Don’t Be Shocked

Whatever the outcome of this election, about half of all Americans will believe that it is not honest and accurate. After I wrote last week’s Musing, Anne commented, “Not liking the results of the election is not credible evidence [of fraud].”

I responded, “You are absolutely correct that not liking the results doesn’t equal fraud. However, just as in any relationship, when you sweep problems under the carpet over many years, you erode trust. There have been “irregularities” for decades that have been ignored. These go back to non-partisan problems, such as the need for identifying every voter but the Democrats yelled “racism” anytime they were brought up and the GOP cowered. Also, there was little political capital to be gained by fixing these problems. This resembles how repairing infrastructure doesn’t win credit for local government while handing out tax money for new programs does. Then, everyone sounds shocked when the bridge collapses or the water is polluted. It’s not a shock–it was ignored when it was easier to fix. […]You can’t allow mistakes/fraud/carelessness for years and then expect people to accept that everything is on the up and up, especially after four years of hatred.”

The integrity of our elections is not the only area where those with an agenda push forward deliberately while most Americans have their eyes elsewhere. It happened with education over the past sixty years, resulting in many highly ignorant and anti-American university graduates. And it is happening in health care now.

You can easily see two simultaneous trends: While veteran doctors are being frustrated, demoralized, and insulted, incoming medical students are being vetted for Leftist leanings. What do I mean?

If you pay close attention, you might notice that doctors have routinely been demoted to being called “health care providers.” This is a not-so-subtle attempt to denigrate the years of study and hard work they put in to achieve their degrees. The old Soviet Union had more doctors and health care facilities per capita than did the United States. They also had worse quality health care with worse results. I don’t think that was unrelated to the fact that being a doctor was not a terribly lucrative or respected position.

Yet, we are moving in that direction by increasingly treating many of our doctors like commodities. Their administrative bosses want to wring the most amount of work out of them with the least amount of respect for their education, instincts, and devotion. Doctor burnout is real and increasing. Here are two articles that are a small sampling of, literally, hundreds that you can find: Doctors Are Fleeing the Medical Field and Here’s Why and Burnout by a Thousand Cuts. When health care deteriorates over the coming years, it should not be a shock.

Meanwhile, the test that aspiring doctors need to take to gain entrance to medical school is changing. Would you prefer to know that your doctor has a firm grasp of biology, chemistry, anatomy, and other hard sciences or that they are able to correctly name all the growing varieties of gender? There are only so many test questions that can be asked.

The focus of medical school is changing as well. This year, the incoming Class of 2024 at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine composed their own class oath. It included these words:

“I will champion diversity in both medicine and society, and promote an inclusive environment by respecting the perspectives of others and relentlessly seeking to identify and eliminate my personal biases.

‘I will be an ally to those of low socioeconomic status, the BIPOC community, the LGBTQIA+ community, womxn/women, differently-abled individuals, and other underserved groups in order to dismantle the systemic racism and prejudice that medical professionals and society have perpetuated…

‘I will restore trust between the health care community and the population in which I serve by holding myself and others accountable, and by combating misinformation in order to improve health literacy.”

The doctors I prefer actually treat all patients with respect. I also want my doctors to take pride in belonging to a field that has had many outstanding individuals who have toiled, labored, and sacrificed to serve their fellow human beings. I detest the arrogance that sanctimoniously says, “Those before us were terrible but we noble and wonderful students are different.”

What happens once you are out of medical school, practicing as a nurse or a doctor and you are slated to take part in a procedure that you see as unethical? For decades now, abortion has raised this issue. Now, we must throw in gender-change surgery. What if you think this is a breach of your promise to help heal? What if you think this has less to do with medicine and more to do with Leftist indoctrination? Welcome to being labeled a bigot and possibly losing your job.

No one paying attention should be surprised that Americans are increasingly losing faith in our elections. When people like John Fund, who in 2012 wrote the book, Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk, were warning for decades that this was going to happen, it simply wasn’t of urgent concern for most of us. No one should be surprised that so many college students see free speech as a threat or that they support socialism. How many years will it be before we will be shocked, simply shocked, to discover that caring and competent doctors and nurses are increasingly difficult to find?

Now that I’ve grumbled, you might not believe it but I really am a Happy Warrior.
Are you?

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31 thoughts on “Don’t Be Shocked”

  1. Catherine Paquette-Richardson

    It’s difficult for me not to get angry with my kids and other family members. In fact I don’t want to play “footies” with them anymore and just ignore the divide between us. The scripture that Jesus did not come to bring peace but to divide comes to mind. I’m sensing that letting it go is being lukewarm and allows what is vile to be honored by men. Help!

  2. I agree with you Susan. I also believe – You get what you vote for and you get what you allow. No one mentions Venezuela and how Socialism worked for them – NOT! These are scary times and everyone should be alarmed at what is going on. This is just the beginning. I am also glad that we are one day closer to my Savior’s return. YES!!!!

