’m about a week behind. I’ve definitely heard of (and read) the protocols. As best as I can tell from history, they were a forgery from a professor in Tzar Nicholas II’s regime, but based on some historical facts and patterns. I plan to read through them again at some point, but my reading list has grown longer than my expected lifespan.

    I came across you somewhere in the late 90’s. I’ve followed your work ever since. I used to be on your “Toward Tradition” emails, and have been a subscriber to “Thought Tools” since the first issue. I look forward to getting around to this podcast. You are certainly my rabbi. I wish I could someday sit down with you in person. God Bless.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thank you Eric–
      You sound like someone I would enjoy sharing a coffee with. I wish my work commitments allowed social and leisure time but all my non-work time is devoted to family.
      I hope you enjoy the podcast once you get to it. Having read TEOZ you know what is going on but my take on it might surprise you.
      Thanks for hanging in there with us for so long

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