Encounter with a liberal-leaning neighbor

We have a neighbor with whom we have a congenial relationship. We exchange greetings when we pass and keep an eye on each other’s apartments.

We don’t know this neighbor’s politics, but if we had to guess my husband and I would assume that she swings left. The day after the Kavanaugh hearings we met her outside our building. “Hi. How’re you doing?,” was our admittedly perfunctory greeting. That unleashed a floodgate.

“I am so upset,” she said. “That’s why I’m pacing up and down here. I was in tears yesterday.” Without exchanging a word, my husband and I telepathically exchanged thoughts: What do we do now? If she starts ranting about how awful Republicans were not to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, do we let her know our views on the matter or do we just get out of this conversation?

She continued. “I have been a victim of sexual abuse and I know when a woman is lying. I can’t believe the way they have tried to destroy a good man.” Our neighbor then said that she is a supporter of Planned Parenthood and, although an Independent, has often voted for Democrats. “I will not vote for a Democrat again and I am praying that Judge Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court.”

How many unreported tales like this are there around the country today?

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  1. Even if Dr. Ford’s allegations are true, there is zero real evidence to support her allegations. So to assume her allegations are true would be to necessarily base that assumption entirely on emotion. If Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination were to be shot down because of Dr. Ford’s allegations, the precedent would be set for anyone to have governmental veto power based only on that person’s ability to appeal to emotions rather than fact or rational argument. That is EXTREMELY dangerous. For that reason alone, Dr. Ford’s allegations should be dismissed without some real demonstrable factual evidence being presented.

  2. Wow! That is so encouraging. I too had a young friend who was terribly poisoned in college and turned from her family’s beliefs, has just realized the error or her ways in the same situation. Let us hope it is a trend. Btw, we loved getting to know your awesome family! I hope they were as blessed as we were. Such a privilege for us. Fondly, this Susan😘❤️

  3. Go check the web.. Ms. Ford has over $900,000 in 5 online funding accounts….and that was as of 9/28. Getting paid? Hmmmmm. How much more privately?

  4. Thank you for sharing. I believe more women are upset that these false accusations will make it harder for real victims to be believed. As a mother of four sons, I worry that someday this could happen to them. I pray that our country rejects Babylon and returns to the Godly principles it was founded on.

  5. Maybe this encounter was an eye-opener. The Lord works in strange ways indeed, and maybe the scurrilous and vicious attack on Judge Kavanaugh, if a premeditated evil act, will evoke some good consequences. Why? Because it portrays for all to see what bottom-feeders the democratic socialists have become, who will tell any lie, commit any outrage, to advance their precious socialist Narrative and destroy its opponents. Just now I heard former Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who stands convinced that the woman accuser’s account is full of holes, because she can clearly recall so few details under rigorous cross-examination. Mr. Cain is convinced that the woman was paid. Because he suffered the same nauseating treatment at the hands of his enemies, ‘…and what happened to my accusers?’ he said. When his campaign was ended, they disappeared and melted back into the woodwork. No further action was taken. How many times must we see this ‘sexual assault’ charade portrayed on national media like a tired old Kabuki skit before we can see what a pitiful counter-tactic it is for losers?

  6. I think your neighbor’s sentiments represent what many, countless Americans felt (and still feel) after the hearing yesterday and the preceding 12 days.

    This has been a truly vile, evil display.

    I know that those in my circle, my church and Sunday School class has been praying for more than a year that the evil will be exposed, that the eyes of the people will be opened.

    I think yesterday was the day that the scales fell off.

    Thanks for what you and you wife do

  7. My only sister was brutally raped at age fourteen by a drunken fourty-five year old man while held at knife point. I thought about my sister’s myriad problems and how poorly she coped for so long, until God became the center in her life. She was left-leaning until then, too.

    I also experienced abuse by the same bad man who’d raped her, and thankfully he didn’t rape me. He was a person we knew by association, the brother of a person whom my mother had rented housing from.

    The man received eight years in prison, and even vowed to “kill” my sister and her family when he would get free. I have spent many years taking many measures to avoid being targeted by anyone, and I have relied heavily upon Divine wisdom to help me in taking these measures!

    Dr Christine Ford escaped from her alleged mishap, but it supposedly kept her from being “whole.” She obviously should’ve come forward much sooner, much sooner with her story if she really wanted it to be taken seriously.

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