Dear Senator (Lindsey) Graham

Dear Senator Graham,

I’m going to get right to the point. Do you remember how during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings the veil over your eyes lifted and you realized that some of your esteemed colleagues on the Democrat side of the fence were willing to use vile and underhanded methods to achieve their goal? Keeping another Trump nominee from getting on the Supreme Court was so crucial that they trampled honesty, integrity and the Constitution.

Many in the media and many in Congress have spent every day since President Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton doing whatever they could to get him out of office. Millions of dollars have been wasted , government institutions have been badly damaged, flagons of ink have been spilled and venomous and vicious words have been hurled like grenades  trying to undo the last election. I’m not positive you and some of your long-time colleagues understand that you are as hated as the President. So are those of us  who voted for him. Some of you may wake up every day saying, “If only we had a more diplomatic president with more gravitas, this extreme hatred of conservatives and Republicans wouldn’t exist.” Please, please channel back to the Kavanaugh hearings and realize those views are mistaken.

Like you, I am appalled by wanton violence in our society and grieve at lives lost and families traumatized. However, I do not for one minute think that concern for Americans is motivating the push for more gun control measures by your esteemed colleagues on the Left. As Rahm Emmanuel famously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  And they see an opportunity now to win the next election despite a field of candidates with unpopular and impractical ideas.

They remember as I do, that President George H.W. Bush lost his  second term in 1992 because, at the seductive urging of Democrats,  he betrayed those of us who elected him after he promised them, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” If they can get President Trump to betray his base, they hope that betrayal will also cost him a second term and lead them back into power, as well it might.

Can we do something to actually restore a culture of life and mutual respect to our society? I hope so. I even have some ideas. Part of the package might indeed have to include stronger background checks and red flag laws, albeit with full recognition of the potential dangers of such steps. However, if those are the only steps taken, then my dear Senator Graham, you will have been played. If any legislation addressing this issue does not cause as much political pain to Democrats as it does to Republicans, then this is not about making a more peaceful America. It is about undoing the last election.

All the best,

Susan Lapin

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  1. I agree that background checks are lacking when it comes to mental health and possible violent offenders for gun purchases, but Red Flag Laws regarding only gun ownership, which necessarily includes property rights, are unconstitutional. A person is not a criminal until a crime is committed. We are entering ‘thought crime’ territory with Red Flag Laws. My husband was a 30 year Police Officer before dying of Cancer. I am no law expert but I know a little bit about probable cause for arrests.

    After my husband’s death my stepson was in the process of breaking up with a crazy woman and she accused him of molesting her two young sons. Long awful story. Thank God my stepson had a long history of working with youth (basketball / baseball coach – zero complaints) and known by the police department as an honest community minded young man. The woman on the other hand had a long sordid record. Given her history, my stepson still had to go through the interviews, interrogations, get a lawyer, and fight. The young boys said he never did anything after they were put through the wringer of child psychiatric questions. One false allegation by a crazed girlfriend almost destroyed him for life. No crime was committed yet he was guilty until proven innocent. It’s sad but this is our new world. It is a dangerous one even for seemingly innocent activities like dating.

    Leftists WILL use these Red Flag Laws against their political opponents. Just look at what they are doing to our President.

    1. Mary, I actually agree with you. Please read tonight’s upcoming Musing for further clarification.

  2. Dear Susan,

    It is always so invigorating to see such cleans shots and advanced marksmanship.

    Even without reading through the comments generated by your original post, I think much of our dilemmas might be solved, such as issues involving the 2nd amendment, if we would place as much emphasis on the (re)examination of the first amendment and the rampant violations thereof. It is said that, “the pen is more powerful than the sword,” and I do believe that the gross misuse of the freedom of speech in actuality is that which is currently depriving many lives and terrorizing our communities.

    Using mouths fully loaded with detachable magazines firing semi-automatically into ever large and larger crowds, these who have perverted the sacred responsibility to speak carefully have devalued the gift of speech God bestowed exclusively to man. This diminishes the potential effect of our words to that of a bark. After all, it would be much easier to confiscate the right of arms if, first, the right to truth were rendered inoperable, which brings to mind the problems encountered in the Vietnam Era with the M16 rifle, often referred to as the Mattel Death Trap, because it would often become jammed with mud.

