Elections are coming

There are a number of times in the past that my husband and I voted for third-party candidates as a way of sending a message to the GOP elite. They didn’t get the message, by the way. We weren’t alone and ignoring what we were feeling is what led to the election of President Trump.

This year, however, with elections coming up, I would vote for any Republican candidate, including ones I distrust and dislike. Things are so volatile that I don’t know if there are any foregone conclusions and the danger of giving the Democrat Party any more control is present and real.

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  1. Susan, I agree with you. The Democrats are acting like a bunch of sore losers. And I think the reason why is that for a long time they got what they wanted and were not not been challenged in meaningful way. While they often say they want to negotiate a compromise of an issue, it I seems to me they act more like “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.” I wish someone would remind them of the arrogant statement President Obama made early after his first election: “We won, you lost.” Well, what goes around has come around. We average Americans see them for the power hungry people they are. And because most of them believe in the small g-government rather than capital G-God, as your wise husband has pointed out, how can they ever understand that they don’t have all the answers?

  2. This election season is a season where the “real people” of God can prove that God cares about how we treat each other more than what the politics of the day can or cannot do for each of us individually. It is time for spiritual awareness. I’t’s absolutely not the time to look away, defend or pretend that God is not watching.

    We “Christians” have been silent when it counted. We cannot “unring the bell” but, we can be better than we were in the past.

    People of God should go to the polls and not vote their Conscious; but, Vote for what “God’s law” teaches in His Word about balance. I do not agree with the left and am more appalled at the right with their “selective obedience” in the name of God.

    IMHO, both sides need a real introduction to who God is and what “He desires” according to “His Perfect Law of Liberty”.

    One might do well to remember, that God’s law don’t always make sense to a rational mind, but in the end will “absolutely benefit the hearer and the doer”. We, especially those of us who call ourselves God’s children, would be better off exemplifying God’s character in our actions. As a reminder to us all, God requires…., “to do good, correct a brother when he is wrong, hold each other accountable, and lastly to “esteem others more highly than ourselves”.

    To give voice to the implications posed in this piece, would not be the way I would choose to respond in this day and political climate. No matter how small the Minority opinion. There is no way, I can look the other way and sit idly by and condone or reward the bad behavior of the party that claims to represent God to a dark and dying world. Absolutely not. I don’t have all the answers nor can I do these things in my own strength. But, what I do know, is that God is watching and Scripture teaches us better. Regardless of party affiliation.

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