Et Tu, Jeb

Pity the young women seeking a spouse. She keeps on being introduced to men whom, she is told, are wise, amiable, principled, articulate and trustworthy. At first her interest is piqued, but before long she discovers that one or more of the above traits are a façade; in fact, the men have legs of sand.

Such, sadly, is the fate of the conservative voter in America. The latest, ‘doesn’t live up to expectations’ date, is Jeb Bush. I certainly haven’t looked deeply into Mr. Bush’s record, but I was open-minded when his name surfaced as a possible presidential contender for 2016.

After his recent comments on immigration, he will have to work hard to get me to take his call. While I might disagree with his thoughts on the topic, that isn’t what leads me to spurn him. This is the sentence that infuriated me.

“I think we need to kind of get beyond the harsh political rhetoric to a better place.”

Like the suitor who tries to win his date’s favor by maligning anyone else she has dated, it suggests poor character and lack of discernment. Rather than building himself up, in my eyes at least, Jeb showed himself to be either self-serving and petty or clueless.

Here’s my beef. The “harsh, political rhetoric” I hear, is an invention of the Democratic Party and liberal propagandists. They ceaselessly promote the idea that Republicans and conservatives hate women/poor people/ African-Americans/ immigrants/ workers—whichever group is needed to win elections is identified as the object of conservative loathing.

With his speech, Jeb Bush played right into their hands. The conservatives I know who are concerned about a massive change to immigration policy are thoughtful, generous and respectful people. Many of them volunteer in Central and South America, in Africa and India on their hard-earned vacation weeks, working in orphanages and at other needy places. They are perfectly willing to engage in a debate on many topics, yet find themselves parodied and the butts of ad hominem attacks.

In this case, Jeb Bush seemed intent on saying, “I’m not like those horrible conservatives. I’m a loving guy.” This Bush has bought into the big lie, and in doing so, insults me. This is not a great strategy for getting a second date. The Republican Party in general seems intent on pursuing this losing approach.

I agree that conservatives need to win a broader bloc of voters. I think we should win them by finding articulate and clever ways to share with them the following truth. Conservative principles make life better, healthier, happier and wealthier for the overwhelming majority of people.  Liberal ideas sound good and tend to fail miserably in the real world.

Instead, Mr. Bush (and others in the Republican Party) seems intent on showing how distant he is from me (and others like me who no longer have faith in the Republican Party) and how he too can pander to constituencies. Too many Republican spokesmen seem to dislike the Tea Party more than they dislike what liberalism has done to this country.

Many of the quality women I know would rather sit home alone than subject themselves to disappointing dates.  While they want to find a man they can trust and respect, sadly, the lines of unworthy suitors keeps getting longer. By the grace of God, I met and married a wonderful man. My search for a political match is, so far, less successful.



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2 thoughts on “Et Tu, Jeb”

  1. Yes, thanks for fixing Friday’s ‘glitches!’
    You come to bury Caesar, not to praise him, while Nero fiddles as Rome burns and Barack plays golf and basketball on Martha’s Vineyard as America chokes and suffocates.
    Good one, Jim! Shutting down debate is a standard tactic worthy of a Progressive Totalitarian: ‘your deviant point of view will not be tolerated.’ Let us hope poor Jeb did not mean it like it sounded.
    Meanwhile let us ‘Indians’ drink our Lipton Tea and throw Jeb’s Pandering Tea right into Boston Harbor, to fester in the bottom-feeders’ swill along with Bronco Bama’s Progressive ‘Justice’ Tea!

  2. One of the ugliest things about Jeb’s statement is it is designed to shutdown debate, and assume we will accept his viewpoint. We have far too many of that ilk in office now. We need people with good ideas and who are willing to participate in spirited debate in the hope that someone will improve on those ideas. Jeb is a non-starter for me as well.

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