    Hoping that gives you have a renewed appreciation for my initial comment,


  3. I know this is a little off the topic but on the CBS Sunday Morning News with Jane Pauley they did a story on 2 Italian families in America whose Great Grandparents came here and now both families have immigrated back to Italy. Apparently under Italian Law they qualify to become citizens due to their heritage. Both families said they want a better life in Italy! When will our elected officials learn they are ruining the best country in the history of civilization? Many years from now in school History classes America will be compared to Babylon, The Roman Empire and Sodom and Gomorrah! Keep praying for America and the world!

  4. Hi all, When I initially started writing this Musing, I included what I thought a package deal would need to be to roll back 2nd Amendment rights at all. The writing did not flow, but I will give it another shot. For such legislation to pass, Democrat politicians would have to pretty much acknowledge that much of what they stand for as their core values are complicit in increasing violence in society. I see no way that legislation would pass, but if if actually did, it would be a sea change that would let me be willing to extend a small amount of trust as well. It would, at a minimum, have Democrat politicians vote against 2nd Amendment changes because their sacred cows would need to be sacrificed as well.

  5. Red flag! Don’t you understand that everybody will become a red flag. There’s no such thing as “full recognition of the potential dangers”. It becomes a method and means of demoralizing your opponent, your opposition, your neighbor. Geez, after being exposed to the democratic party’s attacks, as well as the media’s, against Trump you’d entrust such a law into human hands. Wow!

    1. Ronald, I’m going to add a comment for you and others who are (rightly) extremely concerned about abuse of red flag laws.

  6. Whenever Democrats want to limit our liberty or gain more power they use words like “compromise” and “common sense.” But where’s the compromise? With regards to abridging the 2nd A they want “compromise.” But what are they giving in return? It is always us capitulating and surrendering to their useless ideas. How about National Reciprocity so that we don’t turn innocent and legal citizens into felons just because they crossed a county line and have now violated an obscure gun law of that county whereas they were totally legal in the previous county? How about “Hearing Protection” in which, yes, suppressors are allowed? Imagine if our side enters into a “compromise” discussion and says, “Ok, you want more background checks? We’ll agree but we want “National Reciprocity” and “Hearing Protection” and once a citizen passes your stricter background check he/she is entitled to carry anywhere and everywhere public. Do you think Democrats will agree? NO, they will not because in their minds, “compromise” is a one-way street of them getting a bigger advantage and we citizens lose rights.

    The abuse for so-called “red flag” laws are so glaring that any disgruntled neighbor or ex-girlfriend or divorcing couple can trigger the unlawful violation of not only the 2nd but also the 4th A. It turns jurisprudence on its head by treating citizens as presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence.
    How do we know that Democrats and some Republicans are not serious about REDUCING VIOLENCE? Because not ONE of their suggestions do anything or prevent any crime or would have stopped a shooter. Not one. As an analogy, there is no right to drive and auto on public streets but what if officials could take your car away from you despite you having a great driving record because someone, somewhere had a drunk-driving accident. And to extend the analogy, what if you having too much to drink when out with friends for dinner or at an office party despite not operating an auto at the time, triggers the law to allow suspending your driving license even if you weren’t driving at the time…because you got drunk and could, possibly, maybe drink and drive in the future. We must always err on the side of liberty and individual accountability even if it is messy at times.

    One only needs to look at the recent heartbreaking photos of demonstrators in Hong Kong being beaten and electrocuted with human-sized forks and, I’m afraid, eventually slaughtered, as happened in Tienanmen Square by government officials as the citizens are armed only with their desire for freedom from the tyranny of Beijing. They are waving American flags and singing our anthem! Think about why our Founders included a strong 2nd A to protect us from a government that becomes oppressive or usurpatious.

    And finally, I believe that the whole conversation would change dramatically if lawmakers who enjoy tax-payer supported 24/7 armed protections were instead required to provide their own protection out of their own pockets as they see fit. No more treating their lives as more important than our lives.

  7. We face many of the horrific problems we have in our country today simply because the left is far more dedicated to their philosophy than the right is! Republicans have routinely conceded ground to the left on one thing after another over the years, cowering to their intimidation, convincing themselves they will reach compromise! Just like in Israel, giving up land for peace has never produced peace, because land is not the goal, Israels destruction is the goal! The left wants to destroy America, by what ever means neccessary and the right have unwittingly assisted.

    1. I agree, Randy, though I think many citizens who vote for politicians from the Left mistakenly believe that they are helping America.

