Do You Know Who Is Fighting America’s Real War?

Back in the 90s I wrote a book, America’s Real War. In it I demonstrated how a deep canyon cuts through American culture. On one side are all those who believe that Biblically-based Judeo Christian values are vital for our nation’s survival. On the other side are those who view such values as primitive obstructions to progress. America’s real war is not between America and Russia, or China, Or Islam. Nor is it between rich and poor, blacks and whites, or men and women. It certainly isn’t between Jews and Christians. It is a war between those who see Judeo Christian values as vital and those who see them as obsolete barriers to progress. There are rich and poor on both sides. Blacks and whites on both sides. Men and women on both sides. And yes, there are both Jews and Christians on both sides. Whether today’s children will grow up in an America that bears any resemblance to the country that won World War II depends upon which side triumphs in America’s Real War. We are currently working on a new edition of the 20 year-old book with new chapters explaining, among other things, the bizarre alliance between secular fundamentalism and Islamic jihad.

9 thoughts on “Do You Know Who Is Fighting America’s Real War?”

  1. Rabbi: America’s Real War is needed today more than ever! I am looking forward to the updated version!

    Carrie Elise Simms

    1. So do we, Carrie! You are doing yeoman’s work to help this country get on the right track.

  2. Heard about you on Glenn Beck. I’ve heard you speak on his programs as well. I very much like what I hear. You’re a fascinating thinker. I’m eager to hear and learn more, Rabbi. Thank you.

  3. Given the history of religious violence blighting thousands of years of human history as well as the nature of our political climate here in the United States, you’re either advocating for a civil war against your fellow citizens or are dangerously dense. To leave in a free country means that you do not have to believe that the values of a particular religion are “vital” to it’s survival, in fact you can believe whatever you want. Your beliefs are rooted firmly in fear and fascism and have nothing to do with freedom.

  4. Susan talked about this book a while back and I found it, used, on Amazon. Haven’t gotten to read it as of yet but hope to soon. Glad you are going to update it.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Let me know what you think when you get to it, Lynn,
      I poured so much into that book. And will do the same on its successor.

  5. Thomas Pollins

    I can’t wait for the updated edition! I bought your book a decade ago and it revolutionized my thinking about who we should be fighting i.e. the Secular Fundamentalists.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Thanks Thomas–
      That book’s central thesis remains true today, wouldn’t you say? And when I finish the sections on Islam, the 2016 elections, and the role of Europe, it will be very useful, I hope.

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