  3. It is frightening, to say the least, when “wokeness” takes precendent over hard science. Is it “systemic racism” to state the obvious: that black and brown people are more likely to suffer complications from obesity and a junk food diet than whites? And that government food subsidy programs like WIC and SNAP seem to have exacerbated that problem? We’re supposed to accept that there are 56 genders but genetics and biology aren’t “real” science? It’s no wonder people call psychics to get medical advice!

    1. Jean, this wokeness has reached ridiculous levels and it is absolutely already leading to worse health care. I had much more I wanted to say but faced a deadline.

  4. And this is why Susan’s Musings had a great reputation. Great invite to reflexion as always. This musing alone gave me more awareness shock than the entire 2020 Election result itself. Gob bless you Susan.

    1. Thank you, Francis. There are two Americas now in many ways, but one is whether you allow CNN or the New York Times to tell you what they want you to know of whether you take the time to seek out the truth.

  5. Carl August Schleg

    Grateful for meeting you two (via Net) . Have been watching this unfold for decades…..
    Friends and Family thought I was delusional. AM thankful for your stand.
    HAVE A GR8 DAY!!!! and tell my Rabbi HELLO!

  6. If the pandemic hadn’t hit the US then Mr Trump would still be president.It’s Divine providence?
    Thanks for your articles. Tony

    1. President Trump still is president. We will see what happens in January. Certainly, God is orchestrating everything, but He does expect us to fight for the right way.

      1. Edward Rubinstein

        Attorney Sidney Powell never says what she can’t prove, and she says she has proof of just how egregiously the election was stolen. See her interview with Maria Bartiromo

  7. I always look forward to reading Susan’s Musings. I appreciate your thoughtful perspective. As usual you are on point.

  8. My late hubby was an M.D., was excellent in his field, preferred some of the “old” treatments that worked well, w/few complications or psi, lower cost, etc. but was “teased” by younger docs to “get w/progress. He still made phone calls post-op and some house calls till he retired in ‘04. He also had a nurse not give a treatment because she “didn’t think it necessary “, without calling him (I’m a nurse & we never would have done such w/o ckng!). I’ve also seen very substandard (& dangerous) procedures by nurses in recent yrs. now I’m seeing “assembly line” medical care, not even agreed to by the docs having to do it that way.

    1. Marion, your husband sounds like a wonderful doctor. And there are wonderful doctors today. Many of them are frustrated at not being able to give the care they want to and were trained to give. There is so much I didn’t mention like nuisance lawsuits and other ways in which we are hobbling our nurses and doctors.

  9. Appreciate the insights. Definitely reminds me of how many have divorced actions from consequences, and freedom from responsibility. In my opinion, that doesn’t work because it cannot work, existentially speaking. Things sound good in thought/word form, but when you try to live them out in the real world…well, you may just learn How The World REEEEEEEALY WORKS. Also brings to mind the idea of slippery slopes; a concept that is often scoffed at when mentioned. Again, actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences take time, perhaps years, to manifest as you noted above. That doesn’t make them any less significant than if we reaped consequences immediately, but it does sabotage your future, and likely others as well. As the good Rabbi says (paraphrasing, because who could possibly communicate as dynamically as him) we share some things in common with animals, but we are spiritual as well. And, as such, we are capable, dare I say expected by our G-d, to think of the future not just our immediate needs and desires.

  10. You always lay out a Constitutional conservative perspective beautifully, Susan. With two run-off elections in the offing I am terrified that these are already being threatened by progressives who want to basically perpetrate fraud by “moving” to Georgia, registering to vote, voting and then moving back home again. Why is it not conceivable with that type of mind set that there could be more than just a little election fraud committed in the general election this year. I pray as the President pursues each instance and as he plans ways ahead that will keep our coalition together and growing. God bless.

    1. Kristin, the increasing conflict between a Constitutional right to freedom of religion and Leftist policies is growing stronger each day. As for voter integrity and fair elections, you are right that we are at a turning point. Kimberly Strassel has an excellent and eye-opening column in the Nov. 13, 2020, Wall Street Journal.

  11. The Rev. Dr. John Avery Palmer

    Thank You for continuing raising the ethical issues around abortions; and, the leftist indoctrination of the need (or demand) for universal inclusiveness (re: UoP’s School of Medicine oath; what a travesty)!

    1. Rev. Dr. Palmer, abortion is actually one area where many younger people are more conservative than their parents. The science and life experience has shown that thinking of a baby as a senseless, meaningless fetus simply isn’t real. However, the new challenge of supposed gender-change surgery (your X or Y chromosomes stay the same and there is an insistence that sex and gender are unrelated) is hitting nurses right now when they are scheduled to be part of these operations. If your moral or faith center tells you that you are participating in a harmful procedure, what do you do?

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