  8. Susan,

    I had the opportunity to meet your husband a few ago years and have read and do study much of his material. However, I was somewhat surprised by you perspective on the state of the union and view of this present administration. Party affiliations is a problem by its nature. The issue in America is systematic racism which undergirds our democracy and the essence of our humanity. Most people define racism as carelessly as we define love. We love our dog, pizza, our honey and God subjectivity and arbitrarily.

    Racism is contemplated fiction, that creates fear in white America and manufactures danger for people of color. Fear and danger are different. This allows the system to use violence and exploitation in order to maintain power and control. Having grown up in the south in the 50’s and 60’s and breaking many colored lines , I’m very familiar with the “Old Jim Crow” as well as the “New Jim Crow” of our present time.

    Politics is nothing but bias concerns and greed for one personal welfare. Racism is a tool that exploited people of color and has fueled anti-semitism for decades. At the turn of the 20th century many eastern and Southern Europe, Italians, Slovaks and Jews experienced racism due to their ethnicity. So , many have lost their culture, traditions, and history because their skin color allowed them to assimilate into “white America”. Well, rather you are a racist or not there are superior benefits in being white in America. I have relatives who can attest to this because the could pass (as being white).

    Racism is white, and for people of color to be racist is an oxymoron, because power and control of economics and livelihood are its chief components. But bottom line, racism is a sin against God and humanity. Now, our president cares nothing about sin and God he despises. The problem with America is the hearts of men and women that have become evil and self serving. Unless, America seek first the kingdom of God and His righteous, we headed to our desert wilderness.

    Glad that Trump is president for one reason, he poured hot water on the pile of dried manure that always existed and reminded us all that we haven’t arrived because racism is still alive.


  9. Susan, I agree with you 100%. I would only add that there are already many laws on the books regarding guns that often or mostly go unenforced. We don’t need more. Anyway, most such laws only restrict, punish, and disarm law abiding citizens. I would like to own one or two guns, but the city and state where I live make it so complex, bureaucratic, and expensive to do so that I’ve given up. And yet more state laws are in the process of being passed, which will make it even more difficult for me to consider it. (I’m in California.) But the criminals don’t care about any of that! Eventually it will be mostly only law enforcement and criminals who are armed, while the rest of us are sitting ducks.

    1. Mark, I’m going to add a comment for you and others who are (rightly) extremely concerned about abuse of red flag laws.

  10. Mazel tov, Susan! Do let your readers know if you receive a response from Senatory Graham? Blessings.

  11. Red flag laws have an emotional appeal–which is itself a flag on them. The possibility of malicious flagging of innocent people is real.
    A minimum protection would be a hard sunset limit of 5 years or less on any red flag law. If it works without being abused, then reintroduce it, debate and vote (role call) for an extension of 5 years. But if it is abused or does not help, then end it early.
    Even then, who defines ‘it works’ or ‘it helps’, who defines ‘abuse’, who collects and analyzes the data? Let’s not go there!

    1. I actually like the idea of sunset laws on just about everything. Too many laws do nothing close to what they promise, cost way more than promised and do harm that wasn’t anticipated or that people kept quiet about.

  12. Can’t we turn your letter into a “petition” and sign our name with yours? This letter with thousands of signatures, of like minded Americans, could be very impactful.
    Not sure how things “go viral” but this letter should be one of them.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. Perhaps someone more involved in social media and politics than I am has the answer to your questions.

  13. Thank you, Susan, for never shying away from truth and for always saying what the rest of us are thinking yet cannot hope to articulate so eloquently. I hereby nominate you for press secretary! 😉 Blessings of The Most High to you and Rabbi Lapin. We DO need a rabbi and we DO need a rabbi’s wife as we find ourselves shooting the rapids of a culture run amok, called to The Kingdom for such a time as this!

    1. Kimberly, I had the greatest admiration for Sarah Sanders. I admit to not knowing who the current press secretary is. Do you?

  14. Excellent!
    I’m forwarding this to the office of Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and our rogue governor Gouge ‘em Newsome!! (Unless you don’t want me to of course.)
    Dianne P. Santa Rosa CA

    1. Well, Dianne, I’d rather you forward it to Republicans even if they aren’t from your state. Republicans need to know that there are those who are watching them and not looking to see them cave.

  15. Background checks and red flag laws for government employees to include elected officials. Just sayin a whole lot of peeps in government that ought not be there.

