Does God Make Man?

Thank you, Rabbi and Susan, for your valuable teaching. My question relates to Genesis. Who are the ‘us’ that created man? God creates everything by himself, but when it comes to man, the bible says, ‘let US make mankind in OUR image’.

Also, later on, once Eve has eaten the apple, it refers to Adam and Eve becoming like ‘us’. Who is this ‘us’ please? Is it God’s kingdom of Saints and angels, and if so, why did God create mankind with that collective rather than by himself? I should probably get the Scrolling through Scripture series and it would tell me 🙂


Dear Julia,

We certainly aren’t going to argue with your conclusion that you should get the Scrolling through Scripture series. At the same time, while you will find much deeper meaning and astounding material, we did not deeply explore this language that you reference. Even beginning to do so would have demanded more time than we could devote to it. We did fully explain the meaning of the words that are usually translated as ‘image’ and ‘likeness’ in the verse you referenced (Genesis 1:26).

However, the massacre that Hamas perpetrated in Israel as well as the world’s reaction, gives us an opportunity to provide one peek at an insight. “Let us make man…” is a cry to each one of us every single day. Man is created as neither angel nor ape. He has the capacity to descend lower than any animal and to soar higher than any angel. To be that human who is greater than an angel demands that he be free to choose his actions. He is not a prisoner to animal instincts. We must all choose to “make a man,” in conjunction with the gifts that God bestows on us that allow us to do so.

“Let us make man in our image” is God’s call to you and to us, a call to each and every human, “Come now, partner with God to make you all you can become in God’s image.”

This call is to all mankind, of course, and we see that too many self-proclaimed feminists who don the mantle of piety have suddenly discovered that rape isn’t so bad when perpetrated by the anointed against the despised. Self-proclaimed humanists who presented themselves as virtuous now argue that torturing a five-year-old is fine. They are choosing to ignore God’s call to man to partner with Him. Throughout the ages, some have chosen one way and some the other. We have the gift in our day, of the choice being a clear one to make.

Let us know when you watch Scrolling through Scripture,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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