  16. Go Girl, but you only used one barrel on that double barrel shotgun.
    But all kidding set aside, we know that they, most of the house is filled with people like Lindsey who are controlled by prince of darkness. Something like this; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. So I guess that means we have to forgive them and let God work on them.
    But I’m with you 100%. From what I hear on Trump’s second term many will fall for all this evil that has been going on for Trumps first term. It sounds like Trump will finely start head hunting. If you haven’t already check out “The Trump Prophecy”. This was a visitation given to a retired Fire Fighter.
    God Bless

  17. Neweverymoment, Deb:
    Go, Susan (and Rabbi)!
    Sometimes we feel so alone in the battle against what is right, as David must have felt fleeing from Saul. Although Senator Graham appears to be on the side of the angels most of the time, there needs to be a both/and synergy, more powerful than either pole alone, even if the poles are 98-2%. You help us to remember that we are not alone in this battle for the heart and soul of our country, even when we see anti-Semitic positions from Congress, and anti-Constitutional comments about gun control from people who should know better and who usually seem to be our staunchest allies. Thank you for encouraging us to continue to stand for what is right, even when those in the wrong seem so powerful.

    1. Deb, we need to be able to articulate our concerns. Implying that we will unilaterally back down is not the way to do so.

  18. I wholeheartedly agree with Susan’s letter; however, I would send a copy to the president and add that ANY “red flag laws” are unconstitutional, reminding government workers and politicians that the Constitution, which the left despises because it constrains their desire to control us, is intended to promote each citizen’s individual freedom, that the right to bear arms belongs to We The People in the event that the government, like the King of England in the 1770’s, suppresses free speech and our right to pursue life, liberty and happiness, as one Judeo-Christian nation under Hashem. Unlike in other nations, Americans must have the right to defend ourselves and in recent weeks many transgressors have been foiled by arms-bearing Americans who were paying attention. It seems politicians are driven more by power and money, not listening to those of us elect them. It is time they start.

    1. Charli, I am extremely wary of such laws. However, I think we need to be able to discuss why they are so dangerous. The way to have that discussion is not to be on the defense but also by going on the offense. That is what I want to do.

  19. You are making an assumption that, over the years, has proven to be false. Just as with many other important social issues, leftists do not negotiate in good faith. They are engaged in an incremental strategy to remake the U.S.A. into something that will be an unmitigated horror not only to our country but to the world. Compromise is when both sides are able to benefit from a negotiation. Leftists do not accept compromise. They only accept capitulation. We have been engaged in a slow version of abject surrender. Like the frog in the pot. Look at the trajectory. Is it really going the way you would want it to? Do you really think that eventually they will come to their senses and relent? There will come a time when each of us will want to say “enough”. We can do that now, while it still might have a chance of being meaningful. But, how long can we wait before we reach a point of no return?

  20. Dear Susan:

    As always, you are spot on. If only the the weak-kneed Republicans would take off their blinders, they might be able to acknowledge the viciousness that is exhibited by those on the left. I live in the SF Bay area and tell NO one my thoughts for fear my car may be “keyed” or that some crazy person will, at the very least, feel emboldened enough to approach and scream at me in public. One theory I have is that the lack of civility began with “The Real World” (1995, I think?) where the “norm” (in order to make good T.V.) was to backstab roommates and call them names much like is done in other later reality shows. As reality shows have developed, the language that is used has devolved along with the proliferation of the shows. Younger people see these shows and think that such behavior is normal and acceptable. I truly appreciate everything you and Rabbi Lapin communicate and certainly hope that your message will be heard by those who really need to hear it.

    1. Randy, I admit to knowing nothing about “The Real World,” but you are making a good point that reality TV shows have contributed to a combative society.

  21. Thank you for a well written and thoughtful letter. Having served as a White House appointee from 2002-2009, I have seen the dangers that many politicals have fallen into trying to appease and/or compromise to “work” with the Democratic powers that be. I have yet to see it produce anything for the good of the people. Rather it has weakened the support and positions of the Republican party at it’s core. I pray for Godly wisdom and strength for our elected officials in these perilous times.
    “But the counsel of Adonai stands forever, his heart’s plans are for all generations. How blessed is the nation whose God is Adonai, the people he chose as his heritage! Psalm 33:11-12

    1. Donna, I appreciate hearing from a “voice from the trenches.” I hope you have some connections that you can influence.

      1. Sadly, I reside in Washington State where extreme liberalism has taken over. I do have some wonderful connections around the country and we continue to do our best to stay the course and encourage boldness in our elected officials. The attacks are relentless and one of my former work associates , Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was on the frontlines in the crosshairs of hatred, bullying and lies, yet she stood strong. There are more of us doing our best while being vilified for having a dissenting view, which means we are evil, hateful racists. For me one of the ironies is that if you see my immediate family you will see a United Nations of children and grandchildren, but the labels still fly. Reason and discourse are becoming a lost form of communication. Thank you for your heart and passion to preserve the righteous principals on which we were founded

    1. Charles, I am extremely wary of new laws, but there obviously are already certain limits. Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s a chance of getting a bill passed if it demands that Democrats back away from some of their sacred cows.

      1. Then we’d be better if no bills get passed.

        As a Jew, and I mean that with the utmost love and respect…I would think you would see the blatant link between “red flag” laws and Hitler’s youth and the Communists teaching folks to rat out their neighbors.

        I have been arrested at the lies of an ex-wife, all proven false, but in the process was kicked out of MY own house, because “the system” sacrificed my Constitutional rights and Due Process because when someone makes a claim to the authorities that you’ve done something wrong they have to do something.

        As I was being carted away to the county jail, I told the police officer in the front seat of the cruiser, I hope you’re pleased with yourself, because all it will take is a false accusation from your wife against you and you’ll be in the back seat of the squad car.

        Red flag laws are a Gestapo or KGB type technique of getting people to go against their neighbors and totally violate the Constitution.

        And like I told that officer, Susan, all it would take is a lying, false accusation and you will have your or the Rabbi’s rights taken away and have to PROVE your innocence instead of being blessed as our Founders set it up and understood it with the assumption of innocence and having to be proven guilty.

        Bad, wrong idea.

        1. Dave, I’m sorry for your situation and, yes, I do worry about abuse of red-flag laws. I agree with you that they are dangerous. However, I do think that there has to be a mid-point, where we don’t have to wait for a crime to be committed when someone signals very clearly that they are planning something evil or there is serious reason to think that may happen. How do we balance that is something I don’t have an answer for, but I believe that if we don’t try to find an answer, we are going to have the wrong one.

          1. You punish the criminals, not the innocent (until proven guilty) law abiding gun owners.

            If every time this happened the criminal was tried and executed swiftly (as the Constitution already calls for; a fair and speedy trial, much of this would end. Or let the “avenger of blood” take care of it.

            But no, millimeter by millimeter, God fearing, innocent people are expected to give up more and more of their God given right to self protection.

            This is the difference between leftists and Conservatives….leftists never give an inch and aren’t expected to, while the decent people are supposed to give up more and more ground.

    2. The right to bear arms in this sense makes as much since as taking a wagon train and cattle from Texas to California in the 21st century. This was an amendment instituted before we had the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy , National Guard and local police. If America is attacked by any foreign power, how will an assault weapon help protect or save anyone. Now , if we had rights to an F-16 or ballistic missiles “that dog will hunt”.

      Assault weapons were introduced in Vietnam War for the purpose of mass elimination of homosapiens. Let’s not get it twisted, no one is trying to ban all guns. It’s only the ones that you can’t hunt or game with or put our police officers at a disadvantage.

      Question? Who has use assault weapons and for what purpose have they been used for in America lately?
      Yes, we know the answer.

      Let’s get real and abandon the demonic that sabotages our democracy and dignity

      1. J.T., I don’t think that you are historically accurate as to the meaning of the 2nd Amendment.

      2. There is no such thing as an assault weapon. Clearly you do not know about guns or existing gun laws. Mass shootings have been committed with standard hunting riffles. They are not automatic weapons as those are all illegal. Did you know that most annual gun murders are committed by simple 22 caliber pistols? By no means are these weapons considered dangerous. Small boys use them to shoot squirrels and participate in target shooting. The term “assault weapon” is a joke. You know nothing of arms nor the laws governing them do you? You, like many other sheep, have decided all guns are bad. Come on, tell the truth. You don’t believe anyone should own a gun except a cop and the military. We have plenty of gun laws. America has a different problem. Violence. Explore that. Why? Why do most mass shootings come from young adult white men? There’s a reason, and it has nothing to do with gun accessibility or a particular gun singled out as a so-called assault riffle.

  22. Bravo! You should cc the White House and every Republican serving in Congress on this. For all of their political acumen, the Repubs keep getting played the same way over and over again. I, too, have had enough. Once again, you hit the nail on its proverbial head.
    Blessings to you!

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